Can someone interpret these dreams for me? they really freak me out.

  • I've been having these dreams, I wouldnt call them "recurring" because they really only happen a few times every few years. The dreams consist of my loved ones who have passed. The first time I had a dream like this, it was of my grandmother. All of them go like this - I see the person, think they came back from the dead, and in my dream that doesnt freak me out until im about to wake up, I ask them what Heaven is like, some of them answer me, some of them don't. My grandmother, the first time I had the dream, just said "its wonderful" and nothing else. I had a friend of mine pass, who i went to high school with. I have dreams of her too, the same way, except I walk into one of the classrooms we had class with, and I went to a Catholic High School and the both of us were wearing our school uniforms. One time I asked her the "What's Heaven Like?" question and she said "I'll show you." what she showed me was so vivid. I had this dream back in 2004 and can still remember it as if i just woke up from it. The sky was like a beautiful sunset, and all the colors were bright and beautiful. We approached a cave with a white picket fence around it. I asked her "What's that" and she said "God lives there, dont go near it." and I woke up from the dream. A few years go by. My father recently passed and about few months ago I had the same dream. I was in the house I grew up in. I was sitting in the living room watching TV and The door to the front porch opens. It was my father, he started calling my name and I got up and went to the porch. He was in a hospital gown, and looked very sick. He was on life support when he passed and was hooked up to all the equipment in my dream. When I saw that I freaked out because I read somewhere that When you see ghosts they look like they did when they died. Say they were shot in the head, you would see a bullet wound in their head when they appear to you. I screamed and covered my eyes. When I calmed down and took my hands away, I saw the 20 year old version of my father that I had only seen in pictures. I vividly remember the extreme calmness that overcame me. We both watched TV together and were silent for a while when I told him the reason why I was scared at first. I was worried that he was a ghost. He told me not to worry because he is okay. Then he got up and told me he was going to visit my sister. I walk him to the door. Just as he was about to leave I asked him "Whats Heaven Like?" and he said "You'll have to go there yourself to find out" - Can anyone tell me what these dreams mean? The older people that I know that passed always show themselves as younger, my grandmother did, and so did my father, is it just a dream or something deeper?

  • oh i forgot to mention after these dreams when i wake up, I am deathly afraid to go to sleep again..

    should i be?

  • You are very psychic and very afraid of it and have not made peace with that. YET you must because not to accept that gift with all it's good and bad you cannot be close to God in the fullest way. Like in the dream when you saw Gods's house but couldn't go there. Your dreams are exactly what they say to you. This visits are real. Your fear of knowing too much feeling too much is so big--it happens to all psychic people. The fear manifests in your being afraid to go back to sleep. Afraid of visits from loved ones crossed over. Your dreams are the real deal! How blessed you are to feel Heaven even though you've yet to see it. Know that is a safe place. Practice feeling safe. Feel how protected you are. How enduring love is eternaly watching over you. Stop being afraid. You are safe. Blessings.Celebrate your gift!

  • PS

    your girlfriend was trying to show you the good of being psychic--it means you will always be "sure" of Heaven. Even in your darkest moments spirit will lift you up. You know there is a divine place and the soul is everlasting. This is the gift --embrace that because if you don't you cut yourself off from that higher conceisness inside you--- GOD'S HOUSE. The fear of seeing gruesome ends is real--yes comes with the gift. Seeing not only the Divine but seeing "gruesome ends--too much. But that fear is not without remedy as you will always be protected and uplifted. A detachment with practice will eventually happen. It's the two sides of the coin joy and pain--you must embrace both--cannot know true joy without embracing pain as well.

  • WOW. that really explains a lot that I have been going through. I used to be aware of astrally traveling and it was an extremely uncomfortable experience for me so i kind of think 'okay if i do travel not to feel the sensations etc' and it works, I mean I can describe them, and its mostly a sensation very similar to being nauseous along with being out of control of where i am going. And its the fact that I know they have passed that scares me, Ive been watching too many horror movies I suppose, haha Thank You for your insights I really appreciate it and I can now put a name to what Ive experienced

  • I was going to same the same thing! You are definitely connected and what a blessing!! I wouldn't be afraid of it, I would embrace it and everything that goes with it. As Blmoon mentioned, you will find ways to detach. I hope to reconnect with this ability one day too! I'm just getting started with the reconnecting but it looks like you are well on your way. Congratulations!

  • i thought it was funny how when my father was alive he would always laugh and not believe me when i told him these dreams, now hes visiting me in them, haha

  • I think it's his way of recognizing and letting you know you were right! :0)

  • lol yeah me 2

  • Dear Lisatiffd,

    I've had dreams about passed loved ones but not to the detail you've described here. It's just a soothing mechanism for our psyche. Can you give any insight?

  • i mean its hard to describe, i didnt really do anything to connect except maybe reading up on things about psychics and learning how to read tarot cards. I also took some courses on religions in school, not sure if that is relevant. I mean if you're having dreams like that I would suggest doing what I did, and see how things go from there...

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