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  • That sounds like an excellent website/idea, RisingPhoenix.

    It's interesting that you refer to your 'relationship' wih your bank. Would we allow people in our lives to teach us as badly as these big institutions treat us? It's all about how they 'value' us - or not.

  • Thanks for the heads up Captain.


  • RisingPhoenix, I've been a member of a credit union since 1981, and I totally trust what Captain said about it. It's a totally different experience than at a bank. They have all kinds of accounts, and you don't have to have much to open one. Anyone can join them now, and they really do take care of you. It shouldn't cost you anything to open an account. Talk to someone at a credit union first, and they will help you do it. It's easier than you think.

  • Hello Captain

    I have a question? One of my classmates is going to be investing her money into some stocks. Are you saying that she should not do that now she should wait for a while before she invests her money into anything. Is that what you are saying thanks so much for all of your help.

    You are awesome.

    Thanks Illona

  • Blackladydiver, your friend must use her intuition in ivnesting and not listen to the so-called experts as their judgments are going to be wrong. She will be OK as long as she follows her own inner wisdom, even if it goes against what everyone else is advising. Normally strong investments are going to weaken soon.

  • I currently have been banking with a credit union for about 12 years and I love them! I only have savings/checking with them. After my divorce, my ex husband had written bad checks and we were in all the check systems as a no go. I had even asked one of the credit unions I had a savings account to open a checking with them (not knowing at the time I had a tax refund of thousands sitting in the account) and they refused. I went to this credit union, explained the situation and being a small place, my person explained to the manager and they opened an account for me. That small bit of faith has made me a completely happy customer who supports them wholeheartedly. I went in recently and was checking into CD's for my severance pay and the rep was not only willing to go out and check all the interest rates for their competitors but also for the credit union. She really went the extra step for me and like I said, it was wholeheartedly appreciated.

    Thanks for the website information. I will definitely look at it since I want my 401K money closer to home than where it is right now. For some reason....I have a feeling they just might be listed on the good site. 🐵

  • OK....quick update. Credit Union is one of them. The one that denied me a checking account after having had a savings account with them for 5+ years, not. Hmmm.. This definitely brings a smile to my face tonight. Thank you very much!

  • I haven't used a bank for many years - my credit union treats me so much better, like a real person rather than a money pit to steal from.

  • OK so I have just seen this post and I am selling the business as you know. An it is now mid-July. So should I maybe wait until the dust settles or throw myself in and make a fortune on someone else's loss?

  • Paddifluuf, as long as you negotiate fairly and do the best for all concerned, things will go well. Only those who have been sitting on their wealth or behaving greedily/ruthlessly/criminally will suffer. Any wrong-doing regards money at the moment will backfire.

  • My Friends--so glad to hear good new about credit unions & that you were guided to a good one AuntBuck! And that you like the link to tell you which small banks and credit unions are good Captain! For me Sandpiper--I know I don't need a lot--I just don't have ANY--I have been here before--and now it's time for the Wheel of Fortune to CHANGE that--and with the wisdom of experience, I plan to stay in the hub once it does! I have a goal to reach --more focused on SURPASSING it--than just reaching it in the next 9 days! THEN--the credit union Sandpiper--gotta have SOMETHING to put in! I have SO been doing my best--and have been done wrong by several who took the work or service or product and refused to pay! THAT got me into trouble! I do know it will backfire on them Captain. Amazing that I have NO money yet am so calm & trusting that Universal Abundance is already here--just working it's way through whatever obstacles are now breaking up! Everyone send me good energy that I well-surpass my goal in the next 9 days!!! THEN I can get the help I need to achieve what I was given to do! Captain--if you happen to get any insights on which direction I need to turn to for the few sponsors I approach--or WHERE my best direction to turn to for the REAL income to come from--I'd be grateful. Many options--I know it will be from a few of them. Just who to approach or look to first?

    Life is certainly another adventure for me:-) That is why I chose the name RisingPhoenix.

    It has burned. It's been ashes. I am spreading my wings. LOVE & LIGHT

  • Wow. I will be glued to the news over the next couple of weeks!

  • Thank you CAPTAIN. I am one of the little gals, who needs a financial boost.

    Thanks for your insight and Thank you to your spirit.


  • Shares on the global stock markets took a plunge over the weekend - especially those of the big banks - a trend I expect to continue.

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