Calling all CANCERS ! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @scorpionlove hello girlie glad your doing good and good luck telling your friends! but like you said they are your friends so perty sure they will be there all the way... and yhea gorget "faggy french photo guy" LOL and me with the cancer is going good just taking it one day at a time and trying to think positve im not gonna stress any more about how we feel and whats going to happen after he moves im just going the enjoy the time i have left with him while he is stiil in town and after he leaves ill cross that bridge when i get there.

  • @ scorp hello girlie glad you doing ok, good luck telling your freinds..but im perty sure they will all be there for you all the way 🙂 and yhea forgert the faggy frecnch photo guy LOL Things with my cancer guy are good i decided not to stress about whats going to happen when after he leaves im just going to enjoy his company while i still can while he still here and ill cross that bridge when i get there after his gone.

  • If i sent the same post twice SORRY i this time the computers @ my wrk are really SLOW!!! and i cant tell if it sent or not right away LOL ill post more to erveryone else later today have a good day everyone!

  • Hi peeps! I was so glad to have found this forum. It kind of gives me new insights to my cancer man. I'm a leo woman. We have been in a relationship coming to 3 months. I knew him 5 years back in my ex-company. Before he left for his 5 years studies, I wrote him an email telling him that I like him, and though I knew we can only be friends, but I just want him to know. I then move on with my life.. and we were never in contact. Just in this year feb, he dropped me a msg @ facebook saying he will be back and ask me if I'd like to meet up.

    I was still single then and so was he. We dated for a few more times before we are officially together. Time with him was great. He's funny, cute and romanic. I enjoyed every moment with him and thought I must be the most blessed woman.

    However, he then began with his new job. He got really busy with work. Even so, he finds time to meet me.

    Things started to change over a small innocent misunderstanding with his mum without me knowing in the 1st place. He suddenly disappear during that week and I quickly sense something was really wrong. When asked, he then told me about what happen after 1 week! I quickly clear things up with him and to his mum. Things started to get slightly better after that. But things were never the same.

    He still ocassionally asked me out and we were still happy together; But during times when we were apart, I would hear NOTHING from him. No texts no calls. It's freaking me out! Like now, he's in his shell again. We haven't been contacting for a week plus and I finally cannot stand the silence anymore. I text him and say that we need to talk. He replied shortly and said that it was not a good time as he is busy with work. Then I asked if something happen again as I knew something must be bothering him. He replied that "no, just something I dun understand. But I can't talk now. I've issues at work."

    Gosh! I'm a leo. When there is a problem, I'd want to address it quickly and make best out of situations. But for him, sitting on the problem seems to be a better option. I really dun get it! How can a relationship substains without communication?! How would a problem be solved if dun tell the person who is involved.

    I understand Cancer needs his thinking time and space. But why does he only thinks about himself. Have he ever thought that he'd leave me stranded and clueless about what's happening. And it is hurtful to me when he just disappears without telling me any reasons? I'm losing my confidence. The more he do this to me, the more I felt insecure. Though I still know he cares as he will reply to my texts.. but this crab is making this lion feeling extremly confused.

    Anyone to shed some lights please. Thanks!

  • Hey My Girlies !!!!!!

    Well the reunion is finally here ! 4 days of family fun ! Yall gonna have to pray for me this weekend, cause if he shows up I really don't know what my reaction would be!

    Oh btw , The twit here at my job is really plucking my nerves today !!!! Today is my last day at work ( Ill be back on Thursday ) and when I got here this morning , she stopped me and said " I hope that you apolgize and make things right with him if he comes " I said " why ? He is the one that stood me up ! " She said because he is the cream of the crop & Im not going along with the program that why he is hiding from me . ( can any of yall interpret this bull shit ) Cause im lost ! As far as ignoring my Auntie, That's a lost cause. We have been working side by side for the last 2 weeks doing stuff for this reunion. I f I ignore her and she tells somebody I was that would open up the Hell Gates ! LOL Last night I was with her til 2am !!! And she just kept talking about grandbabies ! It also did'nt help that I had to bring my niece along ( She's 4 months ) All she did was watch me the intire time ! She watched me Feed , Change etc..... She kept saying that I would make an excellent mother and asked me what was I waiting for . I told her I was waiting for the right person because any man can be a Daddy but only a real man can be a father ! Then she started praising her son again ( I wanted to throw up ) Iam soooooo sick of this ! HELP .......

