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  • Hi Captain, I wonder if you could help me out on this - after we have now decided our house is going up for sale I mentioned it today to a guy who used to live in our street and who comes round to see the neighbours (long story) and happened to be there this morning. He used to be the street's newspaper, he knew everything about everybody. So I slipped it to him because I knew he would mention it to our neighbours who are Philippine and have a huge community and I thought maybe they could use a and sure enough off we he went to teh enighours. Anyway I wonder if you can see our house being sold at all. I am so sceptical about it because it needs so much TLC and we do not want to invest any more money in it.

    Thanks Captain, pity about the Abundance Broadcast, I guess it had lost its glory.

    x Pad

  • The Abundance Broadcast did not lose its glory - it was just time for everyone to start putting the energy they were giving out to others back into their own lives.

    With your house, I feel that potential interested buyers are waiting to see if you will drop your price. They sense your need to sell.

  • Oh I hadn't thought about that. Hmm. My father is so negative abut us returning to Ireland, we really feel like he doesn't want us invading his patch, and my parents in law don't have any time for their grandchildren because they are caught up in their own lives, always have been if hubby's stories are true, so we are kind of left to our own devices wherever we go. And I am doing the cleaning and moving myself, hubby has "no time".

    x thanks for listening, I am letting my intuition guide me the right way. It has never failed me before.

  • Captain, I don't need a reply, I just need to write. My husband has reached rock bottom. He has been kicked in the teeth while he was down (figuratively) and I do not know if he has the strength to get back up. I do know that even all the strength I can give him is not enough to get him up. I have tried to help him in every way i can, now all I can do is wait and see what he does. I think our lives have reached a crossroads. I want to grab my kids and run while I still can. I do not know what he will do next. I have surrounded us with white light to keep us safe and I hope 10-10-10 does bring that unexpected door of opportunity so badly needed.


  • Sheelagh, you have tried your best to help your hubby, but it may only be the sharp shock of being without his supportive crutches that he needs now in order to find his feet. Follow your instincts when it comes to doing right by yourself and your kids.

  • How cursed can anybody be? It just keeps getting worse. I have never known anyone to invite so much bad luck in to their lives. We are being dragged down so deep. I need all my energy to stop myself having a breakdown. Darn. Will this ever end or do I have to leave to save myself?

  • At the moment your husband is on a knife's edge - he can choose to regress completely into a child or mature into an adult. If he decides to go back to being a complete child, you will have to take your children and leave because you would only be making him worse by staying and looking after him. He has to grow up and accept adult responsibilities.

  • WAAAA hear me scream. Do men ever grow up? This thread is ancient and all the things you have helped me with, all the things I have done, they are all useless because of this xxxxxx man who knows it all better and never listens to sound advice. Well he can sort out his own mess now I will cook his dinner and clean up after him but he can do his business himself. Well apart from me auditing all the figures for the last 2 years and getting the thing sold. Which still has not happened because the books are not ready.

    I recently started being able to communicate with spirits and the one I communicated with about for hubby who was his mentor before he passed said that he would never have success in business because his heart is not in it and that he should return to the stage. Just like you said. I passed the message on so i really hope it will start a thought process going.

    People who have no relationships miss them and people that do have problems with their partner.


  • Well, you should also put something away for yourself and the kids becasue if you let your hubby run things, your family fortunes might take a sudden dive.

  • Your husband doesn't really believe - or want to - that you would ever leave him.

  • NO but it is one of his biggest fears and I nearly did leave him at the start of this year but he pulled himself together a lot.

  • Which also made him think you weren't really all that serious about leaving. In his mind, you passed (or failed) a sort of test to see if you would go or not. Now he thinks he only has to lift his game a little or temporarily to make you stay.

  • Yes I think you are very right, this has been on my mind since I didn't walk out.

  • You know he has an ego which tells him he is above normal things that happen to normal people such as taking the train, driving without a licence because he will not get caught, I wonder does he have any mental disorder, genius brain but socially inept, sounds like autism. but he would never go for treatment because that would be to admit to a failure. Unfortunately for me I am financially dependant on him, though that is bottom level on the scale, but I am waiting for a large payment to come. Having 4 kids kind of makes it less easy to pack and go. Plus my hate of change...I also deplore it when battered women go back to their abuser but I guess I am not much better myself. I have withdrawn all my energy from him, he has only abused it up to now, he has to go it alone on his own energy from now on.

  • A superiority complex usually develops to compensate for big feelings of inferiority. And when someone hasn't had a large shakeup for a while, he can grow to think he is invulnerable. Your husband lives in a fantasy world most of the time where he is the supreme glorious ruler and nothing can hurt him.

  • Kind of like narcissism (spelling sorry). with an abusive childhood. He needs to get help but he refuses to. I cannot be his shrink. I do not want to be that either.

    Let us count our blessings. He is a very loving father when he puts his mind to it and the kids adore him, and he can be a very romantic and hot husband too when he puts his mind to that. Not an ideal life but that is why I want ot move back to Ireland to be close to family and a ready made network so that I have a support network for times like this (a physical support network). Not to mention the wonderful calming effects of the nature. And the guinness. And the music.

  • I do feel a temporary separation coming for you.

  • Ooops not a fan of change! However necessary it might be.

  • And that's why you must do it...

  • That is, unless you want things to continue as they are?

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