Calling all CANCERS ! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oh and just to make things clear for you guys, he lives like 2 hours far from my place so we meet twice a month or so but normally we would talk on skype and see each other on webcam everyday!

  • Hi girls!!

    And welcome passionate87 to the cancer confusion forum!!!! Ive come to this post to find that not only was I not alone but that cancer confusion is an epidemic!! lol

    All you wrote seems to resonate alot with the previous posts, and so we understand your pain. First off- what is your sign? And second...are you ready to continue a relationship with a person who turns hot and cold? What Ive come to understand is that we cannot change Cancers nor people, it is changing our attitutdes towards them. So knowing what sign you are will help with understanding what you can really tolerate.

    @ Ethereal27

    Believe it or not, Ive never dated a Taurus guy. But with what you tell me about your taurus guy, I believe he is sweet, genuine and it just seems to me that you are more yourself and confrotable with him- for crying out loud you threw water at him LOL!!! And the only real freak out he had was a normal jealousy he had about your ex....totally normal and expected, just showed a little more that he did care. Careful with these guys who come back to chat with you, it might bite you on the butt later. I know its early but start evaluating really what you would like out of your taurus and keep it special. btw I cant believe you are a cancer ascendant- that is crazy....maybe thats why it comes so easy for you to understand them!


    Believe me I understand fully what a joke he is. Im doing good too, still on a serious break from guys and its working well for me. Last week I just got out of a slight depression and this week Im also starting to go to the gym :). Today will be my first day- Ive got to get rid of my blues!!!

    I understand the more bit0chty you are with men the more they'll want you. But wouldnt it be cool to meet someone who wouldnt require that? is it possible? anyone?

    I still wouldnt give Cancer#1 any chance at all. I realize what you did care about him, but it will be the same distress all over again unless it is seriousl;y addressed.


    ummmmmm where are you!? tell us how goes it with Scorpio man? Is mom of cancer boy still nagging?

    anyway chat with you all later

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  • why can't I read new posts? 😞 I saw that there were 2 new posts but all i see is my last post 😞

  • why can't I read new posts? 😞 I saw that there were 2 new posts but all i see is my last post 😞

  • oh ok now I see new posts ^^ sorry about the last msgs anyway

    @scorpioinlove:: mine is capricorn and my moon sign is Taurus while his moon sign is Sagittarius. The thing is I have never dated a cancer he is my first and I never felt this comfortable around a guy as I do around him and I can talk to him about anything and just be myself. he currenty has problems with his dad.. they say a cancer male is always close to family but his parents are not that easy so he is a bit distant from them. He tells me about all his problems that he doesn't tell to anyone else he confide in me and so I do in him.

    Eventhough I am a capricorn but I don't seem to have the cappis traits :s like hard working and calm. i am a very active person who takes life so easily. but I am very sensitive maybe too sensitive and too emotional I love to hear him say sweet words to me all the time and if he doesn't then I would easily doubt his love 😞 I don't know why I feel this way but I just do 😞

    please help me with this. thanks

  • Hey Girlies !!!!!! How have you been ? Well these last 2 weekends have definately been a test for me ! The first game for Cancer boy was on Sat 9/4 . The game was on Espn . Everybody watched this game. I didnt want to watch so I layed low until it was over. I decided to go to my grandparents house to chill and they even had the game on !!!!!!! So I ended up watching about 30 mins of the game . They won !!! So after they won his mom decided to have a victory party ( He doesn't even play on the team , He's a coach LOL ) So everybody was going over to her house. I tried my best to find something else to do but failed ! My grandad wanted to go to the party so I had to drive him . My intentions were to drop him off but of course Auntie was outside on the porch so I could not not come in. Once I went in the house she stuck by my side the entire night . All the talk was about him , him , him !!!!!!! One of my other cousins pulled me to the side and asked me " why havent I tried to date him , He 's the perfect Catch " I said he's not my type . Do u know she said " Well youre stupid because he is the best catch out there , plus it would be perfect because we already know each other blah, blah, blah .... Why is everybody making me feel like Im the one that messed up ? After that night i've been really down lately . Oh yeah the Scorpio guy has a girlfriend ( I found that out through Facebook ) Go figure !!!! I need some positive encouragement girls .

    Is it me or are some of the posts backwards . I can't catch up because everything is all over the place . LOL

    Passionate87- Welcome to the thread !!!!!

  • ugh. i hate my stupid computer. I wrote a longgggg reply to Kaplow and then backspaced.. WHICH FOR SOME REASON, JUST TOOK ME TO THE LAST WEBPAGE..which meant the reply got refreshed 😞 ! Ughfdhkxgdf

  • Hi Girls!!!!!!!!!!

