• How are you? Fine I hope! I'm making quite a big of progress with the Acension/Awareness Path but am working on over coming obstacles, I knew and know sometimes I'm tested. Does spirit have a special message for me? Am I on the right path?

    Love, Love you and Pray all is well with you and your family! Have a Pound Cake for you whenever you want! Thanks for your time and I hope I'm not to needy! 🙂

    Lemon, Sourcream or Cream Cheese?

  • Only have a minute----WE are all feeling something for about a week now and peeking last night but it is waning. Just roll with it--feel what you feel--it is all ok. Let it all out---it is healing sometimes to just let the feelings wash through you--we are feeling tested---it's not just you and it is ok--REALY IS! It should get better as of today. I'll get back to you. Blessings.

  • PS--I'd like a piece of each! Like but won't. When I was younger I made the most glorious pound cake--pound of butter--lots of eggs---it was heavenly--I think 30 years later--still wearing it!

  • I could have sworn I just posted something, Thanks anyway and when ever you want I have great recipes!

  • Hpefully by now the crises has passed as it comes to me as mostly all in your head spirit says. This is about you accepting good things. It's as if it makes you nervouse to feel too good. An old habit ready to be put to bed. You do not always trust yourself--things go good and you expect it not to be real or worse you will F it up. Recently you saw old patterns imerge but really it was meant for you to see you have changed--how far you have come. Emotions get the best of you when sometimes you really need to step back and see from a detached point of view. Perspective is key. You start thinking oh no here we go again. Also you need to be reminded about up and down--the wheel is up then down then up. You get antsy on the down time when really it is nothing--a lull--like the moon is full then wanes then gone and you just have to have patience. When it is down time stop blaming yourself that it's wrong time--you can't make things happen on down time. All of nature has wax and wane. You do not rest well--hate the lull. It is ok to just BE--you are good enough to just BE. God does not need you to prove yourself everyday as earning something--you are worthy of happiness AS IS. You are always perfectly imperfect! Only advice I get is health related. Keep being mindfull of body issues. Stay away from the white stuff--bad carbs--they make you sluggish and forever hungry. They sedate you but then you feel cra ppy and guilty then hungry. You hate that bottomless pit feeling and must let that bad cycle of self flogging go. More music says spirit. Music is very good for you. Be more guarded about your rest times--turn off the phone--put up your feet--learn to say no. You already know all this--just a reminder you ARE on the right track. Have more faith in yourself. REPEAT it is safe to feel good--it is good to feel safe! Blessings

  • Thank You! I don't even remember the crisis but you have just affirmed for me, things I have been saying to myself that I have to be more patient, Hans told me that too. I know my life has never been better or happier. I do have to Make better choices for Food. Love, Love, all the Bad Stuff, just got through telling someone everythings o.k. in Moderation. I appreciate you and send you love all the time. I just wonder sometimes why it's all ways hard for me but I shall not question the Universe and just accept whatever comes. I know we are all connected (Humanity) and God and that he is in Each one of us. I'm going through the questioning religion phase and am learning so much. I went to a Funeral Saturday a Cousin had pased away and I have some really zealouslly religious folks on that side of the Family. I was watching them in a detached way and thinking about all the folks who have been fooled including me and the rest of the World into thinking there is only one way and no other way and I though to myself No one is ever going to change their minds, they are convinced and convicted but then I thought well it's not my place to convince them God will do it in his way and time. I noticed the one of the same people being mean and judgning others and thought, "yeah the holy ones." But then thats judgment too. I'm working on my thought process and how powerful our thoughts are. OK I'm going to shut up! I am trying not to be perfect, I will never be perfect, but to be better, do better and live better. I want to be a Vessel for Good!

    You be blessed because you are a Blessing to so many! I'm going out soon, need a Cocktail. O.K. I'll stop the sugar in the coffee too.

    Love YA!

  • And Thanks again, I will remember that I have to understand the flow and the ups and down, just thought about this, last time i felt dissapointment a little, I cut on the T.V. and their was a Flood I had figured someone else needed help more than I. 🙂 )) Doing the happy dance!

