Kushikamikiba,Hans, Anyone Willing to Help Interpret a Spread?

  • I think the cards are telling you that you have to work at getting what you want. The 8 of coins is about skillful craft and diligent work to create something beautiful in the end. It also is can be read as apprenticeship to. Maybe the cards are telling you to learn how to fix this from somebody who is more experienced in creating a lasting relationship.

    The Tower, I believe, is telling you to make a change. Tear it down and start new to make something better, stronger and more perfect.

    This might be due to the King of Swords ruling over the matter - Creating something that is very fair, but maybe a little harsh. Let passion pay into the situation, and don't worry about the rules! Love is all or nothing, and there is very little room for reason here.

    I hope I was helpful!


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