Would like to have contact with my Grandmother

  • I am posting this to anyone who feels led to give me information that my Grandmother, MeMe may have for me. We were so very close and I miss her guidance. My relationships have not gone well and I am so lonely and feel so lost. I just need to hear from her, whether she has advice for me or not. I would like to KNOW that either she, my angels or my spirit guide has my back and would like to know what is ahead of me.

    Many, Many Thanks to all. I will look forward to that special reply.

  • You do hear her words in your head all the time but do not have the faith her wisdom is alive and still kicking. Spuncky lady! I'm not much of an early person but she just jumped right in full of energy. I hear words like get the lead out--get cracking--time's a wasting! This is a dynamo spirit--lots of can do. Strong hands--large for her body--hard worker. Stubborn but grounded. There is nothing so bad her hands can't heal--she moves mountains. Wonderful spirit! She says that dark cloud over you will pass and change has never been easy for you. This is not all about your love life. You need new habits to fit the "change" Your body is needing TLC. You are depleted and gave way too much to that man. All the time thinking he was feeding you but really you got lost in him. He is about the early stages of excitement--the in-love whirlwind. The ego stroking addiction. That bubble had to burst and had nothing to do with you. It's how he rolls--look at his history--not from his view but from your wise view. He is not longterm. He has to move on or cheat to keep the high rolling. Real partnerships even out and grow to another stage. He did you a favour because this spirit talking says time's a wasting and get on with it and start smiling more and get some sunshine going cos you ain't going to find your REAL man putting on that face. WORK she says--work at it--smile and convince yourself. Pretty up--make your bed princess. Everyday live loving yourself like the special girl you are. Your bedroom should say something is special about you. Eat more veggies! Get moving in a young way--dance! Put flowers on the table. Pink roses! Turn on all the pretty lamps--buy energy saving bulbs. Light a lavender sented candle everynight. Paint your toenails red. Get a new hairdo--nothing cheap--go to a salon and ask for the most popular stylist and ask her to make you HOT! Clean out your drawers--buy new underwear and nightgowns. Nothing worn or old in your closests--throw it all out. Wear your favourite perfume EVERYDAY! You get what you give--now kick that "depressions sorry B U TT! WORK AT IT! Love will surprise you. Set a special plate for Thanksgiving sweet pea. Blessings

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