Whats wrong with me??? Is this a Sagittarius thing?

  • Hey I could use some guidance if anyone out there can relate or knock some sense into me...

    So a few months ago I broke up with someone I really loved because of many reasons...I regretted it but too late now...anyway he wasnt very good for me.

    I dont understand why I cant "like" people who ARE good for me and treat me good and want comittment. I seem to "break hearts" alot because I just can't seem to really like anyone...I like the person at first and then I change my mind..and end up hurting people...which is the LAST thing I want to do!

    I am a Sagittarius...we have rep. for not settling down easily etc. My venus is in Scorpio..so I doo want a deep and meaningful relationship..maybe I just havent met THAT person yet.

    I really hate leading people on but I dont see it happening at first...I over thing and analyze alot which leads up to the breaking up...before it had barely started.

    I throw away men that treat me wonderful...HELP...please

  • You also need to know where your mars is as this can cause additional consternation and make your desires fluctuate more

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  • Pisces Piggy...my Mars is In Libra....guess that could mean I like to weigh out both sides....hard time with decision?

    AriesPiscesCusp- Thanks! I really needed to hear/read that! .............You are right...I remember doing this when I was younger and not wanting to committ..........well I did something I should not have and dated someone who was in a relationship thinking that it would be better that way I would not have to committ (I am not proud of doing that and it caused alot of mistrust in our future)......BUT........that man became the first love of my life...and I am still the love of his life even though we broke up 3 years ago and I would never goback....my point is that I did end up falling for someone even when I didnt think I wanted a relationship.

    I guess I just feel bad for making the person think there is more there than actually is..and I talked to him about taking things slow and actually getting to know eachother BEFORE we decide to be in a relationship...his belief is to get to know the person WHILE being in a relationship...very different views...so needless to say after explaining to him all about my views and not rushing...he is still calling me 'baby' and acting like we are serious...I'm gonna have to handle this different because he is an amazing guy...but there are certain things I can see (he obviously does not)...that we are really not compatible with and nothing can change that.........

    and let me tell u I would way rather be lonely than be with someone who does not make my heart sing

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  • Thanks...I realize I am so not over my ex...We mainly broke up because of our personal life situations and schedules...everything was amazing between us...and I am hearing things from friends that make it seem he is not over me either..I wont wait for him..but if he came back to me I would take him back in a heart beat. ..but try not to be foolish about it of course.

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