  • Happy dance and a great pair of red shoes! You are not alone on the religiouse observations. You are growing wise to know when to be content with silent knowing. Arguing about religion is so time and energy waisting. It is a matter of faith and everyone holds tight to their beliefs. About the only time you can convince another to change beliefs is when they themselves lose faith and ask for more and are ready otherwise it's best to walk away from religious or political arguments. I think some of the most judgemental religions are the hardest to convert as they choose their beliefs out of need that serves a great blind weakness in themselves. I believe in karma. When we judge harshly we end up being tested eventualy in a way that demands compassion. It's happened to me. Luckily people are multidementional and made up of so many different plus and minuses so if we choose we can ignore one aspect--maybe their religiouse beliefs but still see them in a positive light on another level. I was brought up very catholic and lived in a neighborhood where other religions were unheard of. I felt very spiritualy connected but yet never felt I truelly belonged. I searched many religions--studied several--joined different churches. I always loved the energy of togetherness in prayer and learned something but again never felt really at home. I found my home at a spiritualist church.

  • From what I have read there is supposed to be a new Universal Church. Well we are not supposed to judge, just observe that dual thing. I was thinking also that if a person is innocent and believes what they are taught then they are faultless even if they are mislead and I read yesterday it is not our place to change anyone's ideals that God will do it in his time and his way.

    We will lead by example or they will see the light that is in us! The hardest thing for me is PATIENCE! But I'm learning. I know there is no time in the Universe I was thinking last night while talking to God, Wow how amazing that you have been waiting on us Humans to evolve millions of years, talk about patience! I can barely wait on water to boil. (smile).

  • Yes intention is to be considered. Most harm done to another in the name of religion is out of ignorance. Remember the words of Jesus on the cross--forgive them father for they know not what they do? Sums it up exactly. Patience is my nemesis as well--though I've grown in that department in my old age. I have this big mouth thing going at times and really have to bite my tongue. I'm so save my energy conceise in my old age and it really gives me more back bone in that department. Youth can spare all that butting heads stuff but the reality of age demands temperance and patience. I'm less wishy washy in my old age. I choose my battles now and save my energy for the big stuff. I make quiker desicions as well--know when to walk away then do it. Looking back to my youth boy if I knew then what I know now--such is life! But at least I can come here and hopefully save some one else the trouble of learning the hard way!

    PS---have you started reading info on low carb diets? When you do decide to cut back on sugar---choose the natural substitute called "stevia" there is a brand in a green box with good housekeeping seal--it tastese the best! AND it actually helps your blood sugar. A change in diet will change your life. You will be amazed how good you will feel and lose that hungry feeling that drives you crazy. BLESSINGS!

  • Okay, I was just thinking of you, just had lunch with a self proclaimed athesist, thats what she says but she has a good heart just can be negative sometimes. I just read what you wrote RC so fascinating, she asked me to read it so I did. She is more talented than she realises and I don't know I just have taken such a liking to her. I would have thought that she needed to go find that house in Well's what ever. I'm so happy for you about the Fountain, I would love a Fountain, I bought a house 5 years ago and thought I wanted to garden my Grandmother and Mom were and are big garder's they could put a stick in the ground and it would flower, I planted two Rose Bushes and that was it. But it's on my list, I want a beautiful garden one day.

    I read this guys bio on another site and he sits outside butt-naked to Meditate because he feels closer to Spirit outside. I guess we all have to find our own place. I have an Alter sort of at home but I think I'm going to make it the back patio because I love Nature too.

    I've heard of the Strevia and I've seen it I also know what to do and I think I'm finally ready, I don't want diabetes. I'll have to find a balance, I know, I know. Yeah, getting to that age where it won't come off so easy maybe. I want to do veggies/baked or grilled chicken and Salads and Fruits, switch to Whole Grains, and leave the sweets alone, I was thinking of Phenedrine? Definetly not doing the belly band or gastric by pass. Uh Huh! No!!!! Scared of that, but I gotta get my sexy back tweexy back! 🙂

  • Remember when the Goddess came plump and ample? Think health and vitality--I pick up that men find you very sensual and you have a very potent sexy mama side so don't stress the weight as much as getting your physical health in better balance---it does come with age--reality bites! Your mojo will be back in no time and not trying to scare you but the diabetes thing is a real threat--you are insulin sensitive right now and left to chance you really could go diebetic in the future--I really think you are the kind of person who can change that. You can be a powerhouse of determination when you are truelly motivated. Skip the diet aides as they are not kind to the body and you must be carefull with your blood pressure--you are sensitive there as well--in fact just be mindful of the bad carbs and you will be amazed at how easy the weight will come off--because right now the insilin sensativity puts extra weight on you. Blessings! you go girl--and PS I have a hard time with the atheist thing! It tests me--luckily I very rarely ever come across an atheist. Intelectually I understand their reasoning and logic but just can't imagine the thought too long. I must have passed the tolerence test already because they rarely cross my path and you know how the universe insists on forcing tolerence in your face by bombarding you with the very thing you disagree with most-- untill you get past it!

