Honorable Captain, I am in need of your insight...please!

  • Dear Captain ~ I believe you are the "teacher who is familiar with esoteric knowledge" I was told to find during my daily reflection for yesterday..."This question finds me in circumstances shaped by Morality. To make the most of this situation, I should use Illumination to turn a challenge into an opportunity. The natural consequence of my current direction is Deal-Making. Whether I want to continue toward that result or move in a different direction altogether, I am advised to Penetrate To The Heart Of Things. The lesson that I can learn from all of this involves the value of Cooperation." Can you please assist me as I proceed in my quest for personal security and piece (peace) of mind? I know it's time to walk the talk and take action on my most burning and passionate convictions. I have someone in mind to access as my "mentor or exemplary person through whom important revelations emerge." Am I correct in who I believe this to be? If yes, can you tell me how and/or where to make the initial contact for the greater good of all involved? Blessings!

  • There is no security but to have the strength and wisdom to endure whatever comes. And everyone we meet is both our teacher and our student. Seek your strength and wisdom inside, not outside.

    Yes it is time you took action on your convictions.

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