Calling all CANCERS ! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello Everyone !

    My class is going great . I ve already had 5 tests ! This class definately has my mind occupied( Which is a good thing)

    Something interesting did happen though with my Cancer Man, Iam in the process of planning my birthday party. I sent out Evite Invitaions to everyone in my contacts list on my Email account. Well if you are not familar with Evite, The person who sends out the invitation can see when/how many times you view it . Well he viewed the Invitation not once but 5 times so far !! LOL ... I honestly forgot his Email was in my contacts . I was shocked he even opened it up. ( I would think he would have trashed it personally ) This may sound kinda silly but Im kinda excited he looked at the invitation. It kinda lets me know that he is interested/wondering what im doing. Maybe My party invitation will let him know that Iam not mad at him and will open up some type of communcation? I don't know maybe in reading too much into this . Maybe he was just being nosey ?

    I hope everyone has a great day !!!!!! smooches ......

  • Chello ................... Where is everybody ? I hope all is well with you guys .

  • Omgomg hello !

    I decided to sneak a peak at catching up with you girls and oh my @scorpioinlove, you got an aquarian on your hands ?! Good timing for me to show up !!! hahaa šŸ˜‰ Aquarian right here to help ya !

    That's if the aquarius guy is still about ? šŸ˜›

    They're prone to disappearing acts also, but mostly very chill and laid back. I like 'em , but don't get too attached too soon .. I'm sure you've noticed how much i flitter with my own feelings towards guys... same goes for aquarius guys. They get nervous about showing / feeling new feelings , and have to maintain a 'safe' emotional distance deep down inside, despite how affectionate and flirty they may come across ! Wanna know how to get him ? Be friends, chill, hang out, make him laugh, be totally your silly dorky self, they'll love it.

    But whatever you do...don't rush him or move too emotionally fast !

  • oh and the unsure feeling you have about him ? ... yeah i give that vibe off to most scorpios i meet too , but i dont take it to heart.

    You may find it is because he isn't opening up to you ? Like it is as if he is holding something back / has a hidden motive / he makes you feel slightly unsure of where you stand.

    Aquarius love and appreciate their friendships. If you want complete sincerity from one, be their friend above anything else. They'll warm to you and open up a lot more.

    Aquarius also loves the idea of unconventional type 'relationships'.... i.e open relationships, crazy long distance ones, random flings. Aquarius men especially.

    When they do fall in love, they fall hard. Yet still, at all times, they need their freedom to remain the same as it were before ever falling in love. They're loyal, but very friendly, and flirty.

    They won't set out to intentionally hurt you, but if you hurt them or try to take away their freedom, they'll leave you so fast.

    Best way to grab their attention ? Have crazy long random conversations with them about anything you've ever wondered about, no matter how silly you may think it to sound to someone else if you were to say it out loud šŸ˜›

    just some insight šŸ™‚

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  • Ethereal27,

    Thanks for the insight, I havent seen the past responses yet....but I do have a complication that anyone can jump in to explain.

    His birthday is FEBURARY 19TH!!!! when I look at horoscopes it says its either pisces or aquarius. Which is it?? Is birthday year is 1977.


  • Yep its still aquarius, for sure. šŸ™‚

    But as it is towards the end, his decan will be libra.


    e.g my decan is aquairus, so i'm a full on aqua. mid month of aquarius means gemina decan.

    In astrology, a decan is the subdivision of a sign. šŸ™‚

  • *gemini.

    Ps have a funnnn halloweeeeen !!! šŸ˜„

    So addicted to vampire diaries.. that i'm gonna go as a lil vamp, for the first time ever. Are you girls dressing up ?? šŸ˜„ party party party !!

  • Kinda late, but I had to comment... I'm a cancer with a leo b/f and he's the distant one!!! He seems emotionally unavailable... maybe its the alignment of the planets moreso than their signs. Just to coincidental!

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  • Thanks Ethereal27.....but not needed anymore.

    So we were seeing each other for about a month, and he really seemed into me and saying wonderful things and being sooooo attentive. Then he actually said he was only seeing me and wanted the same...okaaaay.

    So remember when I said that there weas somethign I just didnt trust about him...turns out the scorpio intuition never fails! I was playing with a game on his phone and looked at his emails (I know I know...very bad- however had I not dione that I would not have known that that same day he said that he cared sooo much about me and was falling for me, he emailed a girl saying he loved her....looking at the string of emails she lives far away and doesnt want a long distance with him. Guess I was the next best thing.

