Is it over now?: + Can I PLEASE get a love reading?

  • I regret bursting out like that.But I mean,at the time..I was really angry.Everythings so confusing,and it got to frustrating for me.We are together in real life,but now since schools done we message each other on facebook mostly,and then meet up at the park or whatever.But for the past few days,we haven't been spending ANY time with each other.Not even on facebook.D:


    Im gonna go to the park.^^

    Try to be there if you can.

    I loveee you.:P ♥

    Him:omfg im sooooooooo sorry i was very busy so i couldn't come im sooooo sorry

    i love you too

    Me:Yeah.I understand how busy you can be these days.

    Especially on the phone,ay?

    But hey.Like I said,I understand.I understand everything perfectly fine.

    I really wanted to talk to you about how I felt in all of this.

    But do YOU understand how we've barely been talking to each other for the past few days?Do YOU understand how odd it seems when you and Carolyn get on and off at the same time.Do YOU understand how it makes me feel to hear things like "You're boyfriends fun to talk to on the phone" especially when I know you guys talk on the phone til 11.Do YOU understand how much Ive tried to keep my cool about all of this?Do YOU understand how it makes me feel?I "UNDERSTAND" how much of a bitch Im being right now.And Im sorry it had to come out like this in a hateful way.But I was gonna talk to you about it until you had to "brb" for 5 mins,at 1:07,when Carolyn left at 1:05.I really hope Im not sounding too selfish right now,and once again Im sorry it came out like this,hopefully you'll "UNDERSTAND" the way Ive been trying to all this time.

    He hasn't replied to that yet.Hes a Virgo..Sept 12.And Im a Gemini,May 27th...My bff Carolyn is a cusp. We all know Cancer and Virgo are VERY compatible..-.- I over reacted in all of this. But what should I do now?: Will he end things with me?UGGGH.Please help.And maybe a love reading would help too.

    Pleaseee,anything.Im just really scared to lose him after all we've been through.

  • Spirit shows me a sign that says ENERGY. You have trouble with channeling your energy constructively. It's not that your feelings are not valid--in fact you go back and forth between exploding and apologizing--exploding and apologizing. The emotion is so big that yes you can actually make the reader want distance. You are your own enemy and communication is key. Perhaps it is easier for him to talk or as they say shoot the breeze with another because there are no touchy emotions involved--just a friendly getting along. Friends are easier than romantic relationships. When people are insecure or overly jeolouse they overreact when their fear gets in the way. First--you seem very young as most adults would not get so upset over a few days seperation. You have too much time on your hands if this is too much seperation. Healthy people are busy. If it did hurt your feelings to know he made time for another but not you it would go over better if you just expressed yourself without all the fearfull angry energy because energy is tangeble to others. People respond more to energy than words at times so if you want an honest answer you need to burn off some of that energy first before talkinjg to him heartfelt. You need to be more sure with your demands and not so wishy washy--are you really feeling you are being selfish? Try not to send messages when you are so full of conflicting emotion as you will regret it once the relief of letting off steam passes. Once you are calm then you just tell him the truth no apologizing for your feelings. Keep it diret and simple and without blame. If you grab too tight you only make him want to run for air. Wait untill you are face to face to talk about seriouse feelings. Tell him that you get worried he's lost interest when you don't get together for more than 3 days and you start imagining the worst when you find out he spends time with your friend on the phone. Tell him you worry he prefers her over you. If you come at him with anger he will be defensive when really you need communication--he may have a perfectly good answer for you that does not support your fear. Perhaps he is very secure--feels safe in love and doesn't question seperation like you and talking to other friends is just that. A seperate thing that does not mean a competition. You may just have different ideas about relationship rules. You can't get what you want if you do not express your needs and fears in a way he can digest without defending himself. Spirit suggest distance from him is good for now--he's waiting for you to calm down as he doesn't like drama. You need to work off that energy and find a regular outlet for your emotions as this will be a reacurring issue for you. You need to have a good work out schedual or a very engaging hobbie that channels your high passion and anxiety levels. As for your insecurity and jeoulouse nature you must learn to channel that as well as it will send love running. You can not control or own a person and they are not stolen by others. They can be seduced or tempted but you can't controll that. Love is being vulnerable and trust is part of the happy package. Either trust him or don't and if he chooses another you have no control over that. A broken heart heals to love another day but a heart that doesn't trust can not love. You are overwhelmed with emotions. This will blow over like a summer storm. Get out of your head--enjoy something else and he will call the moment you let go of fear. Blessings

  • Thank you so much.(:

    This really helps.So,basically you're telling me to burn off that energy first before talking to him?And you want me to be all cool and calm about this so that he doesn't run off?Yeah,I can manage that much.:P

    But what are all the things the spirits are telling you about this situation?

    I really would appreciate it if you had some time to share it with me.

  • Spirit tells you only what helps you grow--they do not make it perfectly easy for you. It does not help you to predict exactly if he's forever or if he'll wander because dealing with these emotions and fears are meant to help you heal. He brings out the best and worse in you and likewise you force him to confront issues in himself. I can see that you and him are both shielded when in love--protective of your deepest emotions. Getting close is scary and you each deal with it differently. You hold on tighter and he lets go. He waits for you to tire yourself out and gets close again but the reality is too much intimacy makes him just as anxiouse as it does you. You both fear true rejection. He just hides it better. He distracts himself by being very busy. TOO busy. Spirit wishes you both learn balance but shows me you are fresh on the learning curve so if you do not grow with him the next man will present the same issues. It will help you to understand his fears as well as your own then you will see it really is not so personal but just a habit that keeps you both in your comfort zone. You need lots of validation and reasurance and he prefers space. YET he chooses you because he knows space is ok because you hang on so tight. If you could find a balance of being not so distracted by all him he would be forced to not take advantage of your tight grip. He's not worried about you---he feels you there. You are too predictable. A man needs to know you are true but should not take that for granted. He takes you for granted because you make it easy for him. I don't see him changing overnight. He is social and extroverted and likes his busy life and doesn't see it as a problem yet. I know you are looking for a more future prediction but spirit does not work like that. Not through me anyway. If you ask enough people you will get what you want to hear but will it help you learn and grow? Learning is work. Once you get it you will never have to go through it again so take the time now to see inside your needs and fears and how you two play off of each other. Communication without blame will help but is not easy. Try not to take it personal when you feel he is being cold and distant--he is but it's not because you are not worthy or you are not loveable--it's his problem. He is distant because getting too close is scary. Being wounded puts you in victim mode and thats never a good place. Emotions rule in victim mode. Thats why spirit says for you---a good workout first will clear that distraction so you can use your head and heart. When you are not feeling hurt you can ask him if he likes his space? Ask him if too much closeness makes him nervouse? If he says why do you ask just tell him the truth--you sometimes feel he is too busy for love. If he says that's crazy then you can drop it--do not argue because the thought has been expressed and he may think more on it when alone because right now he doesn't see the pattern. Neither of you has dated enough to see the pattern.. Once you understand your own needs and fears you will understand the attraction and how you two play off of each others fears.

  • @.@ I'm curious..

    Please help me to solve a question that nobody tell me...

    My firstlove still realy care about me. I asked him why, but he never tell me.

    Now, he lived far from me and rarely talk to me.

    We are good friends since high school.

    I really want to know what he's thinking.. If he doesn't want to see me in his life, I should be off..

    Thank you spirits..

    p.s: can you see my future husband look like? is he good looking? did I meet him yet?

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