Calling all CANCERS ! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello All !

    Well I did what everyone suggested I should do . I put my feelings out there to him and I Haven't heard from him since ! The last time Heard from him was on his Birthday when I wished him well wishes . That was on June 30th ! He did do somthing like this Last Year when I did not hear from him for about 6 months. Then out the blue he calls ( Because I gave up on him ) and acts like nothing was wrong ! Is this normal ? What is he so afraid of ? When were face to face everything is cool ( He 2hrs away at school ) Maybe he's just not a phone person . Im a Scorpio so I need some type of communication ! Im not saying talk to each other everyday BUT I can atleast hear from ( text , email , something ) I can't believe he's acting like this ! ( We've known each other since age 5. ) What should I do Now ? I know deep down he has deep feelings for me too .

    PS. Has anyone heard from BrianTristan ?

  • Join the club 😞

    Scorpio female here interested in male Cancer....same deal. There is no communication or anything like that.

    The best advice as crappy and hard as it is for us scorpios to understand is patience......there is nothing you can do. You did the best thing possible was to lay out there that you cared about him. Im not sure if this is the same in your situation, but at least with me, I felt that maybe I was suffocating him with all my talk of emotions and feelings and that did scare him. Because each time I backed away he would text me or something.

    Maybe if it has been a month, you could send a text about anything else....something funny or light, something he could respond to. Maybe he isnt contacting you because he is worried that your opening up will be topic of discussions. good luck scorpio sis

  • Thanks for responding !

    Actually Last weekend I was in his town ( He's 2hrs away ) And I texted him and asked if he would like to come out to play Golf with some of my Clients ( We both work in the sports industry ) of course No response ! Im trying to be Patient but you know how we scorpios are . Right now I just wanna know if he is ok . Cause I haven't heard from him . Good Luck to you too...

  • Scorpioinlove here is my previous post about me & my cancer cutie . This will help you understand our history .


    Totally Confused about a Cancer Man ! Help.....

  • ahhhh okay so I read the "Totally Confused about a Cancer Man ! Help" you are right there is a lot of history between you two that runs pretty deep. BrianTristan did have really good clear advice, but like he said before there are different variations of Cancer boys.

    There seems to be an attraction between you two that is undeniable and perhaps more than just physical attraction because there is a pull over the years. But patience just doesnt seem to cut it and I think he has many obstacles that he is not overcoming that you may not know of. Of course us scoripios need to get to the root of everything and udnerstand before we move on and forget abotu that person. Not going to happen in this case, he doesnt want to to close the door on you nor can he open it very much. So this is the terrible truth that me myself have to face, if he really cares he WILL make the effort to meet you half way somewhere. Like I said before, you've told him how you felt, he knows this. Try to go past him and find someone else. If he does contact you in 6 months as if nothing happens- dont let that slide; ask what happened, and how it made you feel?

    I understand Cancers take time to process and think while we scorpios are more impulsive, but we have feelings too that need to be considered and I dont think he is doing that. You want to know if he is okay... how come he doesnt come out to find out if YOU are okay? I hope this isnt coming out to harsh but its the reality Im facing too. I hope its not the same and things do work out for you.

  • WOW ! The truth hurts BUT It's something I needed to hear. Thank you for being honest with me .

    And if all else fails im gonna tell his mother !!!! LOL J/K . I needed a quick laugh !

  • lol, Im glad you can laugh...its a good sign.

    So wanna really feel better?

    Before the weekend I had responded to your thread put up a thread of my own about my Cancer guy drama, "Promise to take your advice...." pretty much ending it of with "Thats it Im done with this guy" .....turns out the reason (other than the fact that I am scorpio) for my moodiness is because Im pregnant...I found out on saturday. Yew,,,not sure what to do and Im freaking out just a tad :(. Havent said anything to him and thinking I should keep it like that...I dont think I can handle the off standish attitued at this point. agh....

  • My brother is a cancerian and let me say this.. he plays the field an aweful lot, we don't understand each other at all, and cannot make head or tail or each other haha..

    But i will say, when he tells me about his relationships.. theyre all fun and games for him.

    When he falls hard for girls, he will manipulate them, use guilt trips, argue with them, omg.. the arguements hahaaha.. every one can hear everything, its all so firey. He gets like this with me too, but i brush him off and tell him where to shove it. I think the honesty is appreciated at the very least lol. But yeah.. i had no idea women have such a hard time with cancerian guys..

    They sure love to wind you up also, and simply laugh at you when you get angry.. lol he does this to my mum..

    he does this to his girlfriends too.

    Oh and boy have they got a jealous/possessive streak if they seriously like you..

  • @ scorpioinlove - WOW , Well first off let me start by saying congrats. Babies are blessings from above. Please Please don't upset yourself to the point of stressing your baby. What do u think would be his reaction to the news? Im gonna have be go back and re read your thread so I can better understand what's going on. Your right about not being able to handle moodyness after news like this. Im going to read ill be right back !

