Personal year no 9 effects??

  • Hello everyone... Just wanted to pick your brain about your experiences with year no 9. Perhaps it's also combined with something else but my life at the moment is truly strange. It's at a complete standstill. Which is really untypical for the year of the Tiger (on the previous 2 Tiger years I've had events that completely transformed my life). But at the moment nothing is happening. At all. The things that used to be great - my work - seems like petty problems arise from nothing. Everything is empty - friends, lovelife... I feel like everything is packed and loaded onto a truck and I'm in an empty room waiting for the next part that is just not coming. And it appears to be getting worse. When it's your year no 9, are you not supposed to get any indication of what's next?

  • 9 is a time of emptying your life of everything that no longer serves you. Whatever is at a standstill needs to be assessed as to whether it is still right for you or whether it should be spring-cleaned out of your life to make way for the new life you begin next year.

  • thanks Captain... it very much feels like if i've already done the spring cleaning and 'finished early':) perhaps i also need to quit being impatient while i'm getting rid of things?:)

  • 🙂 Yep.

  • But you should also be deciding what sort of new things you want to bring into your life in the future - re-assess old goals and make new ones.

  • Thanks... I guess I've gotten used to life throwing things at me and showing me the way. But at the moment I have a shot at tailoring things myself by setting some goals. Good point! Thanks again...

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