What could this phone call have meant?

  • Okay, this is going to be an odd question, but I do not know who else to turn to. I would like some help in determining what this phone call I received possibly could mean?

    I need to give you some details, and I am not sure how everyone feels about the topic of illegal immigration, but please bear with me and no negative comments (regarding illegal immigration) please!:

    I have a husband who is from Honduras and him and I have been separated since March 2008 (I want the divorce, but he does not) and recently he called me up and told me that he was going to try and come back here to either work things out or get a divorce.

    He told me that he was going to cross the border on July 4th. Well he called me up July 3rd in the morning and told me that he was going to cross that night. I received many calls on the evening of July 3rd; one call popped up as a Mexico phone number and the others were Unknown.

    On Monday, I received a call from Mexico from two men: The first man spoke only Spanish and told me that my husband and him had crossed the border and thank God they are safe, etc. and that they are in Phoenix, Arizona. He asked me my name and where I was at (which I thought was odd). I asked if I could please speak with my husband, since I did not understand that man's Spanish too well. He told me that he would put someone else on the phone that spoke more English. So he did, and this man sounded quite rough at the beginning of the call.

    He kept asking me "We have your husband and want to know who is going to pay for him?" I asked him "Pay?!" I had NO idea about all this and told him so. He kept asking who was going to pay for him. Finally, I told him that this is ridiculous and that I found it quite weird that my husband HIMSELF was not calling me and that they were calling me instead. So I told this man that I was not going to say another word until I spoke with my husband to find out what was going on.

    He asked me if he could call me back in two minutes, and that was that. He has not called me back since.

    I am concerned because I have read online about places called 'drop houses' and that sometimes people who have crossed the border are tortured there until their family member pays money.

    Whoever is reading this post, I would like a Tarot reading or even a psychic's help. What do you see regarding this? I have mixed feelings and wonder what to make of it. Is my husband being harmed? Is he okay? Was the phone call just a lie, since they would not put him on the phone?

    I appreciate whoever is reading this to have an open mind, as it is quite an odd question for you I am sure!

    I appreciate any readings/feelings you can give me, as I am quite concerned and wonder if I should contact the Arizona Police about this to see if they could trace the cell phone and see if it was coming from Mexico or if it was actually coming from Arizona.

    Thank you.


  • bmp

  • Do absolutely nothing - it could be very dangerous for you to draw attention to yourself. Your husband must handle his own affairs. Don't get drawn in. There is an element of trickery here and also corruption - stay out of it and let it work itself out. There are very bad men involved here.

  • Thank you Captain. I just got chills when I read this! I feel that there is danger involved here as well.

    I do not trust this situation one bit and believe that either he is in danger or he is part of it and has gone to the "bad side." He has never been all that trustworthy, so this is really no surprise.

    Thank you so much again, Captain!

  • Oh Megan, look out for yourself, this sounds really scary.

  • Yes, paddifluff. I felt not too good after that phone call and I was shaking and crying. Just was not your typical phone call! I am even thinking of changing my number too. Even though I do not want to receive any more phone calls like that EVER again, I am wondering why he did not call back?

    One more thing Captain, I was wondering do you see me getting my divorce ever? Thank you!

  • The way your husband is going, you won't need a divorce - you may very well end up a widow.

  • This is exactly what I have been thinking. I think he is on the "bad side" regarding drugs...or even worse. How sad is this. Not sad because I still have feelings for him, but sad because I thought he had so much more potential. But he has always done what he has wanted to do, regardless of who he hurts. As long as it has to do with money, I know he will do it. If he does pass away like that and I end up a widow, the sad thing is that I will probably not even know it!

    Thank you once again, Captain. You have been SO helpful with all my past questions and I have started reading your blog and I LOVE it!!! Such a good idea! 🙂

    Thank you again!


  • I do have one more question regarding my husband. Do you see him showing up at my house at all, like unexpectedly? I am worried and concerned about my family's safety if he is in bad stuff. I just hope he will not try to harm us. Before he got into all this stuff...well unless it has not been suddenly and it has been all along and I just did not know about it...well anyways, he and I were talking and his plans were to cross the border and come here. I am wondering if eventually he will try and do that, whether he is still in bad stuff or not. 😕

    Thank you once again! 🙂


  • OH,MEGAN...





  • At the moment he is not in a position to be able to travel freely. If he does turn up, do not open the door or let him in. The more you make contact with him, the more of his problems will transfer into you.

  • Yes, Captain I was feeling this same thing. You say he is not able to travel freely. Does this mean he is being watched or he is being held in one place and is not allowed to go anywhere? I do not plan on opening the door nor letting him in if he does end up showing up here.

    Should I contact the police in Arizona though? Or is it not safe? I just cannot help think that what if I could save him or others? I know, probably silly lol. Or if I did contact the police there could this draw attention to me as well with the bad men involved?

    Thank you!


  • Oh and I wanted to say thank you, shatz, for your reply! I received a call from him today actually, and he is with immigration. So at least he is alive. But thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts.

  • Thats good Megan "your right he is alive", plus the other important fact you can breathe again...I really hope you can get some clarity...Take good care of yourself and your family

    Hugs sheila

  • But don't forget Captain's advice to stay out of it if you want to stay safe.

  • paddifluff is correct Megan,You need to make some decissions:)

    again take care

    peace,light, and love


  • Megan, you say you want a divorce yet you still feel responsible for this man and think you should help him. You need to break completely from this dangerous person, whether or not he gives you a physical divorce or not. By staying in contact, you give him the message that you want him in your life. Be decisive! Stay out of it.

  • Yes, you are right Captain. It is just that I have a good heart, sometimes TOO good, and well I thought he was in danger so I did not want him killed or anything. But he is alive and fine. I talked to him tonight actually.

    I have this idea that what if my lawyer sent the divorce papers to where he is being detained? I wonder if that is a good idea so I can put all of this in the past once and for all? I want to break away from him completely Captain, I do. I get physically sick over all of this and whenever I talk about him with my mother or something that has to do with him I get so negative and start yelling and I get SO angry. He really brings out the worse in me.

    This is the last question (regarding this situation, anyways) that I will ask you Captain. Do you feel it is wise to get on the phone with my lawyer tomorrow (paperwork is already filled out, he is just waiting to get an address to send it to my husband) and tell him that I know where he is at and to ask him if my husband receives the papers does he HAVE to sign them since he IS in the United States and he would receive them from a police official?

    Or do I just leave it be and let it be in God's hands?

    You have been SO helpful already and I appreciate that.

    Thank you again!

  • Thank you Sheila! I will take good care of all of us 🙂

    Paddifluff you are certainly right, and I DO want to stay safe! 🙂

  • Seeking a divorce will not be fruitful at this time. The police can't force your husband to sign and besides the papers would make him very very angry with you.

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