Captain can you help me

  • Indeed I know this. I have been summoning strength the last couple of days. You are a very rapid replier! I am off to my bed now to work out a plan.

  • We have a big meeting tomorrow with a guy who is flying on from Switzerland and wants to buy the business. Wish us luck!

  • Good Luck!

  • Paddifluff, be aware that a change of location is not going to suddenly change what or who your husband is, though it may help him to relax more and be happier with his lot. He will only be happy within himself when he deals with his issues and matures into a real adult to take full responsibility for himself.

    I'm just saying don't pin all your hopes of saving your marriage on the move to Ireland. There will still be lots of work to do even then.

  • Goodness I hadn't even thought of Ireland, I am so focussed on this meeting today! But yes I know what you are saying, it will be me and the kids making all the changes in location etc. Hubby will keep travelling regardless of with this company or another, no matter where the base is.


  • We met the guy, it was so strange. I could feel absolutely no energy whatsoever radiating off him. I do not think he is interested in women anyway but there was absolutely no field at all around him. Do you have any idea why this is? I have encountered it once before but I cannot remember where, I think it may have been my brother. I suspect he is very good and shutting himself off. But no energy field?

  • There would have been some eenrgy field or else he would be dead but it must have been very thin or weak - an obvious sign of someone who is extremely self-protective and fearful.

  • Yes that is what I was thinking.

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