    BRB ...

  • @Kaplow, this lady coworker is STUPID!! Seriously what is she smoking? You should report her for drinking on the job! LOL Im glad you know its a whole load of bull-shit.

    This is rough being with Auntie...damn. At least you had an awesome response, the lady is clearly in denial about her son. Can you switch the conversation from you to him. Like when she asks you "what are you waiting for?" ask her "Well what is he waiting for?" "You deserve grand kids, what's his situation?" agh she doesnt know the situation I understand, but she is starting to aggravate me! You'll do fine this weekend, I have faith in you. You have pride and dignity...keep it!!!

    @Zizzle, Im glad you are just enjoying your time with your cancer guy. At this point that is all you can do. I would just be careful to not get too attached. It will hurt so much more if things do not work out. But I am rooting for them to work out, there are good guys out there, just make sure he is one.

    @NotsoLeo, WELCOME TO THE FORUM OF CANCER MEN DISMAY 🙂 ...just kidding....

    Im sorry to hear that things seemed to fizzle out with your guy. It is very charateristic of cancer to go into hiding for periods of time. But I think it would help to know what the misunderstanding was? and what his relationship with his mom is like? Im sure you've seen in our past posts, moms do play a very vital role in a cancer man's life.

    So I got dupped AGAIN. Sperm donor guy 'cancer' text me yesterday at work asking whether Ive seen 'Inception' so I said yes. Then he talked about some swollen vein he had, and I told him if it hurts see a MD. He said it didnt. I asked 'ok so we still on for tonight :)?" his response "I dont think so" no sorries, or we'll do it tomorrow, or this weekend. Nothing! Im so sick and tired of this stupid stupid man. Please if I ever talk about planning something with him again, STOP ME!!! Im so downing a bottle of OJ this weekend and chocalate chip faced too!

    Ethereal27, whatsup girl?

  • Awh scorp.. its like you knew something was up lol ..sigh

    Firstly you first.. ha that guy is playing his version of "hardball" it seems ! .. Goodness.. happened here as well.. with the same movie too LOL.. its a really good movie by the way 😛

    you should catch it with someone else !

    Seriously, look at how you blew off the faggy photog.. and look at how you let cancerpants get away with an equally lame response !?

    BEAMMMM... don't let 'em pull and push you at their own will.

    Its seems as though cancerpants just talks AT you when ever he feels like it.

    If you'd like to give him a taste of his own medicine, just simply talk at him, don't ask for his time but let him know all the fun that you are having with yours(minus his presense !) ! Every time he talks about himself, simply switch off, and change the subject.

    And then carry on with the rest of your fun that does not involve him ! It sounds like a mindgame but infact it is simply you coming to realise that yep the world is so much more peachy and wonderful when you no longer need him around or feel to react from his actions (or rather lack of !).

    He ofcourse will get confused/mad.. he'll notice the dramatic change in your behavior. But hey guess what.. time waits for no one, and besides, he was perfectly fine before, what would the difference be now ? The difference will be that you are no longer reacting to him nor acknowledging him, but simply to what is in front of you !

    And since he hasn't been, its 'see ya later aligator' ! Whilst he on the other hand will be beating his brains trying to figure out what just happened. Haha i say this, because it is tried and tested and works every time. Its like you're holding up a mirror.. and all the confused emotions that he has projected your way, is then turned on him, that for him to understand what is going on, he'd have to reflect to come into realisation/conclusion as to what the hell was he playing at !

