• Seems the system that the SSA has used for decades might work, if you could find a way to incorporate it:


    Feel for you all. Don't know how you handle the chaos. Reminds me of lions fighting

    over a carcass. There seems to be a severe lack of courtesy in general these days.

    Good luck in finding a solution...

  • Aunt Buck I applaud you for your courage. I say this, cuz I seriously think it takes a lot to offer. I haven't quite mustered up the courage. Congratulations. 🙂

    archersbow -- What an awesome analogy! .....lions feeding....have any of you actually really watched the discovery channel or whatever channel to see such a site? archersbow hit the nail on the head!

  • Hey ya'll 🙂

    Do people actually take the time to read through the posts or just ask their question and then scan through the pages for their own answer!?! Not a question really, more of a statement! Lol! I know there are many that do but way to many that really don't care, just care about themselves! Very sad 😞 I think if more people would take time to read through the questions and answers they would learn a lot about themselves through others! There have been many times I have seen a post from someone that I can totally relate to their situation and I look forward to seeing the response as I learn from it as well! You know the saying "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey" - in that respect I think we experience alot of the same things just in different places and in different human forms and we can learn lessons from being more intuned with others...but then what do I know!?! Lol! I'm still learning in human form 🙂

    I wish I could help out with readings, but all I can do at this point is just speak form my heart! I keep being told by those I have the highest respect for that I am intuitive but I haven't learned yet how ?? The last several days I have had this strong feeling that there is some kind of message but I can't hear it! It's very frustrating because it wakes me from a dead sleep! I've spent quite a bit of time reading through posts thinking or hoping that it will "jump out" at me and hit me over the head! Lol! I put a few threads out there thinking that maybe someone will feel drawn to it (course Captain responded, she's a doll and Amantim, you helped me alot too, but I feel there is more?? I always tend to worry a bit when I start a thread or make a request, cause I don't want to be disrespectful to anyone! I know when I first joined I really didn't know how it all worked and I hope I never offended anyone and if I did, I sincerely apologize! I try to give newbies the benefit of the doubt when they 1st join, that they also don't know how it all works...but sometimes it doesn't take long at all for that benefit of the doubt to disappear! Example, Aunt Buck's thread there is a newbie that has posted 3 or 4 times after it was closed and when I look at other threads I see the same pattern from this person doing the same thing to others and I just want to post to them and tell them they are getting on all wrong and they will get a bad reputation and no one will want to read for them. But I wonder if I would be disrespecting them because maybe they are in a desperate situation and really need help?

    Ok, I've rambled on enough! Lol! Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I hope people can learn to have more patience and be more respectful of one another!

    Hope ya'll have a beautiful day/afternoon/evening , whatever time of day it is in your part of the world 🙂

  • danr -- Wow! that was a bit breathtaking for me. It's like you were reading from my soul.

    Thank you for singing for me! 🙂

  • Amantim ~ the song of one active single mom singing to another 😉 We're all connected in some way! Oh, oh, OH....I just scared myself with that! There are some I would prefer not to be connected too! Lol!

  • Well I would say that ppl depend on cards too much~~ just imagine if we tell them a yes or no and if the choices that we readers made for them are wrong who they blame? Blame us? Sometime we leave them a choice they will continue to ask until they can get a correct one~~ I would say why don't just get hold of your fate plan your life as u want.. Even as a reader myself I seldom ask readings from ppl as i think any problems I can handle rather let fate to decide for me~~ seriously these ppl really need to reconsider before asking too much question.. Important ones is fine but not those small ones~~ =X

  • danr -- oooooo, you're good.....I like that tune! Yes, there are some that I would rather keep a distance from myself. LOL!

    Mikyo -- I completely understand where you're coming from on that one. I don't usually hang on every word of a reader either. I take what I get from it and use it as warning label or such. Like, I could tear that tag off of that mattress even IF it tells me otherwise! LOL! 🙂

    Ultimately, it's my own choice at the end. Nobody else is going to make my decisions for me. I like the way you think.

  • Yea~~ basically is the way we handle~~ 😃 and glad someone posted this post~~ I wonder if this world doesn't have all this readers and even the invention of divination.. So when they hits a problem who will they look up for? Haha

  • Danr, u made a great point. People do NOT read the last post made on the thread even. U guys see im kinda watching out for newbie readers, n one has ALREADY CLOSED her first readings list, n YET YET peeps post asking for a reading by her. TOTALLY ignoring the previous stated posts. I mean HOW HARD IS IT TO SCHROLL UP N AT LEAST SKIM whats going on?

    NOOOO people open thread hit reply to this topic n bam.

    Im half way to get admin to ................ useless fruitless ................ man

    I dunno wt to do anymore. people just dotn give a rats ass. So i reckon we oldies need to b more harsh , on themove, more visible to show support n stop neebies threads n bombardments not to grow into a bloody tsunami, then again ..................... do they wish us to? do they need it? aint there a thing called a learning curve?

    What pisses me is the newbies who burns for it, test drive n is bombardedm get scared n develope a fear for their own God given gifts. N it becomes a hinderness in developments n evolution of their own selves. They dotn grow.

    what a burden us oldies suddenly has. BOy!

  • I like that idea about taking a number but I know if I go on a thread sometimes I get my answer from what is technically someone elses reading is that bad ? then I was always taught that please and thankyou doesnt cost anything but nowadays it seems to shock people when I say thankyou do you think disrespect is an age thing ? (I'm 52), seems to me that some people won't wait any more, I've been in shops and people just walk in front of me and have taken stuff which I was looking at from right under my nose maybe it's the way younger people are nowadays? I hope not,

    Love and Light

    Brightest blessings


  • Thank you for posting this.