    @ Ethereal, I feel your pain ! Between my laptop & not being able to see posts ie: in order.... I mean, am I asking too much here? LOL. I just want to chat with my girls...... ugh! How's the boy? Are you glad he's back?

    @passionate- welcome- you are definitely in the right place if you are have some cancer confusion. The only thing I can recommend is- don't freak out. I have met quite a few cancers over a short period of time and one thing I can tell you is they retreat. They are HOT (and when they are hot, they are hot) but then they get wicked cold and retreat.... leaving you like WTF did I do???? When in reality, it has NOTHING to do with you at all... it's their issue, not yours... they come back though.. they always do.. lol

    @ kaplow- girl... The game was on ESPN? Are you sure your cancer isn't a catch? lol lol lol.... I AM JUST KIDDING!!!! I PROMISE!!!! Well, although you are in a peculiar situation, it seems like his family is quite fond of you and thinks you would be a great catch as well... Did you ever happen to think of that? HMMMM Missy? Obviously Auntie has thought about grandkids... and what they may look like- you/him... maybe she is up his butt about you the same way she rides your a$$ about him. You never know... It just seems like you will never get away from him/the situation since the families are so close. You didn't mess up at all... if anything HE messed up.. and nobody knows what the future will bring.. but if I had a crystal ball I would tell you girl !!! Keep your chin up chickie!!!!

    @ Scorpionlove- girl, I hope you are slamming more than OJ's for me these




  • Hi! i haven't written to this thread before, but i followed it for some time, reason of course is Cancer men. LOL i was involved with one too, which caused me/is causing me lot of pain and heartache.

    ive just bumped into a new thread and it's started by a Pisces woman who was/is involved with a cancer man and she just found out she is pregnant. cancer guy of course wants her to do abortion etcetc.

    ive never been pregnant and have no child and i dont really know what to tell her, but somehow i feel with her.

    i think ive read here once that one of you is pregnant (sorry i havent followed through the thread lately). i thought you might wanna take her in? help her out? tell her something clever?

    i was too messed up and hurt for too long and not sure i wanna go into the advicing game for now.

    i paste the link for her thread here:

    thanks guys in advance if you can do something for her. 🙂

    greetings to all of you, Katie

    ps. nice thread and friendship you have here! 🙂

  • Ugh my update.. i just got back from a night put so excuse all slurrr typing ahaha.. i drank nasty drinks !!

    Well.. it rathe ramuses me how much women fall for "nice" guys.because taurus guy is playign games with me. Can you believe !! Ofcouse, i can.

    Ugh. so bored of it.

    I can't even be bothered to get into it but i'm sure when i have the patience i will. Or maybe i will atm but it will be rather blunt, i warn you hahah

    Let me ask you girls however.. how would you react to a boyfriend calling you whilst in a strip club, on holiday ?

    I'm far from the jealous type but i most definately demand respect.

    If there sno respect, theres no need to waste my time. You know ?

    Well basically.. long story shoprt.. He had the nerve to call me whilst at a strip club. I couldnt care less what he gets up to.. but maybe that says it all.. he has no respect and i couldnt care less.

    I think.. i'm on ther verges of ending it as i have ignored all his calls since. Ahhh girls.. I'm gonna end up like Alfie ! hahaha

    Except maybe happier, you know. Relationships and relationship-esque things are slowly losing my interest.. (Oh hey.. had a gemini guy after me all nigth hahahah ! I kept turning him away but he stayed pretty much uintil i left.. He was extremely dull aslo. )

    And I've been feeling so restless.. like i was on ther verges of just booking a random flight tonight for a weekend away by myself. I need to detach away from this guy.. theres no time for me to play stupid games.


    I had a semi good nigth though.. although.. i cannot state how bored i am of eecgh anf every guy i met tonight.

    Honestly. I'm so bored.

    Its so funny really.. the minute they show any interst, it is my first indicatiomn that theyre no good for me at all hahahah ! Caus ei attract wierdos lol or really weak minded people. 😞

    I gues that will only stop when i stand up for myself and stick to my guns, hay,.

    Oh and taurus guy told me he loves me. hahahaha biggest joke in the world.

    So insincere and stupid.

    I love being single so much.. Being so carefree and honest and adventurous all on my own without needing any one else to stimulate my life. Do you ever feel like that ? That the bestttt person for you, is yourself ?

