Calling all CANCERS ! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • still @ etheral the taurus guy sound really cool and grounded also and it sounds like he makes you laugh alot and yall definatly have plenty to talk about wich is great cause you know alot of men dont like to talk that much lol and is great that you got your hair did lol im a hairdresser so i know how important it is not to show any roots lol and it feels great when your all made up lol

  • still @ etheral the taurus guy sound really cool and grounded too, and it sound like he makes you laugh alot and that yall get along great it also great that yall talk for hours because you know most guys dont do that much talking lol im also glad you got your hair did lol im a hairdresser so i know how important it is to not have any roots showing lol and it also feels great when your all made up lol that what i love most of being a stylist making people feel and look good ! : )

  • Still @ etheral the taurus sound really grounded too and it sound like yall have lots to talk about and that he makes you laugh alot wich is great, because you know that not alot of guys like to talk that much lol and i glad you got your hair did lol in a hairdresser so i know how important it is not to show any roots lol and you know it fee;s great when your all made up lol

  • SORRY!!! for the same last 3 post they werent sending so i wrote them a few times and send them againg LOL well Etheral i guess you get the point huh lol sorry for the typos too lol

  • @kaplow whats up girl!!! we are all anxious to hear what happend in the bi game lol

    updates us soon lol ann yhea his mom is trippin that all got to say about that ii she wants her son to settle down she need to have a long talk with with not ask you. if she only knew lol

  • @mellove yhea i get what you are sing about the compatability with sings in general and yhea if your hubby is an aries you know us very well and we do act first then think lol with age we control are impulsivness more then before and actually try to think before we act but sometimes we just cant help it lol and your right about cancer making us thing we lead he has done it a few times lol but like i said for now im gonna keep it light and casual with him take it day by day and we see what happens.

  • LOL sorry girls on the typos i need to slow down on my typing but yall get what i mean hopefully LOL and i will keep in mind what you said mellove about fireworks going off if we had different goals in life and we disagree but if that ever came up that would probably be in the long run not

    now, but i think most couples go through that issue at some point regardless their signs so i think as long as there is communication on what they both want and are mature about it they can figure something out we see what happens right now im taking it day by day and gonna keep light and casual with this cancer and not expect anything from him.

  • @scorpionlove hey girl i cant believe that french gem he stood you up in a way and still wanted you to go over and then say you were mean cause you didn't lol I swear men never think they did anything wronglol ahhh forget him concentrate on you and your baby and well at least donor is trying to communicate and asking how you are hopefully he will grow some b**'ls and actually man and take care of busniess, and if he does like i said at least hear him out see what he gots to offer...but in the mean time try not to stress yourself out and stay strong we here for you keep us posted.

  • yeah same here. well hes either with someone else, or just enjoying his time waiting for the next best thing

  • Hey Girlies !

    The game is not until the first week in September so I have alot of time to prep for that ! His Mom is still questioning whether or not Im bring a date to the family Reunion ( which is this Friday )then she starts asking me about having children . I told yes eventually I will have kids . Then she starts talking about how she's ready to be a grandmother !!!!! I asked her " well then what is the hold up with him " She said that he has a hard time finding a woman that can deal with his work schedule. ( Or atleast thats the BS he told her ) I really have a strong feeling that he will be making a appearance! If he does I really don't feel like pretending to be nice to him. . My BFF was asking me if I ever thought that it was just the wrong time for both of us, and that he is scared & confused because our families are so close. The guy that iam planning to take to the game ( The one who played football on the same college team as him ) is a scorpio . What do u girls know about Scorpio/Scorpio compatibilty ?

    @ZizzleGirl - I agree with you about the Communication thing ! LOL @ The Roots comment

    @ Ethereal - The Gemini Guy sonds like a winner to me !!!!

    @ scorp - Aww so sorry you had a bad expierence with the French Fluke ! LOL . It's okay though , There are plenty of American, Spanish, Asian , Red, Blue, Green etc.... Out there ! You feel me ! You can't beat yourself up about it . Just say " Lata Potata " LOL

  • @ Redleo - Hey Girly ! Im do glad you got everything out in the open with youre guy !

    Im still trying to catch up with all yall posts ! The tread was definatley Jumpin the past couple of days! Plus prepping for this Reunion is tiredsome Plus talking to his mom about him is Draining !!!!

    For some reason today I feel ucky ! Do yall think if I tell my Supervisor that I have " Bieber Fever " She'll let me go home early ? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL....

    Ill Be back in about 1 hr .

  • OMG scorpio on scorpio......that is trouble. It really is a hard combination.

