Are we ment for each other?

  • hi my boyfriend and i have known each other for years but just became exclusive almost 3 months ago...funny thing is we have the same birthday.. not just same sign same birthday (him 12/10/86 me 12/10/88)we thought that would make our connection stronger and draw us closer but im not so sure anymore..i want him. but im not so sure he is ready or even willing to be a one woman man i know for a fact he hasnt physically cheated on me but he texts and flirts with other females and i dont know i feel about that... other than that we are so similar have the same sese of humor samee taste in food movies music.. can talk and laugh for days..and the chemistry...OMG is there... my question is are we made for each other or just too similar to work? someone please help

  • The chances of two such idiosyncratic and highly individualistic people as you getting along together on a daily basis is, alas, not great. Both of you have your own way of doing things, which are not only unlikely to gel but are actually prone to conflict. The fact that both of you tend to focus on the unique does not necessarily make it easier for you to sympathise with each other - indeed, both of you may long to be with someone more normal (as long as you can remain your own difficult selves, that is). One of the problems in getting such a relationship on stable ground is that you two need a while to adjust to each other's foibles and odd ways, but may not be prepared to hang in there that long. A love affair or friendship, to the extent that they are possible, tend to do best when you see each other only occasionally. A hunger for more contact will often merely hasten the relationship's ultimate demise.

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