Honey brown owl - spirit guide??

  • Today while taking a nap, I was awaken bc I felt my soulmate calling, and it was like he was extremely agitated. All I can do at this point, be we are not in a relationship, was mentally tell him that I send him my love and that I am here for him. I still got the feeling of agitation, and all of a sudden behind my closed eyes I saw a small bird, kind of like a new born chick that was shivering, so I stretched out my hands to hold the chick to comfort it. In my hands the chick transformed itself to a honey- blonde brown owl, that just stared at me. It then spread it wings and kind of hovered over me. I grew a little bit uneasy and decided to get out of bed.

    I never dream of animals, but I feel the owl is here to stay. I don't know much about animal guides, but is that what the owl is trying to tell me? And I know different types of owls have different spirit guide characteristics, Does any one know what a honey-blonde brown owl means?

  • This post is deleted!

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