Captain- -Please guide me

  • Dear Captain, a few months ago I asked for your guidance with a relationship I had ruined wondering if he would come back after I broke it off and you told me he would not come back...well that was true.

    I have been trying to move on but it seems I meet someone and at first I think I really like them and then after a bit I completely change my mind and want nothing to do with them. I feel terrible for doing this and i don't know why it's happening and why I am so blind initially.

    I see so much good in people...but I dont know if they are just not a good match for me, or do I have some kind of block towards having a person devoted to me.

    I just dont know why I keep doing this and I want to stop. I have settled down before of course and given my all to a few during my I dont know....maybe you can help..Many thanks.

  • Oh also my birthday is December 19 1983

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