Love Relationship Reading Needing Advice! Please...........

  • I have been talking to this guy and I really am feeling him but just don't know if he's alright for me! My dob 2-1-1981 and his is May 19,1987

  • This relationship tends to be a bit of a child-like dream where you two live and play in a paradise, acting out your fantasies. It seldom lasts for the long term because harsh reality has a way of intruding. A love affair between you is often kept covert because family and friends would not understand or approve. But the covertness is kind of exciting and may extend the life of the relationship, although not forever. There may be a sort of teacher-student like thing going on here. There is a lot of fun and imagination here, but not much substance.

  • Thankyou Captain,

    I figured on that but it's fun for now! Harsh reality always has it's way's of nipping things in the but. Thank you very much! Always hopeful!


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