Need advice on a recent connection

  • I have been divorced for ten years with one love relationship in between six years ago. I recently met a very loving man who was very attentive who said he was looking for a long term connection ,he was bad about calling and this lead to me being angry and hurt ,however the relationship continued , and the last time we spoke was fine but he has not called me in over five days , I do not want to chase him if he is no longer interested , and I want to move on but my heart just aches for me which is ridiculous given that it was not that long of a courtship.Should I contact him? , or should I see if he will contact me? .My biggest fear is I might be in love with him , which is why I am so miserable. I date often and am considered attractive , so it not like he is the first one that came along, any advice would help thanks.

  • Hi Sorana, If you really have feelings for him then I would tell him that it hurts when you don't hear from him. That way, he knows how you feel--no guessing, like it seems you are guessing w/him. If he still doesn't contact you, you may want to back-out of the relationship. There could be any number of reasons why he is this way. Honesty, on your part, would be good. I don't think that you have anything to lose by being honest.

  • I would call or text him out of the blue, ask him how's he doing? Has he had a busy week etc? I would keep the call lighthearted, I may given "joke" that I missed him. He'll probably feel embarrassed, but you'll get an answer as to why he hasn't called....if the reason seems farfetched then I wouldn't probably entertain him again! If he says he'll call you back and doesn't,then I guess its over. to recap,my advice would be for you to call him ONCE and gauge his response.Best of luck

  • I can certain relate to the calling thing. I would get so mad at my boyfriend when he wouldn't call like he said or not recripocating and then told him how I felt. After that he would call and make plans ahead of time. Even though we are not together anymore I learned that men don't pick up on settle hints, you have to ask specific questions. If you haven't resolved this by now, just call him and ask. Then you don't have to guess and move on.

  • Doint do it girl treat em mean keep em keen. Only joking girlfriend. Maybe he likes to be chased. Not me i wouldent call him get out there and find a real man who can offer commitment . Or at least someone who can put the time into a relationship. What ya feeling right now is obsession not love. The vibes i getting are not good maybe hes lost interest or more likly he is married. Then you will experience rejection let him go hes not worth it since when should a woman chase a man . Doint get mad get out there an attractive woman like you should have her pick of the available men . good luck.

  • look if he wants to see you he would have called you i would just leave him alone he will call if he wants you i would not lower my self i would not call him

  • I don't know how the last conversation ended, did he say he would call you to set up plans. How long is it usaually between calls and dates. The best advise anyone can give you is this: If you think he should have called and didn't and that causes you discomfort in some way, then speaking from experience the more comfortable the get the worse it gets. So figure out your limits and stick to them for you not excuses that make it easier for him to do this again in the future. Live your life and be true to your heart and then you will have a fuller and happier relationship with someone in the future. You can't be good for someone else unless you are good to yourself....

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