• Have you scroled through his cell phone while he is sleeping. I know some will say that's not cool but if he's already cheated he must take his double checking on your part. When someone is lying to me in an important way being psychic does not always give me an instant reveal. Love wants to believe otherwise BUT a guiding spirit always throws the evedence in my lap. I see you are looked after and do hear but like most of us must cut through the emotions to get a clear validation. As charming as this man is he is going to do as he wishes and will have it all if he can--he does not want to leave you but he also will do as he pleases. He takes a lot of energy you could be spending on yourself. Part of your growing stronger has a lot to do with how you deal with him. You have to do something different. He debates you to death--takes your energy and you are right makes your head spin so fast you are ready to believe black is white. What can you do differently this time? I think if you ask you will get the proof. The issue is what will you do with the truth? Are you ready to kick him out? Or are you hoping he'll promise it's over. Trust your gut. Don't just pray for proof--pray for spirit to give you a plan. Here's the hard part--making this plan from your head. I feel like this will be a big storm but after the dust settles you will see something very good out of this. Again, spirit says don't let him goad you to get emotional--he's confident and not afraid of your temper in fact it weakens you to his advantage--whatever is your usual way of handleing conflict with him must change. Arm yourself with the evidence--it will come and before confronting him make a smart plan of really what you want from him and how to get it then confront him--with steel calm firm resolve and tell him what he has to do. Do not argue! Walk away. No matter what he says-- no matter how much he argues with twists and turns walk away--saying I know what I know. Spirit says you must beef up your male energy and protect your borders. He crosses the line. I know you are hoping I could just tell you what to do but this you being self reliant enough to put this issue to bed and not have to go there again. You can't live with this distruct right now it is toxic to you. This man can talk his way in and out of about any situation. He knows your weaknesses--most couples do which is why there must be a code of ethics that a partner does not abuse or take advantage of your weak spots to do as they please. Did you make a vow that if he got caught he was out of there? Stick to it. Can you except him back if he agrees to counseling? Decide this now and spirit will show you the goods. I want to tell you what I suspect but spirit says you will get your answer on your own and soon--AND you will be ok and it will be a blessing in disguise. Remember--steel resolve--ask Michael the Angel to back you up as it's your male side that will deal withis issue to your advantage once and for all. BLESSING. The full moon will be important for you this month.

  • PS--after I hit send spirit said to ask you about his job--not sure what that means---let me know your thoughts on that question and maybe I'll see more.

  • Hi I'm going to print this and answer tomorrow, been so busy, I hope everything is fine. The thing is I told him, I set you free if you want to go, you have free will and so does that chick. I'm a Sherlock Holmes, tomorrow I will have her address I'm going to bother her, maybe we should break up, but if he is lying, I want to see. Love you! Will check back tomorrow morning!

    I'm fine! Guess what, regardless life will go on, I'll put my Go-Go boots back on a weave down to my but and I'ts On! (smile). He is the weak one.

  • About the job, they are barely working now, he actually needs me now. I would did the right thing but he has to decide what he wants to do. I'm not supporting no h o e! 🙂

  • I've scrolled thru the phone and he changes the password and everyday I get the new one, I'm a genie don't you know! Tomorrow. Peace, Love and Light. One minute I'm mad and one minute I don't care. I guess going thru the emotions. I'm bigger than that anyway. God is my man for real! 🙂

  • I printed what you said and others and I meditated and centered myself and today I'm so much better. My moods changed went from shock, to rage, to sadness and back to angry. Now that I have my emotions under better control I'm starting to think more clearly. We have been together 20 years, he has been a dog before but not for a long time so I think thats why I was surprised. He was always a good provider I didn't have to pay any bills for most of my marriage and I think you get complacent about the money thing, I never saw him "do" anything but people will tell me, years ago. We were until very recently doing pretty good, had two homes and two good jobs, etc but in the last two years things had been going downhill with the economy and he is just in the last few weeks no longer the "Bread Winner." I don't know if that effected his ego, he said he felt that I didn't want him anymore and he started talking to this chick but boy was your timing wrong boy! I can to this realization last night, I can take care of myself, I don't need him and now I'm starting to wonder if I even want him anymore. Now I wont put him out while he is down, I was willing to support him and do what I have to for my family. But now I have to consider everything. My heart won't let me leave him while he's down but he won't be taking advantage of me either.

    I did search the phone, cell phone bills and thats how I got the girl's number, I looked for patterns and figured it out. I'm taking your advice and bidding my time and collecting evidence but I'm going make myself happy. I can't change other people they are who they are, I can only change how I allow them to affect me. I'm strong, too strong for him and that is the battle he can't break my spirit never has and never will. I'm not going to worry anymore, I think I just wanted to catch him red handed cause he is a smooth liar, you hit right on the nail!

    I actually almost gave him a nervous breakdown, but am backing off now. I told him last night, it's going to be about me, I can support myself and don't need him, I don't even know if I want him anymore. But I'm going to make my plan and save my money and I know I will be fine and so will my kids. What I told him was to decide and if thats the life you want, then go live it, but not here with me. I told him he may be happy with her and if you want to go then go, but down lie to me. I think he is more afraid because I'm calm now. What did you suspect?

    I have gotten so much love and support here that I weeped with joy this morning! I know my life is not over and may be just beginning and I think I like it! I'm going to do a prosperity prayer on the Full Moon! I'm getting there, thank you so, so much for your advice I really appreciate it!

    My strength is my Faith and it will guide me down the forked roads of life! Love ya!

