Any Aries/Cancer relationships out there?

  • If so, feel free to share how it's going/went. Do you think these two signs can work?

  • Good Afternoon Christmasin july

    I don't know if you are the cancer but I am a cancer. I have a aries son his dob is march 25 2002 and my bestfriend Sabrina she was a aries. And the men that I never forgot in my life and no other can come up to him. I like aries myself. I think they are a cool sign and they are very truthful. THey don't like lies. So I think that it would be a good thing myself.


  • Do you have any aries signs in your moon or rising?

  • Hello christmasinjuly

    I am not sure if I have any aries in me. I just know that I really like aries people. I think they are so cool.

  • HELL NO these two cannot work, well depending where your birth dates lay, this is not the smartest choice, i am a cancer female and i dont even have any aries friends...they are too hard headed for me, my sister is an aries and we get along on the surface now but cannot go too deep or we will hurt each other, the cancer is possesive and the aries is free willed, even though the cancer loves to be free just as much when it comes to relationships the aries wants to be able to do anything they want, this can get the cancer upest... also the cancer is very insecure and the aries does not know how or what to do with this when someone is feeling this way, they are not good at comforting....cancers are very emotional, unless this is a cancer male aries female... and even then I dont think it would work, sorry

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  • @ barbara2107 - I've been trying to research the two signs, since my sun sign is a cancer & cancers are suppost to be ruled by the moon sign, but my moon sign is an aries, rising is a gemini. Those signs are all over the place!

    I guess it's a good thing sometimes. I have friends with just about every sign. But my personality & moods confuse most of my friends & family, along with myself.

  • I'm a cancer girl with an aries guy. Not easy. I can't talk about anything serious because his light-hearted aries-ness gets really uncomfortable. I have to say "think" instead of "feel" because saying "feel" freaks him out. I wouldn't say we're incompatible; I think it's more about taking some differences into consideration and working with it.

    My security-craving cancerness loves his physical strength and athleticism. He's a third degree blackbelt, so I feel physically secure. And those moments when he lets down his guard to say that even though he needs his space, he really loves me is incredibly affirming.

    Sometimes he doesn't give me enough attention, and it's not until he realizes that he could lose me that he does anything about it. This IS a problem, but generally I'm pretty happy with our compatibility.

    I love particularly love his almost child-like light-heartedness. It keeps me from being too serious. I love how athletic he is. I love his confidence. I like my aries.

  • I am a scorpio female i am trying to deal with a leo, both of our moons are in aries. we dont get a long he says i am controling i feel that he is all about his self. i keep telling him its not all about him. the funny thing is i care a lot about him. i just dont know what to do. can you guys give me some advice ?


  • Barbara2107 - My parents are an Aries/Cancer match and they've been married for almost 30 years. I generally like to avoid making dramatic statements about sign compatibility (re: "NO these two cannot work") because they will inevitably be proved wrong by someone at some point. It depends on the entire birth chart to determine a good matchup. Sun signs alone are not enough to make a sound judgment.

    You stated that possessive Cancer will smother the free-spirited Aries, but that depends, again, on the other planetary positions in the individuals' birth charts. For example, my boyfriend is a Cancer Sun, and I have Venus and Mars in Taurus (a sextile aspect). I rather like being possessed in a romantic sense. And his Venus in Leo appreciates the fiery, exuberant nature of my Sun in Aries (a trine aspect). Plus, we both have our Moons in Earth signs (another trine). Yes, we have our differences, mainly in the way we express ourselves and our egos (ruled by the Sun), but the complete picture of our charts reveals many dimensions of compatibility.

    It is absolutely essential to know the full birth chart before presuming whether or not two signs can work it out.

  • Here is what I posted on a different topic about my problems w/ my cancer man

    I have been in a relationship with a 32 year old Cancer man for about 5-6 months now. We met back in May and started going exclusive in June. First couple of months things were great, he told me he wanted to marry me and have children with me. He wanted to bring me out of town to meet his family. I told him to slow down and wanted to date a bit before making this commitment. He agreed then that dating for a year or so is not unreasonable. Sine then he started with drawing. We went from seeing each other 3-4 times a week down to 2-3.. In September he mentioned that he want to be able to meet and talk to other girls. Since I have a lot of male friends, I figure it's only fair that he can be friend with girls. Little did I know that he was telling people that he is still looking for a life long mate. When I found this out, I asked him...and he said that he has this weird feeling inside of him and he doesn't know why it's there because he can see a future with me and love and want to be with me, but yet this feeling inside is telling him that he should meet other girls. He later decided that he wants me and wants to work on us. Things has been great we see each other 2-3 times a week... until this past couple of weeks where he said he's super stressed and doesn't have the energy to get together. we managed to see each other last Sunday and everything was great. Then during the week, he told me that he tried but this feeling of wanting to meet other girls is still there. but he also told me to relax and not to blow it out of proportion and that he is not seeing anyone else and that he loves me a lot. I wanted to get together face to face to discuss and again he tells me that we should talk on the weekend since he is extremely tired.

    The weekend's arrived and i wrote him an e-mail telling him that i'm there if he needs me and that we should communicate and work on lowering his stress as a team. and to share with me what is troubling him. but he just shuts off even more. Even told me to forget him for a while as he needs space. He finally read my e-mail today and said that he agrees with everything I say, but right now he just want to be left alone. he said that its pretty selfish of him since i am involved in his life and it hurts me when he's pushing me away, but he feels disconnected from who he is because of having lots of stress from work. He said he doesn't have any spare energy bits to be with someone properly and take care of that person the way he should. He asked that i please stop sending him any kind of messages to try to understand and help. its just making things worse when I put pressure on him. He said that right now he just want to disconnect from everything and rest and that he's sorry for any pain he's causing.

    No where in there do I feel like he is breaking up with me and when we're together things are great. I see him with great potential to be a great father and great husband. It's extremely confusing when he is moody, depressed and have self doubt. Should I give him the space he requires and wait for him to come back out of hiding?

    His DOB July 17, 1978

    His chart's supposedly:

    Sun 24°34' Cancer

    Moon 17°09' Sagittarius

    Mercury 21°00' Leo

    Venus 06°09' Virgo

    Mars 19°09' Virgo

    Jupiter 19°25' Cancer

    Saturn 29°01' Leo

    Uranus 12°18' Scorpio

    Neptune 15°57' Sagittarius

    Pluto 14°00' Libra

    My DOB April 14, 1984

    Mine's supposedly:

    Sun 24°44' Aries

    Moon 06°34' Libra

    Mercury 06°20' Taurus

    Venus 08°14' Aries

    Mars 27°50' Scorpio

    Jupiter 12°36' Capricorn

    Saturn 14°27' Scorpio

    Uranus 13°13' Sagittarius

    Neptune 01°22' Capricorn

    Pluto 00°48' Scorpio

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