Should I Believe a Leo Man?

  • I have recently reconnected with a friend from almost 30 years ago. We are both extremely attracted to each other and have spent some time together, only a couple of times alone. There is definately both physical and mental attraction and we never seem to have enough time to talk or cuddle and enjoy each other. We have talked about our expections of time with our children and what we look for and want and don't want in relationships, we are completely in agreement and are both still very much enjoying the fun of having our past to start this relationship out. We also have said that we are NOT dating anyone else and aren't looking in that direction.

    I saw a posting on his FB over the weekend from another woman saying "I love you!!". Of course I was taken a little off guard and he was spening the weekend with his children so I wouldn't have a chance to talk to him. We finally had time together on Monday and I (being my Gemini self) came straight out and asked him about this. He said he was planning on talking to me about it and said that she is someone he has known in his professional history for a long time. They dated for a little while and now she has become "stalkerish" and wants to continue their relationship but it is more than he can/wants to give her. I'm just not sure, with situations in my past, if he is telling the truth, or is this a big game for him.

    I guess my question is: Are Leo men honest, do they cheat just because they can? I have known a couple of Leo men, had a wonderful relationship with one and have done a lot of reading on them and it doesn't seem like they are the type to just meet someone, invest time and emotion into a realtionship while having someone else on the other side.

    Can anyone offer some insight to this?

  • It is great to reconnect with someone who you knew in the past and shared happy moments with. It is even better when you both feel the connection of love and share a mutual desire to pursue a potential romantic relationship with one another. It is obvious that this man is experienced and mature enough to know what he wants and has made that clear to you by agreeing not to date anyone else and he shared his mutual feelings regarding relationships, which means you are both on the same page and that is good.

    Keep in mind that Leo men love the spot light and being the center of attention. This is not a bad thing at all and can be cute and fun. The woman on his FB is not a threat to you or the the relationship you are starting, merely a form of praise in his eyes and Leo men love that! His commitment to you seems valid and sincere. There is no reason not to believe what he told you.

    Put aside your past experiences with men and go to the place of love within yourself and ask your higher self if this man is being honest and real - you will feel love and go with that. If anything, the two of you are together now - keep enjoying it and even if your lives happen to go different directions, have faith that it will be ok and keep loving one another. Don't allow fear to enter and know that God is always with you and have faith that no matter what - you are loved!

    Peace be with you and enjoy your happiness!!!

  • Thank you so much for your kind words, and they actually made sense and made me feel better. I at least know on my end he is spoiled to death, it's one of the few things I know I can do REALLY well is spoil someone. I love being with him and talking and everything else.

    I do know that God has a plan, I just hope at this juncture of my life this is it, like I said above, I have never felt attraction to anyone like him in my life. The funny thing is when we knew each other years ago, I really had no interest in him other than just within our group of friends, he on the otherhand said he had always been attracted to me but I was with his friend, eventually my exhusband, how time changes things.

    Thank you so much.

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