I think there may be ghosts in my house

  • We moved into this house in 1994. This is what we know as far as the history of the house goes. We live in a suburb of Philadelphia, by the way. It was built in the 1920s or so and on the top nule post at the bottom of the bannister of the stairwell that goes to the 2nd floor there are 2 holes, the entire post is hollow and my mother thinks that it is remains of what was once a gas or oil lamp there. It indicated to us that the house was built at the time i mentioned above, maybe even earlier than that. My mother found old newspapers when she cleaned out the attic and on the front was headlines from WWII. Apparently they used it as insulation back then. There was a family that lived there, the first people that lived there were named the Reemleys. Our backyard is the smallest on the block. The rest of them are twice as long. Mr Reemley sold the back half to the next door neighbor because he heard rumors of a driveway or road being built. Now our next door neighbors have the largest backyard on the block. The Reemley family had quite an abundance of children. I dont know the exact number but it was a lot. The boys slept in my current bedroom while the girls slept in the middle. My sister and I once slept in the middle bedroom and I would always wake up in the middle of the night. One night I woke up and half asleep I saw a little girl. She looked maybe about 12 ish. She was in a nightgown with long johns underneath and had jet black hair that was chin length. We call her Annabella. I dont know why but that name was the first I could think of when I saw her. I think she may have died from some sort of illness. Also, not long after we moved in, we adopted a dog from the local SPCA. My siblings and I had gone to bed and she was in the living room folding laundry. There was a narrow walk in closet with fold in doors at the time in the dining room. The doors were shut and suddenly folded open violently. My dog went crazy barking and ran into the closet. He then started whimpering and backed out with his hair on his back sticking straight up. Does anyone know what that was? Or does anyone have any feelings on what might have happened or is happening in my house?

  • sorry i need to edit some things the "she" folding laundry was my mother, lol, before you think "she had some talented dog" and i meant the" top of the nule post" lol sorry

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  • Interesting story, someone will help you.

  • the story intrigued me i am sure someone will help you 🙂 bump!

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