    I only dated one guy and after three weeks we had such a heated rama filled was like arguing with me! And I actually realized that I had to tone it down after that relationship. Dpnt get me wrong- the s-e-x was amazing!!! But we clashed so much on all other levels. trend easy with this one.....very very easy

  • @Kaplow Eh !? You mean taurus guy ? The gem guy is an 'ex' if you could even call him that.. more like a stupid fling i had that was convenient for the time.. blahblah boring. The taurus, can you believe .. seems to be soo much more exciting ! Communicates with me in so many different ways.. which is what i love.. mental stimulation when engaging with another yet its not intrusive of my freedom, just playful and fun.. !

    GEm guy, on the other hand, only spoke fancy words etc etc but had no clue what he was actually talking about other than when he waffled on about his work. Told me heaps of emotional dribble like as though it were supposed to swoon me. It didnt. I repeated them all back at him and he ran for miles.. ahah.. cracked me up. And then upon my disappearances, he'd be back to find me again, calling me every night.. and then disappearing with no word for days.. but it didnt even feel like "space".. it just felt like avoidance.. my intuition is awesome, always spot on. Just like i found out recently that his previous 'avoidance' was just him feeding his ego through other girls' attention, leading them on, whilst at the same time asking for MY time and emotions.. and you know.. theres not been a single word from him since that weekend i left him thinking that i really fell hard for him. (HOw can i say.. "opps sorry about that, i was in my period heh".. so uhhh ahaha atleast i get an insight hey.. on what a douche he is, without having had any major feelings develope !)

    Which brings me to my next point.. @scorpioinlove.. hahaha thats a typical move.. and highfives for saying NO ! The "that was mean! " comment, is supposed to appear cute to you, and make you think.. "am i being too harsh ?". Did it not ?

    GOOD. When guys act like helpless innocent children whom are unaware of what they did wrong, triggering maternal instincts will only help them so far. After that, they just appear pathetic and stupid. 😕

    The no communication after that will sure enough be a slap in the face for him, for the next day or so atleast, until he finds someone else, as they always do, to boost the lil bruised ego.

    Honestly, don't waste your time there.. but if you choose to.. hows about this.. the invite to his house, had you accepted, would have been next en route into your pants. No lie. Ofcourse there'd be the Grande Illusion of 'connection' and you would not see it coming.

    No doubt, i'm sure he'll try to get your attention still. And expect every dirty trick in the book to try and gain emotional control over you if you respond, that you will actually start to wonder wtfff where did these feelings come from ! Lots of mind games.. LOTS !

    Being an aqua, at first i played them back and then got bored. And then wanted to help him, but he just viewed me as another thing of legs.. and well if theres no respect for friendship, then theres no space for a dry ol' gem....with the same ol' same ol' BS. It will feel like whatever you have going.. is in limbo.. like its started but not quite moving at all.. like the date.. and not showing up, yet there is still involvement .. Like a pre- o r g a s m caught in suspension.. so you're like waiting there .. for ages and ages.. and then something happens(and you're supposed to be overjoyed at it).. and then you're back where you started.. and its like that the whole way through. I mean for god sake ! Boring. They love to have girls waiting on them, just in case. Lol girls do chase after them though, for the thrill. I did.. for the sheer hell at first cause i just wanted to get under his skin and do what he was trying to do with me maybe open his eyes to what the hell it must feel like for every other girl. !

    On the positive, i hear that scorps realllly get to gems haha i think your 'sting' is freakin awesome ! And HOT ! They're probably thinking the same thing.. loll

    So i'm sure you will handle it brilliantly whatever your decision..(you deserve way more than he could ever emotionally be capable of giving you though ! i'm calling that !).

    Ps you made me laugh SOO HARD this morning ! 😄 I had tears streaming down my face reading your updates lool so now we're even with the crying ! HAhah

    you really should have used the answer you had in mind when speaking with the cancerian !

    awwwh that you cried so much though.. i bet it was a frustrative build up + on top of that..the goood ol' hormones !! Hugs !

    As for the taurus guy ..he is currently looking up my sign and stuff.. its funny !and cute lol

    I seem to be really busy doing lots of things but hes kind of been on my mind.. hoping that my lack of ceremony does not make him feel i don't care.. but i think he knows. It makes me feel nervous.. in a good way.. I'm glad hes taking his time, cause too much too soon makes me anxious and i end up calling it 'casual'. Every single time where relationships are concerned, i go really hot and cold haha.. but not in the spiteful kind of way... This is why i said try dating a gem or an aqua hahaha we can be so confusing.. aquarians are real elusive. But at the same time, when its love, i've gone all out for a guy.. flew to the other side of the world once, to be with another aquarian.. but we weren't meant to be.. it was fun though, he evoked my spiritual side. Although for some reason we dont talk any more.. ahahah which is a shame .. but hey ho, life goes on ! 🙂

    Ahh i'm wittering on.. This comment must be HUGE !! >_

  • @kaplow

    hahaha this thread is bringing all the signs to the yard !!!! 😄

    And they're like "whats on destiny's card ?"