    @Kaplow You've got major balls putting up with her haha i would have shot myself ten times for having to forcefully listen about her golden boy lol

    oh WTH at that co worker too .. ahhh 😞 you poor thing

    It makes you think though hey.. how easily swayed women are these days..

    Then they start to wonder why they feel so disappointed in the man they chose, and thought to be so heavensent !

    Reality : It takes a whole lot more than fancy words and a career/financial status !

    I'm really proud of you that you aren't falling into this deluded spell that everyone else around him seem to be in, and that you can see that he is not/has not been giving you what YOU deserve, whilst you can also stand up for that !

    sigh.. as for me..

    Taurus guy and myself have been talking for houuurrrssss.. ahh yesterday we talked for like 6 hours on the phone, i swear ! Just talking about anything and everything, i found out so much about him, as did he about myself.. and it was also one of those days where you just neeeeeed to be alone !! Yet with him, i didnt mind speaking with him..

    And he came into my work today to say hello which (suprizingly) brightened me up. Then we met later on tonight to watch a meteor shower together..

    Ahh.. it was sweet. He made me go reallyshy at one point too because he kept teasing me.

    But you guys.. i can't figure this out.. i mean.. he says hes realising that from how much he thinks about me and the feeling he got when he saw me hanging out with an ex etc, made him realise that he might have developed some feelings for me..

    However, i don't know if hes being honest or not.

    You won't believe how many guys spin so much bull, i question everything.

    Or maybe.. i dunno.. i am on the verges of some feelings too ? Its kinda scary. I dunno what to do. I don't wanna get attached at all.

    But as i start to withdraw, he pulls me back again somehow. I'm always wary of guys who want to see so much of you so soon.. like he says hes got an addictive personality.. that he gets addicted to a person etc.. and ahh i dunno. I dont want my feelings (if any) to be influenced by him.. if that makes sense.... but at the same time, my curiosity of the situation just wants to explore.

    Maybe an aquarius can relate here lol

    Our queue to disappearing acts !

    Plus he smokes weed. (im not really into smokers), and its making me wonder if maybe hes just tripping out, the entire time hes with me LOL.

    He's really sweet to me though.. on the surface.. but i can't quite make of what is going on inside..

    x o x o x o

  • Girls, I've missed you!!!

    Oh my goodness, so much to catch up and AND a new member... yeah!

    @ kaplow- girl, I think you may be a saint. Not only have no not murdered your co-worker yet (cream of the crop...WTF?) you work endless hours into the night with Auntie. If not a saint, you have definitely earned some wings....I will be thinking of you and praying for you this weekend! GOOD LUCK!

    @ scorpionlove- you are downing a bottle of OJ and getting chocolate chip faced??? Oh honey, it can't be that bad?? lol... OMG.... and good luck telling your friends your wonderful news. They sound great and like they will be supportive.. don't OD on the OJ, ok? j/k

    @zizzlegirl- I am glad to hear that you are taking it day by day and just enjoying your time.. that's a good thing to do. Less stressful that way. You mentioned a few posts ago that you were gonna join a boot camp & focus on yourself more... that's awesome... I am trying to do that too! Good for you ! Good luck!

    @ ethereal27- oh girl, that's a doozie- I think in any relationship, you always are putting yourself out there. You kind of have to. I know ALLLLL about putting up walls and not letting people in, but honestly, that's not good either. My friend had this analogy about dating. I'm sure I will screw it up, but it went something like this..."Sandra, do I want to take the road that I know where it leads to or do I want to hop on the roller coaster? Although the road I know may be safe, the roller coaster has twists and turns and adventure. And although I don't know the outcome, and there's a chance that I could get hurt.... I could also have one hell of a ride"..... so I guess what I'm trying to say is... why don't you go for a roller coaster ride if you're up for it???? I would be a little concerned about the smoking too, but if anything, I would think that makes you more sincere, than trippin... lol... let us know what you decide & good luck!