  • Well I am certainly grateful to this thread for the advice that I have received and heeded. I started a thread and offered 10 people a 1 question reading. They listened astonishingly well.

    I've read for 5 of them and have 5 to go. I need some sleep though. So, I'll finish them up tomorrow night.

    I do have to say a BIG HUGE thank you though. I'm getting GREAT feedback from my readings and am so tickled pink! It is such a huge pleasure for me to be able to help others. (I hope I didn't just jinx myself! LOL! )

    Thank you again all!


  • ((((HUGS)))) Amantim 🙂

    I'm off to bed too! Back tomorrow...God willing!

    A wonderful night to all...may the angels watch over you 🙂

  • Listen if the person that abusive, don't them a reading anymore. Just don't waste time giving a reading if they trreat you poorly.

  • Ive been insanely busy over hte past month, I guess I missed the drama :0) I hope everything has settled down and manners have kicked in again! Maybe it was something in the air? Anyway, Big smiles to everyone and I hope you are all well!

  • What is worse, requestee´s that jump the line already made or the reader who allows them to jump the line?

    I also see this more n more. I think this makes it harder for all parties.

    again i had to "remind" the reader of it n hinted read this here thread.

    Man. as much as i dislike it, i do believe we need to take it on as many other instances has to maintain "some" order. criterias, as in NUMBERS. u know 1 2 3 4 etc n we as readers stick to the list n dnt let any jump the line. fair wouldnt u say?

    or is that not fair?

    lets us weigh this q.

  • Grettings! Yes CharmedWitchBente--the oldies (who are conscious) everywhere suddenly do have the big burden! Not just here at our forums! People are acting out of FEAR--and I think that’s a lot of the bombardment. It’s desperation--NEED--for answers that are really in them already!

    It’s true--newbies get scared off. Oldies can only support them & try to gentle them through it all. All part of that testing.

    archersbow you are so right--there IS a severe lack of courtesy in general these days.

    chrissicat --I DON’T think age is the disrespect thing. I know people my age and older with BAD manners & have met some youngers with excellent sense of courtesy. It’s the person. Don’t feel shy about schooling rude people (not in a scolding way--but a dry comment or sincere one.)

    Most go “oh--” feel mortified and try to remember to do better. I think MEDIA is the disrespect thing! I just hit 55 & look younger--so told by the youngers who’ve guessed at anywhere from “36” to “early 40’s?’ I looked OLDER when young:-) Dated anywhere from a few years to 2 decades older! At 13--I passed for 18. NOW the unique experience (single after a decade with one man & a few years on my own) it's the youngers that are after me! I had to regroup & think--how much younger will I go? I had one SO much younger make the most polite play for me--shocking--as he KNEW my age! But it was so smooth & polite--I thought if only my peers had such good manners about it! How young is too young for this RisingPhoenix? I've had to revise a few times! Picked an arbitrary age--then one made me have to reconsider it. That smooth one was just 21--can you imagine? But he made me reconsider 36! Still thinking about 36--who's having a tough moment of transition--either he chooses WELL & it's a go--or not--in which case one who appears to have just finessed his way through his Saturn return & showing very much respect, interest & manners may have a chance. They must be past their first Saturn Return. And they must be past it WELL! Some in their 40's & 50's are still struggling with that FIRST one! So they won't do:-) It's the PERSON not the age of the person!

    People really are very trained by media & movies today--they think that how they see people treat one another on TV is how we should be acting!

    But I learned a lesson about how people need to be given information: at the two week point of a 30 day crowdfunding campaign--where if I reach my goalor surpass it by the end date--I HAVE finds to move ahead--& if I don't I get nothing--I was starting to feel a little desperation myself!

    That media training has people acting as if they are watching a movie & doin't have to take action themselves! I got messages, calls, "likes" on the Facebook posts! And so I said to one smart friend who called to say "great video" about my pitch-video--did you pledge? Did you share? Crowdfundings a way for artists to get creative projects funded--kind of like Public TV--but for that "all or nothing" part! He said "uhh no--" and told me I'd have to SPELL IT OUT in IDIOT STEP-by-STEP: Click link. Pledge. Share. THAT appears to be working better!

    So perhaps the spelling out would work here too:

    Take a number. If we've reached # X don't post any q's--thats the limit. Ask a question of THIS kind. Wait at least (a week?) People are really needing that kind of simple clear directive!

    Congrats to all of you who are now bravely leaping into the waters!

    CharmedWitchBente--your last suggestion: I don't read on our forums--only read for myself these days...but I wonder: aren't there times when a reader might get insight on someone out-of-utrn-in-the-linear line-up? Maybe if readers just promised to answer within the week--or whatever time period that would be--might that not be clear enough to the readees to wait patiently?

    And if any readee's are reading this: LISTEN UP! READERS are PEOPLE! DON'T NAG or be a PEST! with LOTS of LOVE & LIGHT! I'm off to LAFF!

  • actually Rising Phoenix so did I and yes, you are right but why should it be that people should be shocked at those people, and youngsters like my son who do have good manners and a unique look..(long fuzzy curls inherited from me), and hubby who looks more as if he'd bite than be nice, but is always as helpful as he can be, and me who looks like a wreck sometimes too as you can see

  • cwb,let me first start off by saying you are awesome and i thank you for the advice you gave to me in one thread i started awhile back(remember?)you really did help me to realize alot of things. and being a reader myself i understand where your coming from because sometimes i do feel like im just a magical machine like sometimes if im doing a fair or some kind of event i"ll have people come to me when im clearly TRYING TO EAT without even saying "sorry am i bothering you?" or anything. i also hate when people decide to be smartasses<_< i mean ok you dont believe in psychics you dont have to be a jerk!(i would say something much worse to describe how i feel about them but i dont wanna use too much naughty language lol)

  • also chrissicat MY GOD YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

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