Double Pisces, I need help, please?

  • I just found this site, I am SO excited! Is there another "double Pisces" out here, oh please let it be? I am female, I was born in Boston, Mass, USA on March 9, 1959. For more than the past 10 years, I have been in this gigantic "holding pattern." There has been no love life, and I cry I am so alone. As for my career, I am a licensed teacher, but, I cannot yet secure my very own classroom job, so, my income is little..I have a Master's of Ed, and I do work in Boston, but not for what I would make with a contract. Worst of all is the telepathy I believe I am tuning into from the love of my life, I can't manage it..and of course walking around actually feeling others pain, is a very difficult way to live. Am I the only one? Please, somebody..?

  • Oh my, the last thing you need is another double dose of emotion from another double Pisces. You need someone grounded and stable. You are so psychic you must pick up everything about everyone around you. You can even mistake other people's love as your own feelings. Learn how to be more grounded and it will help you cope much better with life and love. This lifetime you are here to learn how to have compassion for your fellow human beings and to place the good of the group ahead of your own self-interest. Disabilities, accidents and illness amongst your loved ones will test your ability to give yourself unselfishly. But you must also find the balance - take care of your own personal needs as well as those of your nearest and dearest. Choosing a partner with a social conscience may help - your greatest challenge of selflessness and compassion may be in child rearing. This year for you is all about taking responsiblity for others and is fantastic for meeting someone and getting marrried, so stay optimistic.

    You probably struggle with issues of basic connection and socialization because part of you is drawn to being a loner. You do not take to others easily and can be downright timid at times. Relationships will have to be formed and reformed with considerable regularity as on some level you believe that you can figure out the secrets of social interaction and committment without necessarily having to participate. How the world works can become a major preoccupation for you. You are highly intelligent and love communicating your ideas. If you are careful to devote your energies to concrete concerns and socially stable professions and institutions, the good you can do for others is considerable in the areas of the written word, teaching, psychology, and service. But you must force yourself to interact socially, even if only superficially at first. You need to feel like you are a card-carrying memebr of the human race.

  • I don't know much about astrology, but I suspect the Captain is right about a second double-dose of Pisces (like me).

    I see myself very much in your words and feel for you entirely, so I'll offer just this brief observation. When I'm at my most isolated, moody, brooding worst, I've found that the only effective way to get out of it is to spend time and energy on other people. I volunteer at a local shelter for homeless women and their children, and nothing gets me out of my own head more quickly and completely than that, which is great for me, and hopefully it's helped out the women and/or the shelter, too.

    Good luck, and remember what Dorie says: just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

  • I am a Pisces sun + Pisces rising, so you are not alone. Keep in mind that for the past seven years Uranus has been sitting directly in Pisces, and for the past 2 years Saturn has been in direct opposition to Pisces. Bottom line, for us Pisces natives it has not been an easy period. But keep the faith, things will change for the better.

    BTW, if you can learn to master your natural empathic skills, they can be used to help others as well as helping yourself. Consider learning to do readings for others, it's a great way to connect and ground. 🙂

  • Yes, telepathic connection i am nuts it this happening and why for what reason? Has there been an gigant mistake or accident...hum

    Sun moon pisces here...

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