    So more aquarius for me šŸ™‚

    Welcome crabbylioness,

    I've only knownw one leo and he was my longest relationship to date...4 years. But I found him to be very warm and passionate, if anything I need to push him a little so that he wasnt so involved in my life. Im stumoped about your leo. That is the only leo I about everyone else?

  • Guys!!! I miss you all so much

    I've been really sad and down these days because of my cancerian guy. he ended it for good this time. by a text saying It was more than love but I can't force you into anything, youre free to do whatever you want as you've always been, I will miss you for sure but I should live with it, There is no need for you to reply. take care and wish you the best.

    i tried calling him but he never replied. It is really over this time šŸ˜ž

  • Hi there,

    I recently started a relationship with a cancer man. If it's ok with you guys, I'd like to tell my story.

    I met my cancer man online and met up on the very same day for a late lunch- his suggestion.

    When I met up with him, I had no idea what he looked like. Before you drop your jaws.. I was bored that day and had nothing going on and being an aries, I relished the impulse, the chase, the opportunity to keep my charm skills up to date.

    This cancer is Italian and not the type that I would normally go for. Soon after we introduced ourselves, he put his arm around mine and proceeded to ask mewhat I thought of him,

    . This was a question that he repeatedly asked through the lunch date(his cancer insecurity).

    Not very long after, he started talking about his kids(he is raising them on his own including his goddaughter). He is a good cook, according to him!

    I was having a great time when towards the end, he told me his intentions, which were quite blunt. He wanted to get to know me, then we'd meet each other's kids( i have two) and then we'd move in together and be a happy family.

    The way he was behaving that day did not make him "look like a cancer" Sure, he told me how crazy he was over his family, the cooking... but apart from that, he was very confident. In a great mood. So confident that he asked me if i'd allow him to choose the meal for me as he knew what i'd like!

    When I left, he sent me a message straight away saying how much he enjoyed himself.

    Over the next few days, he proceeded to let me know of his plans... Move in together, get married, have another child. I have been in relationships before with an aries and a virgo and they were both incredibly immature. I needed a man to take charge instead of me always being the leader(although I enjoy it, it makes one tired!)

    I enjoyed him making plans and all I would say was" we'll see"

    Well, this being a cancer man, things were not going to go smoothly at all. He changed. His messages became few and far between. I behave a LOT like my ascendant which is cancer. So when he din't reply to my messages, and i had sent at least three without being responded to, I'd withdraw into my shell, yes, my shell and think up all sorts of reasons as to why he did not reply. I then would not contact him and would let him come to me. Even when he did, the flirty words would be gone and i'd be quite formal.

    This carried on until one day through messages,he goes like this:

    Cancer: You never contact me.

    Me: Yes I do..

    Cancer: No you don't. You're never affectionate and you never say you need me.

    I was shocked and never expected such a message. It took me by surprise. I immediately reassured him!!

    Phone's ringing, will continue in a bit!

  • ^ lollll LOL

    the bit when he goes no you don't you always/never bla bla reminds me soo much of my ex

    he sounds weird. Wtf talking abut marriage and kids straight away -_-.

    you are that interested? I would be freaked

  • mintgirl123:

    I have to admit that I have fallen for him. I am not going to jump into anything that quickly but it's nice to know that these are his intentions. In a way it cuts down the sleepless nights where I wonder...!

    ..So yes, as I was saying, he took me by surprise because although he seemed the assertive type, he acted quite distant and aloof. Yes he did ask me why I never showed mych affection, he still acted the same. Responding to messages when he felt like it. When he wanted to talk to me, he'd ask me to call him..(why don't you?)

    The problem I have is that I tend to analyse things. Not just relationships but everything in general. So 2 add 2 will end up being 228! It got to the point where early on due to his privacy, I suspected that he was married and called him up on it. I insisted so because all my suspicions led me to it. He of course denied it and proved it to me. By then , the damage was done.

    He became even more distant and I became even more frustrated. It seemed like the more I tried to contact him, the more distant he was.

    It was then that I decided to play it cool. This was quite hard for me because ususally when I want something, I just go for it. So for me to have to be patient and actually study his behaviour and act accordingly.. that was hard.

    I spoke to him one night and he told me that he was not feeling too good. The next day I sent him a message saying that I hoped he felt better and that I wished he'd have a good day. I asked him to let me know if he needed me.

    He sent me a message telling me that he needed unconditional love and I could not give him that. For that week he had been telling me that he was not so sure about things. Not one to hang around where I'm not needed, I would tell him that if he so wished all he would have to say was that it was over and i'd let him go.

    He would never say so. In fact, he'd say more things which translated, would mean that he actually still wanted me. But he just would not say it straight. It would be clouded.