    Sorrry lame sense of humour was bound to break out somewhere at some point !! 😄

    Beiber fever lool.. he IS kind of hot.. even for a twelve yr old. Feel kinda bad that he sure gets bullied so much though !

    OMG did i mention you were part of my crying session too !?! ahahahaaah soo hard at telling his mum that he's G ay !! I bet a coin would drop .. maybe two !! 😜


  • @Zizzlegirl

    Your reposts cracked me up cause I would read through them thinking you were gonna say something different, and after doing it twice, i realised it must have been reposts ahaha

    awh yeah hes so sweet in his own way, and really grounded...

    however i do like the 'edgy' sides of people too.. sure it'll come through in time lol

    Its hard for me to settle for a 'nice' guy. I like someone who can keep up and really inspire me, in a million ways, without just simply being nice to me etc.

    Infact, haha.. often being told that my expectations of love + relationships etc are too high.. its kind of sad 😕

    Like Kaplow was told by her work collegue! Lol each to their own though hey.

    Some people go through sooo many horrible emotionally draaaaining relationships, that the minute a guy does the most simplest nice things, theyre sooo soo appreciative of it !

    I can understand that.. but ahhh I think anyone should really realise how important it is.. to love and respect yourself first. Sometimes its not about cracking the code to their signs etc.. sometimes some people are just a s s holes regardless of signs, and its time we move forward from them, and close that door so new ones may open ! 🙂

    Why help give some one reason to treat you like s h i t! Right !? ahah and i have no idea how this comment detoured !! But anywhooo... Hugs to all of you ! x o x o x

  • Hi girls!

    So it has been a quiet week so far which for a change that is good. This coming weekend I arranged to get together with some of my firends and break the news, can you believe I havent told any of them? The truth is, Ive always had serious first bf was a leo: 3 1/2 years, than an Aquarius: 2 years and finally a Libra: 1 year. And all my friends have met them...and even along the way met other guys Ive dated. But no one has met the cancer guy, and when I talked about him they would roll their eyes because of his off standish manner. Now I going to tell them that HE is the joker who knocked me up. But they are awesome and they'll be happy for me. Oh not to mention, I just found out yesterday that the Aquarian is engaged!!! 😞 ....ok ok think positive...if I have a boy Im gonna teach him how to really treat girls and never be a mean boy :), Im due in March...what do you know about pices?

    @ redleo73, how are you? taking a break from it all is quite refreshing huh? did you ever hear from that guy again? dont fall for anything he might spew out. Like you said he is bloody old enough to know better.

    @Ethereal, Im totally done with Gem guy...that didnt last long either. learned my lesson about them a while was the french accent and his persistency that got to me. But about 5 years ago I hooked up with a gemini- we had been friends 4 years prior...always flirting but we were involved with other people. Finally we both were single...even our mutual friends (mainly guys) were rooting for us. We went on some dates, totally flirted and laughed, but he had mood swings, like bouts of depression. He once called me at 12am paniked "they" were going to break down his door and come for him. When I got to his place he had taken some pain killer and mixed with drink and was hallucinating while loading his gun!!! Our friends ran into him once at a bar talking to a girl and they (being great friends) confronted him. Then after all that he said we werent really in a relationship and dissappeared. We connected again a year ago...sounds like he is still as messed odd. Oh your guy sounds soooo cute, im liking the progress, in any situation its best to go slow anyway.

    @Kaplow, anyone at work tells me they have Beiber fever...hells yeah I'd send them home!!! Wtf LOL . Ill try that today and see what happens. Oh I wanted to ask...can you ignore Auntie calls? Lady is stressuing you out unconsciously of course...but damn!

    @Zizzle, how goes it with your guy?? tell us more

  • Btw I loved the "faggy french photo guy " comment!! From now on that is how everyone is to refer to him! LOL

  • @ kaplow LOL @ biber fever yhea mi 10yr niece totally has is she cant stop talking about the cutie lol and yhea i wish they let me go hm early too if i said i had bieber fever lol well good luck at the reunion and yhea the mom is up to something i think she is getting granny fever lol but dont let her stress you out first deal with him i mean how that she expect you to have gran babies if you dont even know whats up with him???

  • still @ kaplow and you don't have to be nice with him if you dont want to im not saying you have to be mean but if i were you i would act indiffrent, the if you get a chance to get him by yourself then have a talk with him. Maybe i missed it on a previous post but my question is when you told him your feeling for him before. What exactly did you say? and what was his response at that moment that you told him? before you didn't hear from him anymore.

  • Kaplow im asking that way i can have a better idea on what to suggest you tell him when you see him on the reunion fri, but basically if he knows how you feel then ask him whats up with yall and just lay all the cards on the table so he can stop waisting your time and you his. Maybe your friend is right and he is hesitant because your families are close but you wont know till yall talk so just tell him to be straight with you that way you know what to expect from him. and scorpio and scorpio not sure but i think they would end up butting heads or tails i mean lol.

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