Captain can you help me

  • Lol it makes me smile to think of my husband getting direction from anyone else, though I know I am his steadiness. He is a very self-sufficient person with an oversized ego which I am good at bursting every now and again bad me. I do love him, otherwise I would not be with him.... well I have gotten the ball rolling and I will let you know how we get on with the sale! Though you probably know the outcome anyway lol!

  • Someone is interested in the company, gone through the formalities, he is meeting with hubby tomorrow. Fingers crossed....Ireland was lovely, I so want to live there.

  • I wish you luck! 🙂

  • Talks got postponed to Tuesday, hubby has another big interview on Tuesday as well, what are the chances of success Captain? I have passed my fears and worries on to my angels but still ...

  • You need to make your hubby believe this is the best thing for the family as I feel he has big misgivings and may even pull out.

  • Oh dear. Thanks for the warning I will get to work, yes he didn't go to the meeting on Thursday because he said he did not have the address but I am not so sure, I reckon the buyer would not forget to send it to him. He (the potential buyer) seems to to be young and dynamic at least from the phone. Hubby was saying maybe thecompay might even take off and then he wouldn't sell, I already had alarm bells. Maybe I will go with him to the meeting.

    xthanks I will keep you informed

  • Waiting waiting waiting, the meeting went well,, just waiting for his feedback. But Captain if you ahve time, my stepson ahs gotten himmself in to some serious big mess after getting caught drug smuggling in Trinidad. Is there hope for him? My hubby is completely freaked, also becasue he wants to help but doesn't know how and knows that if he does his goodness will be abused by his son for the millionth time (which is why I put up a barrier around myself and my girls and refuse to let him step son in). Do you pick anything up? Does he have a chance? I fear the worst. Sorry to overrun you.

  • Paddifluff, this experience might actually help your stepson to wake up to himself. In the past he has tended to take the easy way (drug smuggling instead of finding good moral work) so this may shock him into realising there is no 'easy' money. Now no one can help him but himself. He can either choose to stand up and fight for his survival or take the easy way again and give in. There is nothing you or your husband can do - this is your stepson's karma come to bite him on the bottom. And the 'worst' you fear will only come about if he doesn't find enlightenment. Do not seek to help this lost soul who needs to stop taking and start giving back. You were right to protect your children from him as he is selfish and unconcerned for others. Trust the Universe to give him what he needs.

  • And don't let your husband use his worry over his son to stop him going through with the sale of the business, either. You two need to be very focused on yourselves and your immediate family now.

  • I am so with you Captain. He neends to fall really hard to wake up. I have been saying this for ages now after he used and abused my attempts to make him welcome in our family, but everyone called me the wicked stepmother. I so hope he stands up and fights because I believe his core is good. As for hubby, I myself am not picking up any vibes of not wanting to go through with the sale for any reason but he can be very closed at times so maybe he has it well hidden. I will probably end up carrying out the sale myself. Good excuse to get in to business dress and smarten up, nice change from mummyhood much as I love it. Thanks Captain, I send you huge big virtual hugs and strength and sorry for rambling!

  • Your husband is finding it very hard to let go of his dream image of himself as a successful, admired, wealthy, important businessman, which is so at odds with what he is at the moment.

  • Sigh it never ends does it. Hubby rang up and spoke to son who is saying he did it becasue all other doors were closed ot him, well he closed them all himself. No remorse, no regret, nothing. I told hubby if he spent any cent on him he was in serious trouble with me. More positive though, a former peer of hubby sent a mail today - I have always had the niggly feeling he wanted to have what hubby has so when we decided to sell I sent him an email to ask if he knew anyone who might be interested hehe. (with hubby's permission of course) And today he replied and we will meet him in September sometime. He is a real scatterbrain but an exccellent businessman and even if he only has some tips it would be good, but I reckon the fish took the bait, even if it took a month to reply.

    Jeez this thread is like me talking my thoughts out loud.

    Captain hubby is actually liking being a Dad at the moment. it is very peaceful in our house and relationship. I am enjoying it while I have it and him while he is around. it could change at any moment.

  • There's nothing wrong with saying your thoughts out loud - in fact, it's very helpful and empowering.

