Self improvement by horoscope

  • Hi!

    I'm a gemini, born on 24/05/1985. I'm very interested in getting to know myself better and improve my good qualities and hmm soften the bad ones.

    To all you geminis out there! How do you focus ever. I have a major problem of jumping from one thing to another. I am really scared that I will never go in anything deeply. But I am unhappy if I try to ground myself. Maybe older geminis know how to handle this trait?

    It would be nice to hear what bad qualities people try to change and how!

    All zodiac signs are welcome to join!

  • I have Gemini rising and I have trouble focusing as well.

    You may never be entirely happy directing your focus completely,but you can find ways that will help you have some satisfaction.

    I find that playing brain training games that include focus helps.

    Focusing on attaining inner peace or calmness as opposed to focus also helps.

    Then applying what you do with the games or possibly with meditation to what you want to focus on helps.

    It just takes lots of practice otherwise.

    I wish I could help more.

    Good luck!=D

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