Confused by my reading...pls could you help??

  • hi everyone...i was just wandering if you could help me understand four cards that i keep getting and the link between this order i had the six of wands,then the king of cups,then death,then the empress.....i was thinking about my partner at the time and questioning where its going. Am becoming a little concerned over the death card which seems to pop up in all aspects of my life,not just my partner...Have gotso worried tht im even having dreamsabout the death card,which is dsturbing me....just basically having real trouble wth the corellation between the cards....

    Thanx so much for your time.....


  • First and foremost the death card does not indicate physical death. It indicates the death of a situation and the re-birth of another. Life is a cycle all things must end and new things must begin, so you can put that out of your mind. The death card is acutally a very positive card, it indicates growth and change. Six of wands, also a very postive card, indicates celebration and victory. King of cups, deals with emotion and spirituality. The King represents the master of these two topics, also a good card. The Empress (one of my personal favorites) Is about how you see yourself. Abundance, loving nature and physical beauty. The appreciation of all around you, and this card encourages you to enjoy fine things like, Jewelry, fine clothing, etc.

    All in all not a bad reading, now if I were to interpret the cards by reading them in the postions you described I would have to say:

    Victory is at hand in your life right now and your emotions and spirituality are balanced and you are in a good place in your life, but, don't get too comfortable because change is always right around the corner, it's the cycle of life, one situation must end before another can begin. Finally, enjoy your surroundings and adorn yourself with the accessories that make you happy.

  • thankyou very much for that translation!!...its been seriously bugging me!!...the empress is a card ive had in most readings over the past 2 years,which is u said its a nice card...

    my only concern is that im wondering if the death card wasan indication that my relationship could be ending...ivealways had such lovley cards when thinking about tht subject,the lovers,ace of cups, it kinda threw me abit...i need to develop an understanding of the cards!...thanx for ur reply...

  • The Death card does not necessarily mean your relationship is ending, it just means a situation in your life is changing, it could be as major as a job or as insignificant as your attitude toward's someone or something. The Empress is my soul card and I love her!!! and, Your welcome it was my pleasure...

  • Hi, Death is also transformation. Also King of Cups with Death could indicate a Scorpio man. Could also indicate someone with destructive tendencies, but with Empress probably to destroy past, old to create new. Death to be death is generally with devil or tower, with destructive cards and swords. Peace.

  • Hi there

    I hope you're well.

    I don't know if you feel different about your question or if you still have the need to have it answered, but I figured I would add that the Death, with a beautiful card as the Empress means that you individually are in for a welcome and a gratifying transition.

    Independently of the circumstances, The Death card closes out an old situation which would better halt/stop. One is or has been persuing a blind alley, so the Death just tells you to pass it through. Remember, most of the times the Death relates to an abstract "death" - it wants to illustrate that it's time to put old things behind you. That death can consist in smaller or finer things in life or it can be about the bigger things of one's life. In any case, this is about you guys on a personal level (Major Arcana).

    I hope this also helped you. 🙂

  • Thankyou all so much for taking the time to reply...its really interesting to learn some different things bout the cards mentioned....i feel like im getting amini-tutorial...which is great for me as im always keen to learn on this subject!!!...aftr reading your feedback...i can say th ive being going through a lot of transition for nearly two years now,things hae been progressing in every area,but mostly id say in my outlook,confidence and trust you think maybe the death card could b signifying tht transition and that im moving on from the not so positive things??

    light and love..xxxx

  • I'm a little late on this reply, but I'll add my opinion. I agree pretty much with what has been said so far. If I were going to interpret your reading based on the relationship question and the four cards mentioned I would say that the six of wands represents a refocussing of what you want or desire from the relationship. The six usually respresents a time of renewed stability after some decay or perhaps confusion. The six of wands is very positive as it signifies a return to a more stable and desirable position. The King of cups would represent that you are now at a position where you know much more of what you want or need and what is truly important to you from a spiritual or emotional standpoint and are starting to do the things that can bring this to fruit. The Death card, as mentioned above would signify an end of something (as well as the beginning of something new). I see this as positive. This would signify the end of the prior state of confusion and uncertainty. An end to your old way of thinking and a new perspective on the relationship and how to best proceed. The Empress is truly the positive card of this reading. The Empress often represent the nurturing mother (or mother earth). To me this would siginify that with your more clear perspectives or understanding of what is truly important for both of you or for the relationship that you are now nurturing these things, which would suggest that the relationship is going to repair itself or get stronger in the near future. That there will be more unity and understanding, and probably more comfort and trust.

    All-in-all a very positive reading!

  • Hi again! yes it could be just as you think... You're are the leader of yourself, so if you feel that this is what has been going on in your life and likewise you can point out concrete progresses related to it then your card sequence could be a repeating signal of that.

    I can see that the Empress as a Major Arcana card has an important weight there; it pretty much concludes your spread. ...You know, you could try to reckon weather you reckognize yourself in her. Is she what you're about nowadays or what you're trying to be?... The answer could lie just in there... 🙂 I hope everything will resolve for you! By the way, if you want some help related to your issue or to another question feel free to visit where I do short mini-readings for free. - You're most welcome!

    // Peace V-

  • thanxs so much everyone..all your comments have helped no end,and feel a lot more positive about this reading now!!...hope you all had a lovley valentines day too!!!..xxxx

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