The Way The Pendulum Swings?????

  • I love divination! I guess you could say it helps me feel alittle more control in this screwed up world and alot more insight into myself as well. I tried the spirit boards and what not and I could not make anything happen, too uptight I guess, but when I picked my pendulum it was almost instantanious with results! It moved to the questions with ease and I actually could feel the energies pull! This may sound stupid but where does it come from? What is this pull I feel and what is behind it? Is it like a spirit board where you must be wary of your questions and who is answering? Forgive my ignorance but I don't want to cause myself more problems.

  • Hopefully you dismissed any spirits you tried to draw in thru the spirit board. I generally don't use spirit boards. Pendulum seems more innocent and more fun. Could be any one, your guardian angels, personal guides, helpful spirits, or any other force around you. Could it be your own personal energy? first time I thought of that one. Just dismiss the spirits after you call. Otherwise they keep coming as you called.

  • The site of can possibly provide some answers to your question. Sometimes I feel that the pendulum is picking up what is on my mind, for example if I want an answer to my question about love, it will swing the way I want it to.

  • sorry I gave you the wrong address for the intenders

    this is a good site for manifesting your desires

  • Just snoopin or so I thought ...visited the intenders site ....i just ordered the secret book not an hour ago . Guided not gifted ! Namaste ,Acorn1208b

  • I am planning to check out the intenders this hour...thanks for the tip. I have been reading about (and practicing, or course) use of the pendulum for years and my renewed interest brought me to books like: Pendulum Power - (Neilson and Polansky) The Pendulum KIt - (Sig Lonegren) and The Art of the Pendulum - Maxi Cohen. There are many more...but some of these provide charts or chart blanks to make your own so you can expand past yes or no answers. But what they all seem to say is that se are asking our subsconscious.

    Our subsconscious is connected to all consciousness as we are one.

    As far as keeping away undesriable entities....I often just cover my bases and actually -mentally or verbally- start any question or series of questions with a statement of intent..."I am asking my subconscious mind, my personal guides or angels and none other for my responses"

    As for the board....I simply will not use it. Ever. I've ehard some say the use it because it privides a way for more detailed answers. With the pendulum here are charts for answers that require letters or numbers,as well and, as I mentioned can make your own charts.. Or, even as complex as vitamins and minerals our bodies may need or parts of the body that may need attention or healing. I find the pendulum form of divining the very best for me, I guess we all have our personal favorites. I also use Tarot and some others.

    You are supposed to keep the thought of the question and not sway the answer by desire. If that is haraad I have read to still keep the question in mind but inner thought of "I wonder which way it will answer" over and over so as not to influence.

    I hope I have helped with the questions...or at least offered good resourses. I am no expert....just one who has a thirst for yourself. And, I want the most accurate responses possible.

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