Scorpio fiance wants me to do it his tomorrow/not?

  • My Scorpio fiance and I have had a lot of struggles regarding a balanced relationship; he tends to fall into a pattern where he blames me for his problems with others (like his long-dead mother) for whatever he feels upset about. I am an Aquarius woman who has been trying to communicate in a way that recognizes both our needs, yet after that I hear statements that seem intent on destroying whatever constructive ways I have tried to convey this to him. So far, he has done a lot of things that have been confusing to me that he comes up with a reason to continue doing. For example, on our first date he felt up the barmaid outside and claimed he was 'just reassuring her'. Another time, he told me that any effort to pay for something reminded him of his 'emotionally controlling' mother. (I made sure to stop doing that once I knew that). Only four weeks after he proposed to me, a romantic interest from 15 years ago 'friended' him on a networking site we are both on, but it took him the longest time to tell me their history and almost broke off our relationship while trying to have a calm discussion about that. He has put down my looks (my face is partially paralyzed from a birth accident but I was not raised to be a victim, and I make the most of what I have; what's the point of doing otherwise?) at times yet didn't hesitate to try to get me to sleep with him (I didn't) after telling me I 'needed' that kind of "validation", and was bitter after that (the hotel I live at doesn't allow overnight guests either; he lives out of town and we worked at the same place in the city where I live). He was born 11/4/1954 at 2 a.m. in Frankfurt, Germany. I was born 1/30/1961 at 8:53 a.m. in S.F., CA. He has moon in Aquarius, Mars Aquarius, Venus Scorpio, rising sign Virgo. I have moon in Cancer, Mars Cancer, Venus Pisces, rising sign Pisces. Is this relationship worth another try?

  • I wish I could wave a magic wand over your head and for just a moment you could feel what true love should feel like and you would never have to ask this question again. You deserve love. This man is not capable of love no matter what he says. Beneath his own selfloathing he hates women. Needs women but hates and resents that need. This man is in a war within himself. He delights in cruelty and disrepect of women and will show this side everytime he feels an attraction because the bottom line is love means surrender and this man has been so wounded he refuses to be vulnerable to any woman. How sad--he is not happy at all and will only poison any true heart that comes close to him. To let this man into your life is a form of self abuse. Sorry to be so blunt but there is no other way to put it--you deserve to be loved. He is cruel and sadistic and I do not see him changing anytime soon. He has a very real and dangerouse anger inside him--you will get hurt--he IS hurting you now. Please be strong and expect the tenderness and unconditional love you deserve. Choose love. This is NOT love. You know you do not feel loved--believe it and stop making excuses for him.

  • Thank you, Blmoon...putting all the pieces together to find a pattern helped to see the bigger picture. I set my boundaries, and am now focusing on what gives me the love I deserve. Not just people but things I didn't invest my time in before. One has to be the example of what they want; the idea that you have to have a reason someone else 'agrees is right' is a delusion.


  • Blessings to you too, Blmoon, for your feedback!!

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