I am a Aquarius/Capricorn. The girl i'm interested in is Taurus/Gemini

  • Just out of curiosity, i know these things don't necessarily determine the outcome of a relationship.

    I know that everyone doesn't have two sun sings but, everyone does have a sun and moon sign. That's what i meant, if it clears that up? My sun sign is Aquarius my moon sign is Capricorn. the same applies to this girl with her being a Taurus/Gemini.

    Anyone, ever been in a relationship with these signs in it? Would this be a good mix? Are we Astrologically compatible?

  • Your friend is likely to be the more serious and sensible here and may find you a bit immature or irresponsible, but you can help her to relax and have fun. The pursuit of beauty and pleasure can be satisfying for you both but try not to let your interests get too superficial or materially-oriented. You Penguinily02 need constant variety and change and this will irk your friend who likes the security of routine and can want things to stay the same. But she can chat up a storm and you like to discuss ideas and your visions for the future. You will both get along, as long as the demands of the relationship are not too great. Your friend's moral attitudes, stubbornness and dominance may come to the fore, bringing out your rebellion and recalcitrance. Perfectionistic tendencies can also surface and cause problems here. Patience and understanding are key factors in the success of the relationship and perhaps companionship is the easiest manifestation in this combination.

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