BLMOON, please honor me with your insightful gift.

  • I am a female, Gemini, Virgo moon, Scorpio rising 59 years old. I am asking for insight, clarity and guidance. My childhood was a tough one, I was married in a very unhappy situation that I allowed myself to become a doormat with little self-esteem. After I divorced 3 years ago, I felt free and extremely happy. I knew I made the right choice. Soon after that, my father passed away ( I was his caretaker), couple months later, my sister's husband died unexpectedly. She has many issues and health problems. I was just enjoying my life in my home and suddenly I had to stay at her house 4 days and bring her here for 3 and on and on. With a stroke of divine intervention, the house next door became available and now my sis lives there. Through an invitation, last September, I went to a small town I lived in 40 years ago. I saw a fellow I used to like and dated. When we saw each other, there was an incredible connection. It was like I was struck by lightning. There was such energy and a feeling like home. It felt like I was floating. My friend I was with said everyone had to have felt the energy and she said that we both looked like we were floating. 40 years ago he told me he was married and I refused to ever see him again. I left the town shortly after and went to business school. I literally closed the door behind me and basically forgot everything. I could not even remember on the way down there why we broke up. Since my visit, I have remembered much and have been in touch with feelings that were sad and good. I must say that it has been a healing for me. Dark corners became light. Wouldn't you know it, he is married again. I have joined a famous dating service to find a kind, fun, gentle man that loves and adores me. Honestly, I can't help but think about the one 40 years ago. I will not be a 3rd party ever. I had it done to me and it hurts. I really love people and it is not my intent to hurt anyone. I know I have an inner strength that has helped me throughout my life and I often think of people that have come into my life that brought kindness, happiness, or help. I try to do the same for people I meet or the wonderful friends I have. I do feel blessed. My question to you is do you see a kind, fun, gentle man in my future? I look forward to your insights. My deepest thanks.

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