May I have a reading please?

  • Hello Captain. I have read several of your readings and they all seem very insightful. Can you help me please? Essentially I need a general reading. My main question is did some wiccan put a spell/hex/curse on me? What do you see in my near financial future? I went to school and have been looking for a job since January. Do you foresee me getting a job soon? Will I move to Cleveland? Was Jack Owen my soulmate....why did he break my heart and trust? Will I fall in love again with a nice man?

    My name is Michele Hagedorn Bartczak DOB Nov 25, 1974

    Jack Owen Feb 14,1974

    Thank you so very much!!!

  • There is no curse on you but you do tend to surround yourself with negative thinking that draws bad things to you. Change your thinking and change your future. Until you do, you will not receive anything that you want in terms of love and career. Jack Owen was 'a' soulmate but not the real love of your life - he is still out there.

  • Thank you very much!!! I am trying to be more positive.... "What you think about, you bring about" right?

  • Hello,

    I would like to have a reading for me.

    Name Roopashree Sharma

    DOB 23/09/1990

    Kindly give me a reading in regard to my career and relationships.



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