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  • Hello everyone,

    I am new to Tarot.com (just signed up 20 minutes ago) and im hoping some body can relate or give me some advice. A little bit about me : 23 sagittarius male have been "spiritually active" so to speak for 10 years. Now i dont mean to bore anyone im just going through the whole gambit of things because i have searched to see what other psychics see.. feel.. smell.. and hear.. and it all seems very general or not discriptive. So my thinking is that if i tell my story and other people relate to it and then throw in there experiences we might have a nice thread going. And possibly get some answers for me and people alike going through the same thing.

    Here it goes,

    I am going to be changing my lifestyle to embrace my gifts instead of ignoring them and hiding them, i cannot do this anymore and would really like some advise. I would like to see if anyone has gone through a similar metamorphosis (the best way i can discribe it). Or if someone has the same things i have. I am working closely with asomeone who has been doing readings and meditation and healing for years. But i feel we have similar yet completely seperate types of gifts. so with that here's my story:

    For years now i have been exhibiting many signs and psychic abilities. To the best of my own memory it all started when i was 13 from a Near Death Experience but family members have said that they remember me displaying signs when i was still in diapers. When i was 13 i had felt there was a presence in my room. So strong in fact that i wouldnt go to bed, and then the nights that i didnt feel it and went to go to bed, something would come over me and almost hold me down. I would be awake during this and not be able to move, i would also hear almost like a ringing (or a sound that a train makes from the distance). Mind you my eyes are open during this and fully awake. This has happend since then about 12-20 times in the past 10 years. One time i was actually pulled out of my body and was spinning above my bed. like an astral projection but i was wrestling someone.

    Now I have also been able to get flashes of information. Now by flashes i mean, i wont have any clairvoyant or psychic things happen to me in months and then look at someone and just spew out information and if i concentrate on these pictures i am being shown, it goes from one thing to the next, Pictures Numbers Letters Colors People, Animals..ect.... I ALSO WANT TO ADD THAT I HAD NEVER TRUELY BELIEVED THAT I HAD ABILITIES, I JUST THOUGHT IT WAS ONE TIME OCCURANCES THAT HAPPENED MORE THEN ONE TIME... i suppose...anyway...These flashes would be dead on. I dont know what people in the psychic field call this as i am new to this whole thing.

    Also people cling to me, and i dont mean for readings and i am not tooting my horn, but people gravitate to me like moths to a light above the garage. And it is always for advice, relationship advice, financial advice, legal advice...sometime i feel like saying "i have enough problems of my own!" LOL but i dont and i help them. But it is almost abnormal how much this happens.

    Next would be the dreams, now this hasn't happened in a while but obvioulsy i will dream something and it WILL come true. Now, i dont meen like De ja Vu where you think you dreamt something a year ago and it finally came to pass im talking about like serious car accident dreams and then the next day someone i work with getting into a car accident in the same exact car that was in my fream..another thing is about 5 people last week (some being random people i do not know) came up to me and said the had a dream about me. Weird huh?

    I could go on about little things and weird happenings but i do have questions, like why do these things come in SOOO clear some days and then go a month without coming in, is it because im blocking it? Or how come some readings i get when i sit with someone (which i do not do often, but when i do it is almost out of necessity for the other person) are crystal clear and to the point and others are images or pictures or symbols i have know idea how to interpret. Am i thinking to hard ?

    I can't think of anything else right now it is 2AM and the baby is crying. But any feedback would be great,

    God Bless



    ps.. My main question is how do i harness my abilities, work on them, and use them to help people?

  • Hey there nicholas

    Great stories you mentioned and i must say you're pretty gifted. I cant really say i can fully relate because my "metamorphosis" as you would call it, affected me differently in such a way that i would be more helpful if i did not use the abilities i was given sometimes.

    The only advice i can give is to relax, dont be so concerned about these visions and the frequency and clarity. By further understanding your gift, you'll naturally be able to handle it more. Likewise practice makes perfect.

    I'm honestly just blabbering here since i found your post cool and to help let people know about it by putting it back up. I can only relate to a certain extent, like i said, what i can do is VERY different

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