    I'm rambling. hahah

    Anyway.. @kaplow.. i had to take a huge break away from my computyer haha.. but basically what i wanted to say to you was.. if i were you i'd stand my ground and put those people back in thei places.. its far beyond ridiculous how much everyone witters on about him without any consideration pr respect fpr what YOU want/deserve/need.

    I do feel that you should stand up for yourself, you know.

    I would have flipped out by now !

    Biggest hugs ever to all of you guys !

    Be with whom knows what they have when they have you.

    Never settle. !

    Ps Reckon i should end it with the taurus ?

    x o x o x o

  • Hay @ kaplow.. one more thing.. remember it is his mum that is saying all these things.. not him. One thing i hav learned from all my experiences.. I dont even trust the words out of the horses mouth unless i feel they are truly sincere.. you can always tell !

    So i wouldn't put my blind faith into what his mum says.. she is merely projjecting her own vbested interests. I don't want for you to get hurt/ to learn the harder way i guess. But remember you're a man, not a boy who needs his mother to speak for him.

    My mum always likes the guys that later dont work out for me. i think she has aweful taste. My brother never really takes upon her judgement/ she is quite critital of all his gfs anyway and only seemed to bfs of mine that don't invest too much time/were dishonest or insincere inm whatever ways to me. Shes more 'trusting' that i am, and easily satisfied. Just to give you a sort of idea i guess, that mothers no dot always know best, nor do cancerians always follow their mum's word.

    The only person to know best of what they want /or what they choose is the person alone, regardless of signs, again.

  • ahahahaha "But remember you're a man, not a boy who needs his mother to speak for him."

    hahaha that brought tears to my eyes.. i dont mean you'r a man.. ahhh ahahah

    you know what i mean. !

  • Redleo73

    I have a question for you.

    I am having issues with a cancerian man, I am actually getting over him, but still searching for answers, just curious.

    If a cancerian man says he doesn't want commitment, does he mean that? I heard they say things and it can mean the opposite.

    I saw a little jealousy with him towards me, does that mean he had feelings for me?

    You mentioned that cancer men usually come back, the time they retreat into their shells are they thinking about what to do about the situation they are in?

    As I said, I find this all so interesting, my friendship was going well with this guy, no pressure,,,then BAM!! Gone!!

    This guy is 50yrs old, shouldn't he have evolved by now??

    Appreciate your input.


  • Piscesstar Men hardly ever evolve lol

    Also, anyone can say they don't want something but they can't stop feelings such as jealousy if that is part of their character..

    He sounds to be slightly insecure, I feel his crabby ways showing here when he says that to you.

    Cancerians don't just go for anyone and everyone..i.e they must feel some attractive towards them atleast..

    My brother is very selective, even if he is being selective about 5 girls whom he may like.

    I remember there was this girl who really wanted him and she followed him around like a lost puppy,. being very attentive to him and everything..pretty much falling right out of her clothes too.. it was embarrassing to watch haha ! He just blanked her and treated her like a friend.

    My cancerian guy friend is the same. They get very awkward towards anyone whom theyre not quite so interested in, to avoid confrontation perhaps ?

    Sometimes, they can be like that towards people they DO like also. ! -which i guess is what becomes so confusing !

    And the time they retreat.. well thats when they want to think about it all the least and provide a lot of 'distractions' for themselves. I've seen so many posts where girls are wondering what they get up to when they retreat haha.. They're just chilling out, having fun, doing 'nothing'.

    SEe, I do this too.. a lot.. and upon recently finding out that i'm cancer ascendant, it makes sense, because both my brother and i do this. We shut off from the rest of the world or whomever we're with, to recharge and chill, only thinking about anything important at our own pace. We hide from our feelings. Oh god. And turn everything into something funny. My mum finds both of us to be very moody when we're at all going through any confusion that is relationship based. haha

    And we both go to each other now and again for an opnion or simply to state briefly how we 'feel'.

    My brother is slightly more thioughtful than i, if his feelings are strong.

    At this second, I'm the one avoiding my own boyfriend for the past 3 days, and i far from want it to be on my mind, I need to be alone to know how i feel, but its not intentional that it is on my mind. Infact I've been thinking about what would be best to do.

    But at the same time, avoiding it because i want space from it.

    I hope this helps.

    I would say in your case, yes he likes you, and it imore than likely crosses his mind, about your situation but at the same time, he is getting on with his life. Make sure you are too.

    Oh yaay everyone's posts are finally showing up by the way !

  • @passionate87 I caught your posts and my god, you're a cap ? My mum is a capricorn !