    @notsoleo- welcome- your story sounds very familiar to mine. Long story short.. I thought for a little bit that something was up with my cancer man & I was right. Logistics really don't matter here.. what matters is your gut feeling. I tried to hide mine... making justifications for him/me/us. You see, I too, am a leo and I needed to know/have answers NOW!!!! I also think that may have been part of the issue. I hear these men take time (ok, that's an So, I guess what I am trying to say your instincts. Not only as a leo, but as a woman, chances are, you may be right. I hope not, for your sake, however it's easier to KNOW where you stand... rather than not know..TRUST ME ON THAT ONE 🙂

    ok, now an update on me... so, yesterday was my b-day... (go leo, it's your and I KNOW I said I was going to focus on myself (which I am by the way) but this guy has been asking me out for a bit... so I decided to take him up on his offer. Hell, it was my birthday, right? Anyway... after talking for a few days... he's telling me his birthday was last month... July 3.... and I was like.. WTF! You're a freakin CANCER!!!!!! You HAD to be there... I was like... oh man, you guys are freakin But can you believe my luck??? Happy birthday to me?? Not saying that this will be long term or anything like that, but at least I'll have some good stuff for the forum, right? And to answer your questions scorpionlove- yes, Cancer man # 1 (po po) just text me today... he doesn't want me... but he doesn't want to let go???? WTF!!! You have a faggy french photo guy & I have a hovering, had me but didn't want me cop... BOYS! We'll never understand (although ethereal is pretty darn close!)

    You all have a great one and talk to you soon!


  • @Redleo !! There you are !! Happy birthdayyyy ! 😄

    Guess who will be drinkin' for yoouu tonight :D!

    SHOTS ! you like sambuca ? 😛

    hahahaa you got yourself another cancerpants too !

    Oh boy.. rollercoasters.. i love theeeem .. and i agree.. i just freak myself out.. and uhh

    ahh we'll see what happens lol.. EVERYONE keeps telling me how sweet he is.. and not to mess with his head AHA.. ME !?!

    Opposite sex.. seems we're a trip to each other loll !

    And everyone else too, happy friday the 13th !! ooooooooohh

    Drinkin for you and you and you and espppecially YOU !

    x o x o x o

  • @Redleo !! There you are !! Happy birthdayyyy ! 😄

    Guess who will be drinkin' for yoouu tonight :D!

    SHOTS ! you like sambuca ? 😛

    hahahaa you got yourself another cancerpants too !

    Oh boy.. rollercoasters.. i love theeeem .. and i agree.. i just freak myself out.. and uhh

    ahh we'll see what happens lol.. EVERYONE keeps telling me how sweet he is.. and not to mess with his head AHA.. ME !?!

    Opposite sex.. seems we're a trip to each other loll !

    And everyone else too, happy friday the 13th !! ooooooooohh

    Drinkin for you and you and you and espppecially YOU !

    x o x o x o

  • TGIF !!! THIS Friday the 13th !!!!

    @ Ethereal- No. can't do sambuca, but drink for me none the less 🙂

    Not sure about the cancerpants... although this one definitely communicates better than the last one already, somethings off... I can't put my finger on it... We'll see..

    I'm glad you love roller coasters! Welcome to the wonderful game of Just have fun and enjoy him..... for now 🙂

    Hope all is well with everyone else! Have a great weekend!


  • Hey girls. I am new here too and seeing a cancer man. I just wanted to share this with all of you.

    I was in a really, really bad marriage for 21 years. We had 3 kids, who are amazing and who am I kidding, we shared life for a really long time.

    This is my advice to all of you. Do NOt, I repeat, DO NOT invest so much of yourselves into a man. Invest it in YOU.

    Do not be a princess, or a hag or rag or nag. Just be real. From the get go. If a man cannot appreciate what he sees, then he is SOOOOOOO not worth it. I stress APPRECIATE.

