Oh where oh where is my Captain?

  • Dear Captain,

    I am looking for my Captain in my life, do you see him out there for me? I love fishing and boating and just being out on the water with my mate. Is there one out there for me and when shall we cross paths?

    My birthday is 11/19/1958 and I am friends with an old boyfriend bd 8/17/1964. We have dated, loved, hated, fought and are still friends. What is going on in his head for me, if anything. He keeps coming in and out of my life for the last 9 years. I am not holding a candle for him but do care for him very much.

    Thank you for all your great advice and peace be with you always.

  • This relationship is best for friendship, and difficult for marriage. It is bound to be highly competitive. Even though you two understand each other on a deep level and have the potential to get along quite well, the nature of your relationship is such that this only raises the stakes - and the machinations. As individuals, your friend is usually more needy of attention than you but in this relationship both of you vie equally for the spotlight. Should your friend win his natural place as the star of the show or actually defeat you in business, love or sports, you will chafe at the humiliation and plot revenge. Fortunately, serious hatred is unlikely to emerge in this relationship, since both of you see your competition as ultimately an exhilarating game - in fact, you may grow to be close friends.

    In a love affair or marriage, your friend will tend to make the bigger splash in front of friends and family, but you will usually hang back and wait for your opportunity to arise. It often takes just one well-aimed dart to burst your friend's bubble. If he tries to eclipse you or talk down to you in your domestic life together, he may well find himself facing full rebellion and then all-out war. If he is the more sensitive type, he will avoid such confrontations - at least after the first one.

    The overall tone here is amicable, however. The relationship will br giving and supportive, provided you two can forsake childish struggles and show some maturity. Have fun but not at someone else's expense. Avoid ego struggles and put your energy to more positive use and your on-off sort of friendship can succeed.

    Something tells me it is not a captain you are looking for, Gnfishin, but for someone who will be your first mate and take orders.

  • Thank you Captain, so where is this man that I seek? I know he is out there looking for me on his boat with his dog all by himself or with friends. Well a girl can dream, can't she? Tell me he is between a Gentle Ben and Grizzly Adams type too. 🙂

    Do you see or feel anything for me as far as love, life and work? I have been alone for wayyyyyy too long (by my choice) for awhile and I think I am ready to get back out there.

    I think!!

  • I feel you must be more flexible in getting the things you want. Being too fixed on a certain direction or type of person can mean you don't attract what you really need or those who are most compatible. Be more open-minded in your goals.The moment you do that, you will find new and different things and people coming into your life that are far better than the things you have been fixated on.

  • Thank you so much Captain for your insight. I hear you loud and clear and have been doing that for quite some time. My eyes are open along with my heart.

    God bless you and everyone else that gives readings and advice in this forum.

  • Ok Captain, I have a friend that I have known since childhood. Our lives took us in different directions. We reconnected 3 1/2 years ago. He was in difficult situation, I was seperated. We get along great and he even wondered what would have happened if we had gotten together earlier. We get together often and we really enjoy each other, even just listening to music or talking. I feel we were put in each others lives at this point in time because we are meant to be. Been a long and winding road, and I know there are things he has to do for himself first......but do you feel he will give us a chance at a future together?

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