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  • I have recently received a Rider-Waite deck from my mother. This deck belonged to my great grandmother and was given to my mother when she passed away. My mother had no interest in it and had full intention of passing it along to me once I was responsible enough in her eyes to appreciate it.

    I am 23 now and have been given the deck. I am extremely drawn to it and all that it involves, but I recently read that it is not advised to allow anyone else to use your deck. Does this apply since it was passed down in my family? I don't want to disrespect my great grandmother in any way and will get my own deck if this is a possibility. She did not ever state that she wanted it to be passed down, but she was also not the type of woman to think about those sort of things. She was kind and didn't have a mean bone in her body so I would like to think that she would be proud that I have started connecting with them. Unfortunately, I am still slightly nervous and figured I would cover my bases before digging into them any further.

    Do you think I should continue to use them or find my own deck?

  • Hi,

    This is a very interesting question. I can only answer from my experience. It is true that one should never ever allow anyone else to touch their cards with the one exception of the person being read cutting the deck. Also, when purchasing a tarot deck, I believe it is important to pick your deck through feeling, intuition .. which one naturally speaks to you .. rather than actually looking at the deck and illustrations, etc. It should be a surprise when the person on the other side of the glass case gets them out and hands them to you. But, back to you!

    I really would think that it would be appropriate for a deck being handed down. Only one of you is in possession at any given time and it only makes common sense to me that the wisdom inherent in such a gift is sure to be a good thing .. especially since you know they have been respected by each generation. Common sense also says that doing some sort of cleansing ritual would be a good idea, to refresh them and start anew with you.

    Again, this is all from experience purely, I'm not verified in any way, just giving you my thoughts and I hope they are of some help! Keep us updated, this is a truly interesting situation! Best, S

  • what a wonderful a beautiful gift. You will find joy and wisdom for yourself, and then in your later years, you will read for others.

  • Thank you to both of you for your help. Honestly, it feels wrong for me to learn with any other deck. I feel a very strong connecting to the women in my family when I hold this deck, and in a way I feel like great grandmother is guiding me as I study them and begin the explore them. I would have been very heartbroken if I had been advised to get my own!

  • Honestly, I have no rules about decks. I have been reading for quite a few years, and I consider the cards to be tools, no different than a spoon or a drill. In fact, I prefer to let the querents shuffle the cards as they are concentrating on their issues, so my cards are touched by others quite frequently. I've purchased decks, given and received them as gifts. I let people look at them all the time (I have a bit of a collection), just so they can enjoy the art. Never has it affected my reading.

  • I as you truspirit have been pretty open and like to share my gifts, tools, books, and even tarot decks. I have a treasure box full of oracles, tarot, fairy oracles, I Ching, angel decks, etc. when I would do readings at the shop I worked at, I would provide the deck to the questioner, and let them shuffle, cut the deck, and choose their pile. it always worked well, and readings most of time were accurate.

    The tools are used for the reader as a focus, and by no means replaces the genuine gift of intuition or psychic abilities.

    Ms Sunny

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