    You have to know what signs to look for. is he attentive...ALWAYS. Does he have concern for your well being ? Does he have concern for YOUR needs ?/Both emotionally and physically ?? Does he listen ? Is he an active member in the relationship or just a taker ?? Is he in the kitchen with you, by your side or does he just show up for the meal ?

    I always tell my girls, you can tell so much about a man, but the way he treats and talks about his family. You can throw in gingerly asked questions on your first few dates. If he talks bad about his momma, run away. If he does not and cannot talk about his siblings( if he has any) run away. If his dad was abusive, be like a CSI.

    Life is far too short to always second guess and worry/wonder.

    This is just some heart felt advice to all of you who are lost and wondering about love. I hope it really helps.

  • Hi girlies..... whose got an update for me?? anyone? anyone? Bueller ???

    Talk to me girls!

  • Girls, I am not seeing my posts..... are you?

  • Taurus7-

    This is VERY good information-

    Thank you for your insight. I LOVE what you said about not taking so much time investing in a man, but rather investing in you... so true... yet sometimes easier said than done. Still, great to hear! Welcome to our forum! I hope you"ll be back!

  • Thank you for the welcome redleo73, I am really enjoying it here.

    It is hard to invest in yourself. But I think young women need to know their value is NOT in whether they have a boyfriend or husband, but that their value lies within their being, their spirit and soul, heart and mind.

    Everything else, should just be a bonus !

  • I am a Cancer Man, my moon is 29 deg Scorpio and sun is 12 deg Cancer , I have Aries Rising also and including Saturn in my 5th house 29 deg in Leo....My astrologer tells me i am unique in that all my planets line up uniquely with the proper house. I was married for 28 years to a cancer who had her birthday 5 days before mine. Since her death I have had one relationship and that was with an Aquarius woman. She left me because as a cancer male I needed to know "who, what , where and when she would be back" ( I felt that was showing respect for our relationship) she thought is was keeping tabs on her... any way we talk now and are stying in contact. However,

    my astrologer who said my best match in a female would be a Taurus. says now we now know that including that we should look at our moon sign to find a mate. She is producing as i type this a moon sign chart for me to see what moon sigh would be my best match....

    Anyway,, I would and will recommend if you ladies are interested in your cancer male, please have an astrologer do a combined chart. and you might see other areas of contention beside him being cancer. and same for us cancer boys. get a composite chart of your GF if you want to get serious, because just because he/she is a cancer the other planets like to play too.

  • REdLeo ! Well you may not like 'em but that what i drank !!! 😄 haha

    and vodka + coke 🙂 Was a funnn night ! Did you have a goood weekend ?? How are things !?

    Have you figured off what was so off ??

    Bad feeling/intuition ?? 😧

    And where is everyone ?? I thought i'd have to be scrolling through PAGES to catch up haha

    Well, my update atleast:

    The taurus has not left me alone.

    Continous attention soo much, we're like complete magnets, utterly drawn to each other 😐 Utter cheese more like !

    Yet still, i'm keeping my space.

    At first, i got reaaaallly put off by a stupid comment he made last week, when i told him i would not sleep with him unless i were madly in love. And i couldnt wait to get away and not see him again. In my head, my mind was completely made up and i was looking forward to updating you girls ! hahah !

    But then as the week progressed, he showed up at my work again.. and asked to see me so we hung out all week pretty much. And he's gone kinda mushy on me. When we're together, its so unreal. much more than before.

    A little too unreal. I'm still wary, cause it will take much much more than all of what he is doing right now.. the buying me lil gifts, being sweet and attentive.. writing me songs..


    My question is why wasnt he doing all these things before.. i guess maybe this is what happens as we get to know each other ?

    No S e x until i'm married, is what i'm thinking. ahahah !

    But seriously.. its undeniable the sparks that we seem to have. We can just hang out in a park with swings and play real hide and seek.. and just chill and talk about anythign and everything.. joke around.. until 3 in the morning in the freezing cold !