  • I've calmed down, but still don't trust him he almost moved out, he is still lying, but it's all good I'm focusing on me, Thank God, I was thinking very bad thoughts and I almost gave him a nervous breakdown he was having nightmares about me killing him. lol!

  • FULL MOON TIME! Comes with bang sometimes--comes with completion and emotion and you are right you can't make him do anything you can only have a plan for you and take care of you. Betrayal is a hard blow--it really is painful and you must take care of yourself and give yourself time to gather strength. Being calm and with a plan is very intimidating for him--he'd rather you broke down and went cazy on him because then you'd be weak but when you keep a cool head THAT means buisness and it makes him wonder what else you got planned. Good for you. You are so generouse to support his money down turn but really he can't milk that and loyalty works both ways and there's nothing loyal about his fooling around. You need some girlfriend time--the ones who make you feel good. Give him space --enough so he doesn't get used to having it both ways. I suspect he will be cooling it and then getting grief from both sides--Don't be surprised if you hear from her as she is going to be one angry woman as well. Hopefully she will learn a lesson about fantasy expectations versus reality of seeing a two timing man. Underneath that anger I bet you two would have a lot to talk aout! Would be interesting to hear what he tells her! BUT I would not dwell on it at all--in fact detachment right now will keep you strong and reserve your power to attract better things into your life. There are faithful men out there--you deserve one! Blessings! Things will settle as the moon winds down and when it begins anew again start your new attitude. Make that list or wish board of the man you want---like a prayer keep it in a special place and let something come into your life. Maybe it will be him with a new attitude maybe it won't but it will be someone who fits your list. This really works! BLESSINGS

  • Blessings! Great minds think a like, I told him one day she and I will talk and then I'll know everyday, thats how it is! Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  • I meant "Everything". :0 Going out this weekend with my girl! 🙂

  • Okay girlfriend, I was just told that I have one more obstacle to overcome this month near the end of the month and something about elements like Earth to Fire and something about a Paige now and a King later. I'm hoping the paige is the Angels who I know are helping me cope and the King is our Lord and Saviour. I have come a long way since last we spoke, it's getting easier, I still have doubts but am pulling back, it is what it is, whatever it is. I said Lord how much more do I have to bare? I'll have my faith but it sounds a little creepy. 🙂

    How are you? Fine I hope, the diet thing is on the back burner, I did go get a new hairdo, cute if I do say so myself! It's his loss if he leaves, I'm going to be happy with or without, I'm tired now and ready to go party.

  • Earth to fire? Earth is fixed--waiting for him to decide? Or FIRE under his bad dog rear out the door and YOU do the deciding---while he decides--send the right message--the paige--that you are queen---is he the King? New moon is coming around the corner--the lull comes first but then after a few dark days comes a great time to make a brand new start--but endings come before starts. Take your power back and END something! Take back YOUR castle! What are you really afraid of? Being alone? You are already alone--at least be alone with your dignity and let him choose under the full weight of consecuence---why else would he bother changing if really he doesn't need to, he suffers no guilt over your disapointment. Do something different. Light that fire! Blessings.

  • Okay! I'm putting my foot down again, I told him he had to go, he wont leave. P.S. He changed his voicemail again yesterday and I got the new password last night, well on my lunch I just checked and she left about four messages, 1. Why was he not calling her on his lunch break anymore. 2. Why are her calls blocked. 3. He accused her of having another man, and she has no other man but she can move on with her life and move with a Nicki?? I saved the messages this time and let him know I heard them not angry. I guess the showdown is coming, I'm not fighting anymore though, it is what it is. I understand he is a man of no remorse or regret, I may have to leave for awhile if he won't. He says he is tired of fighting, apparently not tired enough, don't won't to give him a stroke (God forbid) and be left with an invalid!

  • P.S.: I really like your fire, it excites me and edges me on. I feel like buring the house down now, (just kidding). Don't worry, it's coming, I'm breaking it down again tonight. He says he is tired of fighting and thought he was gonna have a heart attack. So I chilled. hhmmm. Part of me wonder's what the fight's about. I know I will be happy either way. I have no problem with a new start. I spit on you, if you want to leave and good riddance. But decide, I think I'll give an Ultimatim and then do something drastic but not stupid. I can take his clothes to her house!

  • He said the other day, why would I leave for somebody who has nothing, I said you lie down with dogs you get fleas. Well she's sweating him now, I started to call I have her new number but for what? She's below my standards, I'll keep my dignity thank you very much. Read about the voicemails she left above. I though maybe he was trying, do I sound weak? I'm not you know! He really is afraid of me. Thinks I'm crazy.

  • I'm headed out with the last of the moon. I shouldn't laugh but must tell you I kept seeing old Fred Sanford clutching his heart! Remember that old show Sanford and Sons--or maybe you aren't that old. How many fake heart attacks did he have? And if your man is worried about his heart why would he choose an adulturouse life! Change the locks

  • K, love you have fun, no I'm gonna be 45 in November but real age is 30!

  • Well everything got busted last night, I actually feel better, the Lord led me right to it, don't really care just wanted the truth, she is a ghetto rat, just a fact aint judging. I said if you are going to fool around go up in class not down. Hasta La Pasta, be back tuesday!

  • Poetic, the truth may hurt but it too can set you free. Only you will know what's right for you with or without this man in your life. I know you are a strong woman, a force to be reckoned with find strength in that. We're here for you my friend.

  • Love yall so much, you keep me going. This thing is taking too much of my energy and meditation time away, the anger and frustration. He won't leave, I'm gonna iqnore him for awhile.

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