  • Correct! On Everything. I used to be a brick house when I was younger, traffic would stop! Men do find me sexy though! Ok I'm taking this seriously I'm so afraid of Diabetes I see what it does to people. Pray for me that I'll find the courage to do the right thing with Food, my first and true love! I hear this Sunday is going to be a Huge Day in the Universe the "Lions Gate" Door ways opening, i'm excited to see what happens. Have a wonderful weekend! I don't want to be skinny, just healthy, I'll take a 18 or 16 any teen, have'nt seen teens in years!!! lol!

    🙂 Peace, Light and Love!

  • New moon around the corner--perfect time for starting a new project or commitment! You will do it!

  • I will because I think it really struck home this time, I am so NOT going to get Diabetes! I thank you for telling me because I will finally take it serious. A cute British dude was just flirting with me. hhhmmm, I better not! Have a Blessed and wonderful weekend and Float in Happiness with the Universe! Tomorrow will be a "Cardinal Cross" with the Planets and then 8/8 Lions Gate this stuff is so exciting. "Blessed Be." 🙂

  • If you see this WONDERFUL! I nominated you along with others for the ABUNDANCE Broadcast, you do so much for others and help so many! You deserve Huge Rewards from Heaven and the Universe and I'm believing with you that they are coming along with mines and all the others. (Hope you don't mind). You Deserve!!!

    Take Care!

    P.S. I'm eating healthier as of today! Making better choices, nightime will be my real test, I'm a night grazer. Adios!


    thank you for the loving thoughts. I hear you about the night eating--that is me as well--and the worst time to eat heavy. Years ago I had the same carb issue like you--lots of diabetes in the family. I was eating a very healthy I thought high fiber ceral late at night--a nice big bowl thinking it surely was a good snack but kept having odd health problems--night sweats---hot and cold--skin itching and sudden feelings of heaviness--then the dreaded blood tests--borderline and like you said no way! I vowed to do whatever it took. I thought I was eating healthy and have always been in good physical shape working out. Then I prayed and started researching info on blood sugar and my smptoms. I had such a hard time losing weight. I found out about the carb effect on some people who have a lot of diabetes and then I looked up that healthy cereal I was eating at night and it was way heavy on the carbs--I never looked before! I experimented with diet and sure enough if I watched my carbs I dropped weight and felt so much better. I really loved my nighttime cereal but feel better. Last night I had nighttime watermellon. Some nights I have one piece of high fiber bread with peanut butter and symply fruit jelly--it has no sugar--I love the blackberry. I can have a glass of low fat milk with that and sleep fine no big blood sugar spike and night sweats. When I went back for my tests my doctor was impressed--good cholestrol doubled--bad cut in half--tryglicerides way down AND lost twenty five pounds, blood sugar dropped and can honestly say I have no way starved. I get creative with the stevia--add it with some coco to milk-- shake it well as coco is lumpy and it is very sweet tooth satisfying. I really feel you have the same sensitivety to bad carbs. I always knew if a ate a big white biscuite that I'd keep feeling hungry the rest of the day--that's why insilin sensitive people feel hungry all the time as the simple carbs spike the blood sugar way high then it crashes and we feel starved. Also if you are insilin resistant you will feel tired after a high bad carb meel. Once I gave up the white stuff I felt so good that the few times I cheated and had something like that I really noticed how cruddy I felt and no longer miss it at all. This new moon is so perfect for beginning a project--I'm with you and have a few stepping it up health routines started as well. Blessings.

  • K. Thanks! Pray for me, I need it. My husband cooked dinner and when I got home he had a pot of white rice and chicken cooked in oil! I ate a just the little of the rice, two pieces of chicken and I had some potatoe salad from Sunday, had a few spoonfuls, not the best choices, but better than I used to do. Today will be better.

  • If you see this anytime soon, tell me the truth please, liars and cheaters his birthdate is 04/10/62 her name is Pam? He won't tell the truth if you catch him pants down. I told him I release him to go we have free will and life is never too late to start again. It's this Acension thing, old relationships are falling apart and things hidden will be revealed. It is what it is but I hate a liar! He swears it's over. I'm a big girl I can handle it. Hope everything is okay with you! Our Blessings are on the way! Take care.

    P.S. I asked Spirit to show me things, thats how he got busted. I like the truth.

  • I think I almost caught him last night but he says he was at his daughter's house?

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