    A lot of people including mutual friends have commented saying that we're like the same person, that i remind them of him because of the philosophical conversations i have with them or the advise i give to them lol !

    However, still.. being kind of standoffish with any guy who wants to get closer to me is a part of who i am.. so i guess if he can handle it and ultimately have to prove himself/keep up with me.. then maybe it could work out heeey lol

    Also.. yeah he smokes.. and thats a lil offputting.. I said this to him.. that i wonder if he is tripping out on the 'feelings' he says he has for me. He agreed too, that he needed to be certain of this, and within our time apart it proves them to be true.

    hahaha ! I guess this is slight karma for my "i'm maybe in love with you" 'period' with the gem ! LOLOL !!


    Welcome ! And (without meaning to be insensitive) hahahaa @ the aqua leaving you.. in a non mean way.. just .. that is what i would have done too/have done in the past, many times!

    Checking up on her and wanting to know.. well in her eyes(maybe - i say her eyes but i mean my eyes), if she felt it were important/relevant for you to know, then she would have told you. i get like that with my libra ex/who is meant to be my close friend. Everyone has different values / meanings for what 'respect' is. For me, respect is ultimately someone who gives me a lot of space, freedom, patience, trust.. and values my friendship. 🙂 (i'm an aqaurius...uhh with moon in taurus 😉 ahha ).

    But its funny how you do mention that as a cancer, you simply wanted to show respect by asking these lil things, cause my scorp friend who is on and off with a cancerian.. always complains that her cancerian does this to her too !! lol.. and to her, she sees it as "keeping tabs".

    Ahhh the simple misunderstandings sometimes causes the biggest rifts hey !

    🙂 I wish you some better understanding and communication in your future relationships.

    Maybe a change in approach or method for which you can still show that you care and respect them without anyone feeling as though you don't trust them.

    Feeling as though someone can't trust you, especially when they infact mean alot to you.. well.. its kinda hurtful 😞

    Anyway, atleast you both still talk to eachother, shows she values your friendship and still cares about you, ofcourse. 🙂

    Hmm a composite chart sound spretty interesting ! 🙂 Is there anyone out there that can do these kind of charts ?! x o x o x o

  • Ethereal27!!!!! Thank goodness! I was starting to get worried... I too was wondering where everyone is... I thin Kaplow has some vacation time.. hopefully we will be hearing from her soon. No word from Scorpionlove though. Vodka & cokes a cool ! MUCH better than sanbuca 😉

    Yeah, I figured out what was off...

    a- he's a guy

    2- he's a cancer ( I am JUST kidding- no offense IssaquahRon)

    c- he was apparently thinking with the wrong head...

    Oh well... not what I want or need right now. Ok now onto you... Magnets, huh? That's got to be deep, on so many levels. I only think it's normal to be wary so soon in a relationship. Especially one that has progressed so quickly so soon. The fact that he keeps coming back and showing up at your work has got to say something. I too, would probably be keeping my space/having a wall up, but it sounds like he may be chiseling yours down a wee bit, huh? lol

    Just try to have fun with it.... easier said tha done, I know but you two sound like you are really enjoying each other's company (without having sex and/or the pressure of sex) and that's a lot to say right there. TRUST ME on that one! Ok, maybe you two are really the same person since you have so much in common (j/k) but that could be a benefit for both of you, right? I am excited for you.... let me know what happens!


  • Okay this is my two-cent to the original post. I know how you feel. What you need to realize is not all people are wired like you. You need communication. Cancers sometimes need isolation. They go inside their shell to brood and to heal. I know that does not give you any relief so you have to decide what's best for you. I've been with my Leo for months and she still does not get my need for communication.

    What's important is the person. Are the basically sound? Is this a person you would be willing to trust your heart with? Are you compatible? Is there chemistry between you two. Most of all, can they be trusted not to betray you...

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