    @ Ethereal- Your brother sounds like a piece of work ( just like my cancer cutie) Just wondering has he ever had a looonnggg relationship ?

  • Okay im back ! I read your thread . Can we say " DEJA VU " . You took the words out of my mouth with the second paragraph ! Im praying that when or if u decide to tell him that he'll MAN UP !!!!! Stay strong ....

  • Ermmm well my brother has had long relatinships, but the girls are always younger. He always seems to be impressed with their welbeing and how they take pride in their appearances etc. He will tell me silly superficial detaisl liek how well they live, or how welspoken they are, are they smart.. if they have good friends, if their friends are goodlooking hahaha, there are lots of girls that chase after him and i always look at them and think WHY !? Cause he treats them so mean at times haha. Sometimes i tell him off for being so disrespectful in the ways that he talks to girls, it get us into a lot of arguements and disagreements cause i demand my respect from him or he gets notthing from me.

    But when he is under my influence for advise, i tell him what mushy things he can do etc for his girlfriend.. He's always very romantic with girls...he loves to be romantic, and he will write poems for them, sing songs to them, hes a bit of a comedian too lol. Also joking around, winding people up, he also likes to stir arguements and then sits back to watch ! He is also very protective. Family means a lot to cancerians, i hear. He does not have much respect for my mum as neithe rof us are close to her for our own reasons, however, he was very very close to my dad, and also he was very close to me at different stages in our life..

    I think the girl for him, has to really stand her ground, and be able to put him in his place whilst still holding her strong feminine charm !

    He has my mum(capricorn) too, wrapped around his fingers so tight ! He's very rude, and very abrupt.. when he sees something what he wants, he'll make sure he gets it. Hope i help !

    Its not often that i come acros cancerians...

    I have one cancerian friend who is a guy and hes always so sweet to me, i think he likes me and we went to school together.. when ever he sees me, he'll give me a kiss on my forehead, and tell the person in the same room as us, that i'm really beautiful. It makes me blush and normally guys don't make me get like that too often ahha

    So yes, they sure are lil charmers hey 🙂 with verrry bad tempers ahaha

    My close friend who is a scorpio was involved with another cancerian.. her cancerian was really sweet to her also, always leaving cute suprizes for her, and me too hahah but she says they have the most terrible arguements..cancerians are very highly emotional lol

    I know this cancerian feels more for my scorpio friend than what is being given back in return ! When they fall, they do fall head over heels, like passionate crazy love ! Who knows how long it lasts though.. i guess as long as you don't burn alive under that temper !

  • Omg so sorry for all my typing mistakes ahah i type really fast ! 😞

  • Hi-

    I am not a Cancer, however I recently started dating one a little over a month ago... it was great in the beginning, as relationshios usually are, however, now that he has officially called me his girlfriend, he is more distant. The phone calls and texts are less. We work opposite hours, so this does not help our communication either. Sometimes, he won't contact me for days and when he does, it's like everything is normal. I honestly don't think there is someone else, but you always wonder... I hear these men take a long time opening up... and reading the earlier replies, I definitely see this is true.. how come men can't just come with a manual??? lol. They say we women play games and are dramatic, but come on already... there the one's driving us crazy!!! So, I appreciate this thread on Cancer men. Although I am not sure what I am going to do in my situation (I am am leo- want to know where I stnad with this laid back cancerian), it's nice to know that there are others out there going thru the EXACT same thing I am right now!

  • Hmm redleo73m, you should probably savour the peace and calmness hahaha

    If they're feeling arguementative,. believe me they'll go for it. If hes just chillin, thats a good sign.

    I'm witnessing that they like to have their space too.. like any person.. maybe not as much as an aquarius.. but they do like to retreat and love homelife a lot, my brother is a big goof.. he stays in his room and plays computer games, sings out loud to every single song till you can no longer stand the song any more, or he'll have his boys round and they just act like 5 yr olds, playing computer games or going out. I think you will definately know about it if theyre going to cheat etc.. my brother loves to wind people up, including gfs, and especially when hes playing them off against each other with their own friends. Like i said before, he likes to stir hahah

    But yeah, otherwise.. i dont think you really have to worry.. people worry cause they think this distance must mean they've forgotten me and replaced me with someone else'. Its not a'lways the case. Leos are kind of used to all the attention and dont be suprized if they're the centre of it 😛 ( leo rising in my natal chart) Cancerians seem far too laid back for that.. theyre much more subtle and will do it in their own time to SUPRIZE you, because to them, suprizes count as lil 'romantic' gestures 🙂

  • oh but they do appreciate the sight of beauty. Show 'em that you get jealous, and he will always wind you up with it !

    My cancerian guy friend, he is very sweet and kind to every girl that he talks with. This may seem like flirting, they're just such charmers, however quite devoted to their gfs, as long as they're really into them like bestfriends.