    Haha and it is really cute that he changed the subject upon telling you he misses you !

    I can imagine that you do get very sentimental with him for little things hey ?

    About the not wanting to be in a relationship part, i feel that he has had bad experiences with them, especially at the mention of the part to do with fighting etc. Arguements in a relationship are very healthy, because both people are sharing their feelings without holding back.

    I feel as though maybe he has been made to resent that for the lack of better understanding from past partners ?

    Cancerians LOVE to argue, and wind a person up. If he is supressing from it because he feels you will hate him. or it will ruin what you have.. then there is your answer.. you do mean something to him, but recognise also that he will need some reassurance that you will not run from him at the first signs of an arguement etc, if you guys make it into a 'relationship' in the future. They can be very emotional in arguements.. very hot tempered.

    I would not bring up the heavy questions like " do you love me"

    For when one loves you, hey will show you, and you will feel it. When you asked him that... seems to me that you may be projecting ? are your feelings that intense ? -i.e are you falling for him ? 🙂

    Pretty as the words are to hear though... if you want sincerity, wait for it, patience will be your virtue.

    Make sure you maintain your friendship, water it daily with vivality and fun. Don't lose sight of your own needs and give yourself a chance to relax and have fun also.

    It is very highly important that you do not stop being you, whilst trying to understand him, Remember you're just as important for him to figure out too !

    x o x o

  • Ethereal27,

    Hey thanks , glad you know how these cancerian men work.

    Are you Engish or Aussie? I saw the word "mum".

    I am an Aussie living in the US.

    I am definately getting on with my life.

    With him not getting in touch with me for a month, ITS OVER!! Thats too long in my books!

    My friends here have said they have never seen or heard of that behaviour from a man. They don't understand and nor do I, thats why I am interested in knowing how cancerians operate.

    My opinion and from what I have read in books and in threads its only cancers that do the disappearing act.

    Not saying they are bad.....CONFUSING more like it!

    This guy has showed me his soft side and I have seen him in tears, which I thought him opening up to me, maybe I mean more to him. He had the audacity to call me stubborn one time, I told him, yes in certain situations and I am proud of that, but look how stubborn he is by staying away!

    If he does come back (not holding my breath) and makes a decision to want to be with me, can he be trusted? Would there be the hot/cold, push/pull? Again, I am curious to know.

    Its alot harder at this age getting into a relationship.

    By no means I am not perfect, I get over things a lot quicker and move on. No matter how upset I am, I will never show that in public, thats when I use my space, time to be alone and regroup so people would never know I am upset, and if its someone very close to me, I let them know that i have things to do and i would be busy for the next day or so. (it never goes on for more than 2 days).

    I see you have issues with your man. Is he Taurus? what is your sun sign?

    If you trust him, him going to a stripper joint, I wouldn't worry too much, let him get that stuff out of his system before you enter into a serious commitment like marriage.

    I got married way too young, it did last 25yrs, but for a man, I think they need to experience life more before settling down.

    They say men are actually simple creatures, its us women who are complicated.

    Hope you figure out your stuff with your man.

    Thanks again for your input.


  • @Ethereal27: Thank you so much sweets for taking the time to reply 🙂 well, I am not sure about that I know that he is 22 and never had a girlfriend before me like a real relationship, he told me he knew like 2 girls that he was in contact with but did not call hem their girlfriends. he said what's between us now is so strong and stronger than a dating relationship. but then he never says i love you or anything like that. I started to doubt his feelings to be honest.

    and could you tell me what is it like for a cappy to date a cancerian? it is true that I get sentimental with him for little things and sometimes fight with him over silly things and then I say to myself he will get bored of me and leave me and this started to annoy me a lot. now everytime he calls my heart beats fast that i can hardly breath it's like I am scared and whenever he asks me why am i breathing like i would say nothing nothing i got a flu or sth. :s

    another thing to add, last night he called and i felt like i cant breath at all so i told him i will call him back but he was like what is wrong? what is going on? are u ok? I said i just cant breath properly so he said ok go take a deep breath and rest. then he never called back to check on me. it hurt me a lot and last night i spent the whole night crying saying it is over.

    I am just so scared that he leaves me for good and I don't know why.

  • dear passionate87

    dun worry he'll be back. love is in the is clearly seen in my reading

    grab the chance when u have it when mercury retro goes direct.

    gud luckkk


  • dear yuyu78: thank you so much that made me really happy ^^ but I feel like he is having other affairs I don't know why and I didn't understand what you mean by grab the chance when u have it when mercury retro goes direct.


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