Captain please help!

  • Captain can you please help? My son is in a relationship which is causing great concern to the family, could you please give a reading on it?

    Many thanks

  • Can you tell me something about your son or your family?

  • Captain thanks for your time. He is a young man from a very loving family , good future ahead of him career wise, good supportive friends. He is a very caring person who supported this lady when she was upset but has been sucked in by her. He argued with his employers in support of her(both work at same place) and lost all chance of a management position, he has abandoned all his friends as she wont associate with them or his family. He is constantly buying her presents and now deep in debt. She is in total control.

  • Your son is in complete thrall of this woman - he sees it as love but there is an element of the master-slave relationship here. Until he learns through hard experience that it is not an equal relationship, he will continue to believe in her. You might however speed up this process by digging into her background if you can. Your son is convinced he is paramount in her life but a little digging could reveal that she has 'interests' other than him. He is simply useful to her. When he is no longer useful, she will dump him. He would not be happy to find out he is not the centre of her world as she is to him. Your son is rather naive in matters of the heart, having been brought up to think the best of everyone. Unfortunately now he needs to learn to be more cautious when he gives his love.

  • You are spot on with this , he is besotted with her and is at her beck and call. We have been told on numerous occasions she has 'others' in her life but even if we had proof I dont think he would believe it. We have no information on her at all as he keeps her secret. She is happy to take from him and even writes lists of what she wants. If we try to say anything it ends in arguments and him storming off to her for sympathy, so she wins again. Did you by any chance feel it would end soon? or any idea on how to expose her for what she is. He must be wearing blinkers as everyone knows what she is.

    Thanks so much for your input

  • Yes I do feel it will end quite soon as your son is losing his usefulness to her now that he has stuck up for her at work but lost his influential position in the company. She likes to befriend those who can boost her career and status and also those who can give her material goods. Be prepared to catch your son when he falls because he has very big dreams for him and this woman. When he finds out he has been fooled, he could become very bitter and cynical - and that must not happen or it will block him from ever finding happiness. Definitely don't say "you told him so!" even if you want to. Watch for substance abuse.

  • Thanks again Captain, I hope it does end soon as she has destroyed his young life. His money is running out rapidly and I think when he has to stop buying for her that will be the end. We will be there for him always have and always will even though he has rejected us for heer.

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