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  • Hmm i wonder if one can set up robbie williams rudebox song lol oh shoot its a link then n by definition a big fat no no, tos violation if i did. dang it lol ah well

  • Ahm im kinda stumped, which way ought i go here? n once chosen am i what santa says, or how did that uhm wind up there`?( hopefully it works as intended lol )

  • Thanks! XOXOXO for second, set of "Chuckles, for the Day"!! Hugs! Cat Cat

  • A rod pounding drunk man trudges into a Catholic church and sits in the confessional and says nothing. The bewildered priest asks the man spit out his confession, but he still does not respond. In a desperate attempt to get the man in question bangs priest three times on the wall, after which the man replies, "Stop banging, there is no paper in here ..."

    Two sperm cells are instructed by their mother:

    "When once in your life to start a family, do the following: Swim as hell, so your comrades falling behind, swim around until You come up against the egg, Penetrate the cell wall and enjoy, that your purpose in life is fulfilled. "

    Shortly after the time had come, everything shook and jumped around the two little guys, and suddenly they were swept away along with all their mates. Since the move was little, they started to swim the best that they had learned. It was dark, and constantly bumped their heads against something hard, but it was not the egg. Lost, confused and half despondent they swam around haphazardly until they encounter two other guys.

    "Hey," shouts the happy 2 spemcells, "we are two small sperm, called Per and Bjarne. We're looking for the egg. Do you know the way?"

    "Naaaah" replied the other, "We called Karius and Baktus and we are just working n living here ....."

  • Unfortunately at the church we went to midnight mass with m.i.l that could well happen.........

  • Hi! ChrissiCat, what's m.i.l., please, Cat

  • mother-in-law cat, good news, I think, I got the day off from shopping ........to go Christmas shopping........Hmmmmmm

  • Good for "day-off"! Christmas Shopping! Prezzies! Snow, last night; need cigarettes; "snow", unusual, here; precarious: highway dept. inept, unequipped, completely, at, dealing, "with it;" "drivers" (I use, that term," loosely, ".........&%$(@#%?!.... get the drift?) can't, drive in it, which, would be ok(if they admitted, it, stayed home.....), if they knew, "they" couldn't/can't GRRRRR! for me, worse, than, either, mother-in-law, "evil, green-eyed, green-faced, STEP MOTHER" %$&^!@?")&^%$_@# there! that's slightly, better! "PROFANITY" huh!, look it up, in the dictionary, and, there's, that "snarlly, Yow's picture" over, 40 years, of putting, up, with that one's, sorry, "big-fat-tail-backside", forced, on me, Father(previously, Uncle; passed on last June; Free, at, last........)to, maintain, even, "crumb relationship", but, "get enough" crumbs, you can make, a crumb-cake! (hopefully.....) anyway, I hear you.......they, just, have, "their way", of "stinking" up, the best, of circumstances, don't they! "ONE MORE TIME!: %$&(?>"{_(^%$#@!"

  • Ugh LOL ........................ well one good thing is if ya can say so, Charlie lost his mom back in 2005, it was one of the few frequent emails he sent me. Already then his "marriage" was sinking after having hit thr rocks / reef repeatedly. Kinda like beating a dead horse more to death. Sorry for the imagery. Onthe other hand is my gemini nagging at times an true NUISANCE alove n kicking. Dont get me wrong i love her n we get along most of the time. Lately wve done an HUGE effort to TRUELY LISTEN to one another. So knock on wood so far its been mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm okay drive i´d say.

    Oh man looks like a walk walk walk walk n walk more n even more walky walk to get to all my errands today. not long ago it started to bleeping snow again. SIGH!

  • This post is deleted!

  • wish we could tell those jokes here, but we even have TV programmes not allowed to be reshown because they aren't "politically correct", I used to love Benny Hill, but they don't have anything like that now, so these will be contraband for those of us that like these jokes, Thanks Charmed for these that's just what we need here

  • At times people Do need to get OVER themselves n prejudices kicked to the wind n just joke. Nada cures better than a good laugh n love.

  • Wonder if they've got one for Posties ?

  • I love comming in here the jokes make me laugh. It is a great way to start the day!!

  • All,

    Derogatory terms will not be allowed in any way on these forums. As I have advised before please keep the forums an enlightened place and think twice before posting anything that could be hurtful to someone else.


    Forum Admin



  • Lucky I got those jokes off yesterday they are a cause of great amusement everywhere, (including friends who fit in the category being joked about LOL!!!!!!!!)

  • my last post fell for the cut, someone didnt like n ratted to admin. they must have a sad life when they cant see the joke in neg stuff. all i post here NEVER has a culprit or a reciver other than laugh it off . its the usual communication mistunderstandings ,

    i wish we all could would get over ourselves n not see posts as meant for us personally. i mean if we let this get to us, then we´ll let advertises on tv n in movie theatres get to us. are we ratting sueing them also???

    ah well cest la vie

  • I got them anyway I sent them to a bunch of friends who loved them, even though they weren't politically correct, but then what can you expect when they edit out words from classic stories ? soon we will end up scared to make any jokes at all in case we hurt someones feelings, in Ireland there are jokes that are anti dubliner or wherever, in the uk there were Irish jokes I never forget being told that in India the Sikhs were the ones that got the "irish" jokes made about them, (or the Punjabis)

  • well, I guess, no one, is going to tell you, so I will; first, "the jokes" this kind of "joke"(in the US, anyways...) are, 40, 50 years old, very much, out of "date"; "where", eventually, "these jokes", led to, (attitudes, bias, prejudice, discrimination, etc., etc., etc.....) tore, this Nation, into shreds. Example: late summer, 1968, Sunday, around 1am, a group of people, who were victims, of these, kinds, of jokes, decided, to burn Detroit to the ground; monday evening, "Detroit" was "closed"; Tuesday, the army, arrived, and patrolled, with tanks; wednesday, "food" was running out; all business stopped; it lasted, almost a week; by the time, it was over, entire neighborhoods, were gone; "people", lost, their homes, their businesses, their jobs; one thing, was clear, "fire" doesn't, discriminate; this became eventually, what began to change "jokes", the "cost" had been exorbitant, however, but "everything/everybody" changed. there were many, "incidents", like this, all over, the country; ask Charlie, about, "Rodney King/LA", for instance; these "jokes", if a person, is old enough, to "remember", brings back, all those associated, memories, and the "sick" feelings, that went with those times, and now, is just "hurtful" "National Disgrace" As far, as"oranges" I know, there are, still a lot of people, in the US, that wouldn't,

    "get that", so I can't imagine, you from out of the country, would, understand that, and perhaps you do, but just in case; California, Arizona & Florida, for decades, planted orange trees, as "city/highway, beautification" projects; people, who were "homeless", down/out, etc., lived, on those oranges; As the National Economic Crash, two years ago, went into "full swing" people, would, pick a bag of those oranges, get in their car, put up their sign: "lost everything! trying to get home, anything, gas, dog food, MCD's....... please help" As, these people, began to move East, coming through, New Mexico, ( MAIN ..transcontinental interstate) we, encountered, maybe, half a dozen, of these people, and all we've ever felt "bad" about, having, taken our own "hit", is that, we couldn't give them, more. I know, you don't, know, any of these, things; I know you meant no harm, and I know, you didn't understand. I think, it is only, right, fair to make you aware, and also, so you can understand, why, Administration, acted; the chances, are, they acted, on their own, first off, but clearly, anyone (US, especially) Hispanic, African descended, clearly, would, have been hurt, and offended, and with, "understanding" anyway, just saying, and I hope, this gives, a little "clarity", little understanding Cat

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