  • HI Captain, quick update, my stepson is in prison for the next 5 years and has a fine of 25,000 dollars to pay or sit for another 2 years, when he gets back to German soil he will be prosecuted too for trying to smuggle drugs on to a German plane. Poor soul, he is only 22 and he has screwed his life up. He likes to blame it on the absence of his father when he was growing up. However I really hope he learns from it.

    The energy between me and hubby is good at the moment, he is working on a new project which is very promising, I really hope for him that it will be a success, he has 2 job offers and I have been hounding him to get his books in order so we can get a broker to sell the company, I hope next week they are done.

    Do you have any helpful hints or tips or advice or warnings that I should heed? Do you see hubby having a bit of success soon? I do so wish it for him, he might be a difficult partner and have put us through some tough times but he is a very hard worker and I would love for it to pay off. He deserves a bit of luck.

    Thanks for your time, youa re so busy answering questions everywhere.

  • Paddifluff, I feel your husband's soul has travelled a long way away from his body - he feels that he must give up on all his dreams and hopes and it destroys him. You must find a way to help him combine his dreams with practical reality. It's not wrong for him to dream and have a vision but he also has to remember he has a family and dependents to be responsible for and he can't go off chasing rainbows. Maybe you can get him to talk about what he really wants to achieve and somehow incorporate some of it into real life. Or else I feel he will lose his spirit for living.

    This is stuff he should have gotten out of his system when he was single and fancy-free but he didn't do it because he didn't have the practical knowhow. Perhaps, with your sensibility, he can now bring to life some of those long-lost dreams while still bringing in money to support his family. I feel he needs to get involved with music, maybe in a band or something part-time at least.

  • Oh gosh you are always so to the point. Music is his spirit and soul, he loves music more than he loves anything, even his family, and I married him fully knowing this, then he gave it up because he said he had to concentrate on his dream. Our main joining point is actually music. I am trying to encourage him to play for the kids, with other people anything. That is why he loved Ireland so much, he took his guitar and joined in a couple of sessions and was immediately invited to another few sessions and he felt so at home there. I will push more. And actually moving to Ireland is one of his long lost dreams which we actually share but need somehow to realise. I wish you could just say, Sheelagh you will move to ireland and be happy ever after. Lol. My wish from the bottom of my heart which comes from inside and will manifest itself on the outside.

    So, nice dinner, music, candles and a serious chat on the cards for tonight.

    Thanks for bringing me back to reality.

  • I think then he is chasing the wrong dream - it's music that is his true calling. I feel like there are two people inside your husband - the one he thinks he SHOULD be (the successful well-to-do businessman) and the other authentic self (the creative artist/musician but someone who is not so materially well-off). Your husband wants acclaim, prosperity, and admiration but he doesn't trust that he is good enough to get it as a musician. But I feel he could be very successful if he devoted himself wholeheartedly to music.

  • And Sheelagh, once you realise how empowered you are, that you are the one who controls your own life and not outside circumstances or people, that you can influence your situation by being strong and powerful inside, you will get everything you want (including moving back to Ireland).

  • Hmmm. I am re-reading 'The Secret" but I am not so sure what I think about it. I do not like the author's style. However I am going to gve it a shot. And the feeling of empowerment comes and goes with me, I must just learn to harness it when it comes round again. And hubby was a professional musician way back in the times of Eastern Germany but gave it up because it was not bringing in the money, but that was before my time. He is indeed scared that it would not support us, I think also he is afraid he would not become popular again, that there are too many young talents out there, that he has not practised for a long time and would not be good enough. He is afraid to take time away from the company. I have told him it will not collapse if he goes off wiht his guitar for a couple of hours every now and again. He would like to coach young talents though.Music is his soul and he is denying himself his soul. I am asking my angels and spirit guides and all the help I can get for an opening, now that we have identified the wish. As for Ireland, I have tentatively started looking at houses and schools and I reckon the right one will just fall onto our laps, be it in Ireland or elsewhere, that is what always seems to happen.


  • I don't subscribe to 'The Secret' much at all becuase it suggests you can have whatever you want without doing any work on yourself to find out why you do not have what you want. It's a bit too simplistic. I think it's only half the picture - you can attract what you want but before that you have to dig deep to get to the bottom of why there is lack in the first place in your life.

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