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  • Spirit has just informed me of a huge global economic turnaround (the opposite trend to the financial crisis where 'the little guys' were hit hardest) that will begin around the middle of July. Those people who have been really struggling with their finances will now find money flowing to them and those who have too much will be losing massive fortunes. No one should make any investments or major purchases/sales after mid-July. Expect huge share market plunges and financial loss on the part of big investors. Many wealthy people will see their fortunes reduced during this time, especially if they have been too reckless or greedy with their money. Do nothing speculative or risky as it could backfire on you. Previously 'safe' investments and stocks (even oil and gold) are about to go haywire.

    So the next earth 'disasters' will be economic.

  • Thanks for sharing that information Captain 🙂

  • You're welcome - I hope many people see this in time!

  • Hello Captain

    Thanks so much for that. Maybe now my money problems will be a little better till I

    find a job. Because right now I could just go and be like barney and clyde. But thanks again

    for the heads up.


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  • This interests me since as I have stated, I am unemployed now and living off savings and unemployment. I have a small amount of money in a retirement account ran by a big financial institution. I have been deliberating on whether or not I should withdraw that money and put it in a regular savings account. What do you think about that? I am one of those not making a lot of money...haha...but I do have some savings with a large corporation. Withdraw or leave it?

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  • Captain, I've been feeling this, too. I didn't know why. Thought I was really losing it. But, as a 'little guy', I've been feeling hopeful??? It made NO sense at all!! Everyone around me was/is freaking out. People with way more money than I. But my own (small, just me) business has steadily been picking up just this month after several down years???? And much of it was 'out of the blue' and unexpected?? I don't want to see anyone suffer, even the wealthy. But I've been getting a 'hold on' message, like help is coming? I thought I'd just made it up, in my head, out of desperation.

    Then you post THIS.

    I've also been feeling like those who have businesses, and treat their employees badly, need to change NOW. That those with no ethics need to clean it up immediately. That it may be too late, but that even a futile effort, or a grand gesture of compassion, would count for something??? A huge donation to a homeless shelter? Employee bonuses? Or just buy them all lunch? Kinda like "A Christmas Carol"? God bless us every one? If I had an employee, I would take him/her out for a huge steak dinner, tonight. And thank them for all of their hard work. And treat them like an equal. But I don't have the slightest idea WHY.

  • All apologies to my vegan friends. A big salad.

  • It means following your instincts when it comes to dealing with speculative ventures like the stock market or with large institutions like banks because there is heavy karma coming for any money companies that have been abusing their customers through greed. And the big banks have been pretty irresponsible. Small and caring institutions like credit unions will prosper during this time.

  • Hi Captain,

    I have been following you on the threads for a while. You're very insightful. Did you see the thread where I asked you a question. I hope you have time.

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  • Thanks Captain - I now know that I will get the job of my dreams soon!! I have "felt" that things are working out now but you have just re-inforced it.... This year has been rough and I am really hoping things will turn around. They have been sloooowly turning - hoping this marks the change I have been waiting for...

  • Yes I feel the stock market in general will be affected as investors will not be making the most sensible investments at this time. A BIG crash is coming. Any risky venture will have serious reprecussions.

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  • No, I feel there will be a lot of instability in formerly solid investments. It really is a time when people will have to use their intuition or go bust.

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  • How interesting that this blessing in disguise should pop up.I know quite a few people who are self employed,and talk with them regularly.Each has been tending their own backyard gardens and while not a huge stream of money has blessed them,they are thriving.Good call captain and thank you.

  • GRATITUDE for the NewsFlash Captain!

    Aunt Buck--there's an organization you can google ''moveyourmoney"

    It encourages people to move to small banks that did not operate so badly/scandalously at their customers' expense & credit unions with good rep's. You can put int your zip-code & get a list of "good small ones."

    I'm with Captain on that--the bigger they came--the harder they're gonna fall--work with those who don't have all that greed-created-bad -karma.

    My choice: for the moment I'm so hand to mouth--staying with the "big" bank I'm not happy with thyy've had my account many years) so cashing the occasional checks ok. The minute I have a sum to start a new relationship----I'll open a new account in one of the "good business" small banks or credit unions--already copied the lists off that site.

    Respect your wisdom Captain--hope you're right-on about how SOON!

    Thanks--& may we all be ready:-)


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