Would anyone mind doing a relationship reading?

  • I'm very confused about my relationship with a male friend. A few months ago our casual work friendship seemed to explode overnight....but now I feel like it's cooling off. I'm a capricorn and he's a pisces.

  • My bday is 12/30 and his is 3/3

  • Hello Introvertedextrovert

    Sad to say from the looks of things, the relationship itself will not be any more serious than it was.

    He felt that being with you would be dangerous for him and a long term relationship would only give him a false sense of security. Likewise you are unable to read him and feel more and more defensive about the situation, he doesnt like something about you that you love very much and he might change that. Outcome however is a card of heartbreak.

  • Thank you so much. 🙂

  • Kushikamikiba,

    Can u give me a general love reading please i would really appreciate it. If you have time. Thank you so much

  • Taurusbaby22

    First of all i'd like to announce that yours will be the last reading i will do on this site. It just doesnt feel right for me to leave with just one last unanswered question so here you go.

    There seems to be no one in your life right now, looks like its because you have yet to find that perfect match. Everyone in your life so far has somehow tried and i would say failed to change who you are. You feel lost and lonely, hope is getting more difficult to rely on and you are experiencing an internal conflict. Possibly to become what the other people in your past wanted you to become. You find this troublesome and also very much against what you truly want but take note you have the support of others in whatever you do and i would say a little change would go a long way

  • thank you so much for your reading and it seems pretty much on the spot.

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