    Inspired by a a forum here called "cancer man, so confusing" and the book, why men love bitches, I decided to get my answer once and for all.

    Im not proud of what I did.. well a little bit.. Sad I know.. I sent him a message wishing him good morning and that I was going ou of town with a friend. Male friend? Female friend? I did not let him know. Since he likes to be vague, I decided to play him at his own game. Throughout the day, he did not text me or call me. Something told me that he was trying to make me sweat by ignoring me on purpose. He thought i'd react by sending him a barrage of messages like i usually would. I did not. Around 7pm, he finally decided to reply to my message by sending me a picture of his Goddaughter.

    I waited an hour until replied... He too needed to sweat. When I finally replied, he replied back to my previous message and added:

    Enjoy your weekend with your new man. The thing about the forum that I got empowerment from, I learned that men, even cancer,men like confident, no nonsense women. The more you wait on them , the more suffocated they feel. So after waiting at least half an hour to reply to his message, (he needs to sweat and wonder what I'm doing. he needs to miss me)

    The convo went like this:

    Me:I don't have a new man.

    Cancer : Ok, old mand then. Have a nice weekend with your old man. you should have been trying to spend this weekend with me...Bingo, after a week of him going backwards and being elusive about his feelings, he comes out with this!

    Me: trying being the operative word! We both know that you would have blown me off! You know how I feel about you, I have stated this several times. But I refuse to pine for you (if only he knew)

    when it's clear that you do not think of me in that way anymore (it wasn't clear, he was being elusive. I just wanted him to say that he did want me). So, I'm living my life.

    Cancer: Enjoy your man, goodbye.

    Me:Believe it or not, I do not jump from guy to guy like that. Not because I cant but because I do not want to. I'm not here with a man. What do you want from me? (I wanted him to spell it out)

    Cancer: I wanted you to try and make things up to me. (I'm no mind reader)

    Me:I want to make it up to you but how can I when you're being elusive? Did you want me to beg? I really like you M butI will not grovel. I will try to reason with a person a couple of times. If it doesn't work, I move on. You want me, I'm here for you but I WILL not chase you.

    Not to make the coversation long as I wanted to leave him wanting more. I was out of town with a friend he did not know and on top of that I was telling him that if he does not get his act together , that I would be gone. To add salt to the injury, I told him that a group of people were going to a Pub and I had to go.

    He asked me if we could spend some time together when I got back.

    Result! He went from someone who was testing me to see how high i'd jump for him to that! Fingers crossed we actually move on from the accusations I made. He was quite hurt over it.

    Now I am someone that doesn't chase guys.. Not directly anyway, I chase them without them knowing that I am chasing them. Before they know it, they are hooked. However, this did not seem to work with the cancer guy. I fell for him and it was me that was physically doing the chasing. I lost myself for a minute. I am a no nonsense kinda girl but not in a rude way. I just let a guy know what is acceptable in a relationship and what's not. I respect a man and expect the same. For a while there all he was going to see was this smothering insecure nutter and that was not who I was. For me to go from Happy go lucky that he's know to that state.. Yeah, it made him confused.

    Let's hope things go well.

    Thank you if you have actually manageed to read all this! Sorry for it being long!

  • Just be careful. Cancers and other water signs like mind games. I don't, and after experiences am sooo not gonna deal with that kinda nonsense again.

    And the hot and cold behaviour, the insecurity, the accusations are stupid, bc they're not deserved. Next time I encounter ppl that behave that way, I'm gonna run for the hills.

  • Thanks Mintgirl123,

    After I read all the other cancer forums, I realised that I should be.

  • @AriesStrength :

    I dont think you should 'run for the hills' .

    How would you feel if someone were to simply write you off for being an aries ? Maybe, just maybe, you can handle this one all on your own accord. You know ?

    Well actually, you never do know until you atleast try !

    The two most important things here is to remember 1-what it is that you want / need, always. This is most important. !

    AND 2- To have mutual understanding with/for the other person involved. i.e as much as you want to understand them, remember too, that you have just as much right to be understood, with just as much likelihood to be misunderstood as they are.

    For the record, atleast you did figure out that cancerians do tend to sway more towards a confident, stronger personality, that can stand on their own.

    By the way, you can figure out more of his personality by doing a natal chart reading. My brother is a cancerian with gemini moon, i recently learned.

    Explains a ton on behalf of his relationship behaviour šŸ˜›

  • @crabbylioness

    Uhhoh šŸ˜ž

    When leos are emotionally unavailable, they're usually hurt about something that is being pushed to the back of their pride..i mean minds.

    Did something tragic happen recently in his life, to affect him like that ?

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