Junemoon26, I´m really confused and need help

  • Hi!

    I am so confused right now...can you please help? I have no idea what to do..

    I would like to know

    What can I expect from a relationship with Bill and Tom?

    What are they´re personalities like?

    Is one of them the one I will spend the rest of my life with?

    When, where and how will we meet?

    What exactly must I do to make all of this happen?

  • I'm sorry, bellasweden, I can't recall. Did you hear from another reader about Bill and Tom?..it's been a while. If you can give me some idea of what you've been told about them, it will be much easier (and more accurate) for me that trying to sense everything. If you can tell me a little more, I will do my best to answer the questions I can. Thanks!

  • Does it help if I give you their and mine birthdate? mine is 11th of august 1989, theirs 1st of september 1989...

    Like, I am really confused because I have asked my own cards about them and got a second opionion, like it didn´t match what I have been told before(months ago) and it is just so confusing.I don´t know which one to choose because once I make up my mind, one of them does something or a rumor about Bill occurs and well..I just don´t want to get my heart broken once more, I can´t handle it and I can´t make a choice because I don´t know which one is the right one, or what games they play if they play games, I don´t know what is true and what is false

    I got one from Hans but he also said I wouldn´t graduate from makeup school, I did:P So it is kind of hard for me to belive what he said about them, so i don´t know, you seem reliable and true so...

    Can´t we do like this, you do a reading and I say what sounds correct and what not?

    But I have been told this:they both very controlling and stuff like that in relationships and Tom will cheat on me:s

    And one more question: Will the one of these two that I am meant to end up with(if so) be single until we meet?

  • Okay. I can give you a reading like that...I'll do my best to be accurate, and you can tell me if anything is wrong.

    I foresee Bill being your long term partner. You have great emotions on the inside, but have always had difficulty showing it, making you seem enigmatic at times. You take every relationship you have seriously, and likely want to be married someday (or at the very least, in a very committed relationship). Bill will be your soul mate because he understands your inner nature. He will be attracted to your ladylike charm, as well as your intuition and intelligence. Like you, he is loyal and affectionate, and is caring and goes to great lengths to make all relationships meaningful. In order to bring him into your life (and this goes for seeking any relationship), focus on being your best person. Do positive things in your life you have been meaning to do--just as an example, exercise. Put yourself in situations where you will meet people--take a class in something you enjoy or, better yet, volunteer for a cause you support.

    I've read something very true in a book about soul mates. It said that if you believe you will find your soulmate, you are correct. If you believe you never will, you are just as correct. It also said that when seeking one, try to be hopeful and happy, but always expectant of your loved one to enter your life. This can be hard, especially if you've been waiting a long time. So while you may have made all preparations and be ready to meet your soul mate, he may not be ready. Higher powers are timing our every relationship, so that we meet when the time is right. So, keep hope that you will find your loved one, and keep your heart open to love. (And by the way, congratulations on completed you beauty school!). All the best--<3 Junemoon

  • Thanks, I hope your right about this...

  • You're welcome...good luck!

  • Bellasweeden - I did a reading for you on my first thread regarding this situation! Thanks.

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