Is this taurus just paranoid and untrusting?

  • hi there, im not a "cancer" and really dont know exactly how your feeling but your story really caught my eye because my current boyfriend of a year and 1 month is a "cancer" born on July 7th, 1974 and I a "Taurus" born on May 19th, 1986 are in the exact same kind of situation only he is the married one! I met him at a bar last June by this freak accident, blew him off for 3 weeks, finally due to his persistance agreed to lunch and to make a long story short from the second we went to lunch to present day i have been madly in love with him and cant seem to want to or have to leave his side, and the feelings are mutual on his part I truly believe! He tells me he loves me and is in love with me and I say and feel the same way! BUT, from day one I made it very clear I DONT AGREE WITH ADULTERY, even though I knew up front he was still married I bent the rules a bit because I watched my parents divorce and it was a ugly long process due to money being involved. He owns a biz. so i gave some allowed myself to get involved with him cuz i do understand a divorce can take awhile. so in march he was signed to contract a job in Nebraska and my son(2yrs) and myself moved 7 hours away with him and it was the best ever, felt like a little happy family, there has been red flags the whole relationship like secretcy of his phone, not taking certain calls in front of me, i have not met any of his family just his workers who need their job so wouldnt say anything to anyone ect. the fights got worse and worse due to me having my gut tell me he was lying and had more than likely been lying the whole time about marrige situation, he became more sneaky(either from me constantly trying to catch him/or cuz he was really up to no good) until one day story short his wife found out about me! I talked to her on the phone and everything he ever said she said was not true, she did say their marriage is no good, they fight, no romance, ect. but all the texts late at night, not answering the phone, blame on others was really due to him lying to the both of us! He told me that this is all my fault, i should have never answered the phone( why not if she really didnt care if he dated or not like he did in the start) and called me horribile names! two days ago i met him late at night to get the rest of my things, so here i am in denver, co at 12 in the morning packing my sports car full, and he starts loving on me, "i love you" "i hate this sit" all sad and stuff( i was dying inside/ feel like i cant live without him) but i didnt want him to see that due to my breakdown a few days prior! I went up to his hotel room(he was flying home next morning to go home, she lives there with there 2 girls, and see what was going to happen) so i thought ok i deserve some clouser, so i go up, we talk end up getting extremely angry at each other, made the most intense, passionate, angry, connected sex i have ever had let alone thought existed! now he is home, i have NO CLUE what kind of story he told everyone about me and our little relationship, i have heard from others that he told his wife and family i begged him for a place to stay and help for me and my baby and i lived ther cooked and cleaned for a job, then slote (hahahaha) and he kicked me out! MOST RIDICULOUS thing i have ever heard, but he says otherwise? his wife i was keeping in contact with via facebook and text removed me as her friend on facebook and wont answer my text? so as a "CANCER" and you kind of being in his spot(hopefully not all the same factors though) why and what makes you ie him continue the relationship or even start one? and what do you think his feelings are/were for me? Most important did he even ever want a future or to actually be with me? Is he trying to work it out at home as i type this while he still texts me as i type saying how nuts she is and that he would hate to lose me? O MOST IMPORTANT THING, i never ever seen him cry, never, but the last time i seen him(2 days ago) we were taying there and he said with a crackling voice(i assume trying to not cry) "I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU"? he has never in a year said anything that deep or like it so WHY? and cancers PLEASE HELP ME! I love him so much, i cant even start but i too have no disire to even look or touch another man, i feel like i would die without him?

  • You are stronger than he is, you are the Taurus, he is a water sign. Astrology cannot help you, respectfully I submit, because you are in a classic situation, worse, he is much older than you, and he visciously took advantage of this. This is bad karma for him, extremely bad. Know that he has cheated on his wife, and you, at the same time. First, lose the wife. She is not, and will never be, your friend, and you do not want her in your life. If this is the 1st time you have ever been in love, this is going to be very, very difficult. If not, you will survive, it will simply take a tad longer. Know that you will survive. Know that you have learned to NEVER, NEVER be with, fall for, sleep with, or have an affair with a married man. I am not saying that married men do not fall in love, and leave their wives, they do. This guy, I'm sorry, is a player. Repeat this to yourself until you understand it. Your only question is this: Do you want to end it now and be miserable, and get it over with, come out the other end, and then go on with your life, or do you want to spend the next 10 years in this kind of pain, he will dump you, and you will have to go through it then. You are so young. Too young for this. Get as far away from him as possible. Do not write to him, call, text, whatever. Get away from EVERYONE that knows him. Heck, move home if you can. Best, go where he can't find you. If you communicate with him in any way, you will be back in it. Please, do not make the mistakes that women make. You will blink, and you will be 40, and still in this. Get out. NOW. Please.

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