Bought your book "your astrology guide 2009

  • Hi: R levine and J jawer: I bought your book and it has a $ 15. gift certificate for my choice of astrology reports, but when i went to the website it said my web browser couldn't find it.Can you tell me what is happening with that. I would like to get a yearly financial report for my husband or if it is at all possible he doesn't know what time of day he was born so if I could get you guys to do a birth time rectification, i would really appreciate it. I know that you will need 5 important dates for david so here they are

    1. born April 2, 1948 birth name-david malcolm tyrrell

    2. adopted august 28, 1948 renamed david brian lafontaine

    3. married november 30, 1968

    4. bought first home november 30, 1968

    5. first child daughter-born november 30 1970

    6 second child son-born november 3, 1971

    7 second home November 30, 1997

    I do hope you can help me

    Thankyou very much

    Carol Lafontaine

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