Chakra oils/candles

  • Hi guys,

    I was interested in buying oils and candles connected with chara healing and balancing, but I wasn't sure how to tell if what I would be buying was genuine. Does anyone have any recommendations that may help me? I hope admin doesn't delete any links that people put up, I'm just trying to find an honest and reputable dealer. I know there is a new age store in my town, so I should go and visit there, but is there any way of telling that what I'm buying is natural and real and opposed to manufactured? I'm guessing the ingrediants would give me a clue : )

    If there are any brands/websites that people swear by, I would appreciate the advice.

    And admin, if I am breaking any rules, I apologise.


  • I have heard good things about Young Living oils. Have tried a few myself. Check their website, I believe they have local distributors, not sure if they sell retail.

  • Thanks TruSpirit

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