    I dont quite understand why so people are finding cancerian guys confusing ? Trust me, most of the time, i'm sure they're just winding you up to see how far they can push you to flip out at them ! hahah i find it amusing only because i have known my brother all his life and can see through everything. They do have hearts, incase any one was wondering. hahaha

  • kaplow,

    Thanks fo rthe blessings and congrats 🙂 Ive been so worried that I havent really grasped the whole concept of the idea that Im pregnant. I went to the obgyn and I am 5 weeks....Im still trying to think of how this happened and I just dont remember, we used condoms....agh!

    The thing is this would be my first, Im 28 years old living in in the world am I going to do this???!!! This is a life altering! Ok i still havent told him...Im too scared to. He did respond to me on Friday much later saying that weekend was still good. I saw him on sunday...and all I wanted to do was tell him but I couldnt. One time long ago, we had slipped up and I got plan B, but I asked him, how would you feel if i got pregnant?....he simply shrugged his shoulders and mumbled I dunno....mind you really he is not a dumb guy but is very selective with his answers.

    anyway lets break from that a bit......have you heard back from this guy? Have you spoken to his mom yet? lol!! btw that made me seriously laugh


  • @ Ethereal27 - Thanks again for replying. Reading your responses about you brother really helps me calm my nerves. Honestly I think what really bothering me is that " Why would he treat me like this " Wev'e known each other since 5. Hell I even saw his mother yesterday at the market and we talked for about 30 mins. He came on to ME ! Then once I put myself out there them BAM He's MIA. Im trying to keep the peace but I really wanna tell him off. Im trying not to take it there because that would open up another can of worms considering that no one knows about us ! I mean really what could be holding him back from telling me how he really feels ? Now that im thinking about it something like this happened last year too . I was trying to get in contact with him about some Business ( We work in the same industry ) and he was unresponsive this was Sept 08. I did not hear from him until June 09 ! He called out the blue like nothing happened ! He told me he was coming home for his birthday and that he wanted to see me and he also invited me to his mom's house, she threw him a family bday party. Once again everything was great . I started to call & text more often then he went MIA again until recently. Im just so frustrated ! I would never do him like this Because he is like fam to me ( Were not blood related ) So I keep giving him chances because that what I would do with one of my family members. Im really thinking about taking that 2hr drive to find him so we can talk face to face . What do you guys think ?

    @ redleo73 - Welcome to the cancer confusion club ! LOL . Your right though it is good to know that we are not alone when it comes to these guys !

  • hmmmm i think Ethereal may have a good take on whether to go or not. If it were me and we had so much history like you do with him.....I would go.

    But then you got to prepare yourself, because this can either make it or break it for good (or maybe I being melodramatic). Either you go there and his reaction would be, "WTF I didnt think it was all that serious" and the fact you went all the way is that more intrusive. OR he could sincerely tell you why he doesnt carry on further with you. And then there is the one reaction we all hope for...he is totally happy to see you and glad you made the effort in showing you care that much.....Im not sure kaplow...hmmmm

  • Hey Scorpioinlove ! No I haven't talked to his mom even though my bff says I should tell her EVERTHING that has happened between us . Im too sure about that one lol . I mean really tell her that we did the DO ! idk . But anyways Im prepared for whatever happens. If he comes off at me wrong Ill bust his head open to the white meat ! But no really im pretty sure he wouldn't act that way because if any of our families found out about the way he's been treating me, that would be his ASS . He is very concerned about what people think about him . I just think of it like this . Im one hell of a catch and he knows it ! He's acting like I proposed or something ! But all jokes aside I have to do this for ME . If anything I need closure . And he needs to know how he hurt my feelings. Whether he hears me or not I really dont care , but if im face to face with him he have no choice but to talk to me. And one thing about it he is always very appreciative when I go out my way to do something for him. ( His mind is like a sponge he remembers every damn thing ) Everytime we talk he always talks about how for his birthday I came straight over to his mom's house for his party after coming from LA on a 7 hr flight in a thunderstorm! I was sooo tired and the only thing I wanted to do was go home but NOOOOOOO I went and actually had a great time . His mom and aunties were so happy to see me - let me get back on track here LOL . Im planning to ride up this weekend . Wish me luck girl .. So have you been doing? ( Life in general )

  • Alright i'll call my brother in here and ask him for his opinion lol alright my brother says confront him.. lol cause if you let him have all the control, he'll get bored of you lol. He said he broke up with his last gf for that sole reason, she would cower to everything he said and let him haave his way with everything.

    See that makes sense.. causemy brother annoys me or is rude to me, i always stand up to him. He'll hate me at the time, but respect me more later. I think he looks for that in girlfriends. A girl to stand up to him.

    So okay.. just confront him. But not in a crazy possessive way ? Just say to him hey i dunno about you but whilst i can understand that everyone needs their personal space, -i'm cool with giving you that, no problemo..-But i would like to see your face a little more often also, got that ? >:) or prepare to get stolen. [flash your cheeky grin]

    I actually said that once to my cancerian friend hahaaha.. and he showed up.. for the 'stealing'.

    We're just friends though ahah x o

    Hope this helps 🙂

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