Soul Astrology

  • okay so in astrology i understand our birth chart is very important but i've lately been researching about how the birthchart is our physical body, i've read how in astrology a lot of people believe the draconic chart to be the soul but then other people believe that in the harmonics the 9th harmonic chart shows us our soulmate and also shows our true self. I'm very confused with which one to believe more. can someone please help me understand which chart is more accurate?

  • Hi Seaweedlove, 😃

    I've read similar things about the Draconic and 9th harmonic charts.

    I've also read that the Draconic chart is the missing parts of our personality, like the missing or underlying details in our personality. It's best to compare it to the natal chart.

    I've read that the 9th harmonic is our soul and that the older we get the more like the 9th harmonic chart aspects we become because we're less materially oriented as we get older.

    I also read that many vedic astrologers will look at the 9th harmonic chart before they take a look at the natal chart.

    I hope this helps. Have a good day!=D

  • thankyou soo much, i was very confused for awhile. You have a good day too

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