Drama is finally gone, Cap can you do a reading...Please

  • I have finally gotten rid of the drama that was causing me heartache for 17 years. Capt, Can you tell me what you see. My birthdy 2-3-57/ We talked a long time ago and you told me about the baggage and said he is a weasel, a leech not to let him back well it s been awhile, My life has order again with out him and his drama. he is someone else's problem now. So can you tell me, about my financial status, my love life and my household. Thank you

  • Now that you have shed your 'reckless youth' and flakiness (you resisted the maturation process for a very long time, didn't you?) and become a bit more settled, you need to preserve that stability. You must cultivate the ability to handle responsibility now and stop letting your eccentricities carry into your personal and professional life and pursuits. Whether you realise it or not, you are a naturally popular person and this can thrust you into a position of power or authority if you show the maturity you have slowly been developing. But you must be prepared to take on the responsiblity of such a position. It's really time to grow up and make adult decisions about work and people. You also must learn how to say 'no' diplomatically. You don't need to live up to everybody's expectations of you. Time to do what you want without worrying about what everyone else is thinking about you.

    At the moment you are going through many endings in order to find new beginnings, sorting out what is no longer useful to you anymore and chucking it out. You are spring-cleaning your life - so be rigorous in removing old habits, people, beliefs, and possessions that you no longer need or that serve you. Adopting a seriousness of purpose and owning your own authority will allow new romantic partners, who are mature and self-sufficient like you are now, to emerge. Don't fall back into childish ways or you will end up attracting the same immature partners as you always have. You will always attract many hangers-on but you must not permit others to use you or become over-dependent on you anymore.

    The more responsible and mature you become, so will your partner and career choices. You have the need and ability to attract a lot of money but you must be prepared to go for leadership jobs where authority and responsibility are involved and are rewarded by better pay. But you can have mixed feelings about money and worldly success that must be resolved before your financial and professional situation can improve. Money itself is not evil - only what people do with it can be good or bad. Ironically, you can be very good at working with other people's money (banking, investments, insurance etc.) or in lines of work where you can delve into secrets or other people's minds (psychologist, private investigator, researcher, editor, etc.)

    Change only happens if you change.

  • I actually thought the drama was over. My ex and his new girlfriend had me arrested for stalking them when in fact he has been around my house to show them what I look like and where I live tell me he is not a sick puppy. what ex brings new girlfriends around to see their old ex? When is his stalking going to stop making me a freak show or should i look at it as being a princess, showing me attention that he doesnt have a life but is still making me important in his even thought i am not in his life? please help me

  • Don't get sucked into his games - whatever happens, don't react to it. He wants to get back under your skin. Show him you don't care and he will lose interest.

  • capt I am having a hard time finding a better job. Please help me

  • If you want a better job, Dnmre, you have got to stop searching for conventional ones and stick your neck out by trying for more offbeat and more public ones than maybe you would prefer, such as positions of leadership. You have very mixed feelings about money and worldly success and may need to overhaul your beliefs if you want to be successful. Like it or not, you are an unusual person with a visionary mind. You've got a job to do in the world and you must put aside your fears of being poor to take a risk. You may equate wealth with emotional security but you can't let it stop you doing the things you were born to do. There has been separation or tragedy in your family that has created feelings of emptiness in you but it mustn't let it make you so afraid that you can't venture far from your house or your known world.

    A lack of self-trust can hold you back in some areas of work. Have the courage to get out of your comfort zone if you want a better job. You have to be willing to work with others, even form a partnership, finding those who have similar resources and values that you can all share. Though you may prefer to work alone, working with a team will enhance your overall skills and result in far greater financial rewards. You are good at working with other people's money or helping other people to change such as through counselling or psychology. You would be a good editor as you can delve into people's minds, see their intentions, and bring the material to light in a clear way. You are imaginative, intuitive, and resourceful and any line of work that involves uncovering secrets or some kind of research would suit. You need a profession that involves constant change and growth as it will bring you excitement and the potential for personal evolution. Don't be too rigid in choosing a career. Go for something that may be far from your usual choices.

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