• and he keeps putting smily faces in his text

  • its 1218am. he is all angry now.

    "i just saw what you posted in my wall. it made me understand. u had no right to write this. i thinke we just live in different planets. i think that this itme it really is goodbye. i wish you only good"

    that is his last text to me. I still havent responded.

    All I posted on his wall was you win, goodbye.

    No one will no what that means. He realises I blocked him and so he wont have access to me at all.

    Does he think Im an idiot to think that it took him to check facebook to realise what i texted him earlier? by the way, i texted him because he is deaf in both ears. he has some hearing and can use the mobile phone but texting is the way to contact him.

    I aint caving in. I have to move forward.

  • Hi, I'm a cancer female, and I understand, when I was young, and dating I met several cancer males, I see differences in the females and males though. One of them ended up being a wonderful friend to me, really cared, but seemed to have a type they looked for otherwise. Cancer doesn't like to look bad at all, or have Any of their personal bussiness on display, may be why he reacted so strongly to your facebook comment. If your libra, from my experiance that could make for a very loving, very emotional person, possibly even more so then the cancer, he could be better at hiding his feelings, the friendship option, I think cancers are genuine with their friendships usually, they love their friends, and don't like to give people up easily. If they aren't ready to move on to the next step, they can be sooo confusing though! They don't always seem to know what to do or what to say if someone is ready before they are, so they may make mistakes, feelings can get hurt. Sometimes that friendship can evoke real emotions, or take a turn for something more with a mature cancer whos already been there, doen that, and doesn't want to put up with the aholes anymore. That is the hard part, and I sympathize with you there, you really would be taking a chance too see if or when the friendship took a serious turn.

  • Bluecat123, thank you. I really did give it my all. I love this person but what am I to do, drive myself mad waiting around for him to make up their mind. I woke up and I feel fine. I thought I was going to wake up and regret what I did but I don't. 3 months Ive put up with this. I guess I wasn't good enough for him. Its true, good guys always finish up last. His reaction to what I wrote on his wall, seriously I should go to prision for doing that. He knew exactly what I meant in my text and was playing the dumb card. Now he has thrown it all back in face but I aint having any of it. I know I have shown his respect, gave him the space he needed and told him exactly how I feel about him. He threw it all away. Im never get dating a Cancer male ever again.

  • bluecat123: You are right about a Libra, well in case yes. For my lover, I will roamance them, love them, be loyal to them, support them and always be there for them for as long as I live. I'm in it for the long term not short term. I'm a good person.

  • I want to say a big THANK to you all for taking time out to reply to my wall post. I really appreciate your support and insight. Mwaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  • Octoberlibra,

    Your welcome. I hope this is going to give you the peace you need. Don't be a stranger and pop in once in a while. Perhaps you can aid someone else with male Libra For me it's perhaps too late to make amends.

    And take the next relationship a tad slower. Less bruises.


  • aw, your welcome libra friend. don't be suprised if that cancer turns back up on your doorstep whe you least expect it, probably well after your happier and moved on. They are good guys out there, loyal,a nd ready to be with one person! Theres one for you too! You'll find him, he will probably be jsut as tired of games as you are, or mabe someone that is innocent of them, hasn't had them, hasn't dished them out, theres are so many possibilties for you!

  • Flowsco, I don't know how much you hurt this Libra but I am thinking that he is still thinking of you. It's not easy for me to let go of somone. Usually after all is has calmed down, try and contact him. He may not respond straight away but he will.

    I know with "G" he hasn't really hurt me in a way where I hate him and never want to see him again. I still love this person but I havent told him that. I have let him go because his games are causing me pain and I just can't handle it anymore. As hard as it is, I'm walking away but deep inside of me, I want him to come to his senses and realise what a good catch I am. I would love him like no other has.

    Flowsco, I still think you may have a chance with this LIbra. We are very fair but we need our space when things get tough.

  • Excuse my terrible grammar and typos. I usually write when emotional without thinking of correcting what I wrote. Sometimes I dont make sense at all.

  • Octoberlibra,

    I had to think how I was going to respond to what you wrote to me. Clearly this is the internet I don’t have a habit of writing everything out. But since you are very short period here on the board you probably missed most of my story.

    I will try to keep to the essence. Libra is 56 now and I am 42. We both have exes and kids. When I ran into him he just stepped out a relationship. I was fresh and he was about 4 months single. I have been single for a longer period nearly 16 years now. When we met I didn’t want any of it and he was buzzing like crazy around me. I had many talks with people who actually now me. I thought of every possible obstacle to convince myself not to engage. Someone pointed out a few things and I made up my mind. During this phase he was my PT. When I felt feelings I bailed/sabotage everything and dropped the sessions. It took me a while to settle down and I returned to him and explained my feelings. I requested to take it slow and try the friend route first. He agreed. I relaxed and showed a bit of myself. I started wooing him. I actually baked him a cake and bought him a gift for x-mas as a thank you for all he was doing for me. We got common interest namely music. He encouraged me to get back to what I liked and we grew closer in a course of time. This hasn’t been smooth sailing and I learned a great deal about myself about sharing and openness. I have trust issues...especially when it comes to men. He on the other hand has the same with females. On the other hand he always had his way with the female. When they wanted something longer than a fling they would move the earth and the sky to be with him. I am not like that. At a certain point he started pushing to know what I wanted from him. I told him when I know he will be the first I would tell. And I did. It wasn’t exactly what he expected and he never verbally responded to what I wanted. But he was taking actions without actually telling me. Once in a while in a conversation something might slip out and I always reacted calmly. I am a see to believe kind of person. In the mix of it all was disappearances and/or he would be extremely bizzy. Now all of this is spread over months. Oh he did tell me he loved me in the middle of a crowd. Scared the s,hit out of me then. Lately we have gotten into a rhythm of talking every other night and discussing whatever or I would text if I had a thought I wanted to share and not bother him. So to me he knew my value and how I think about certain things.

    This is the friendship we had. I call it friendship because to me a relationship is when you get intimate and you start building a future with each other. It seemed like we silently were heading that way.

    Anyways my fall out with him has to do with trust. What happen probably shouldn’t of happen. I can’t tell you if it was intentional or not but I wasn’t a happy camper. And I called him out on it.

    What he did I wouldn’t accept from anyone. No relatives, friends, co-workers etc. Common courtesy would have helped him a long way in this. So I reacted and thanked him for all the feelings I ever felt with and for him. Then I calmed down and explained myself. I haven’t apologized but I still left the friends door open. But since he has trust issues with females I think he has put me on the shelf and is going about his business as usual.

    I mainly miss the chats.

    As for your Crab. I refrained telling you he will be back but others have given you the message already. So brace yourself. lol

  • I have trust issues as well. I don't think this is just a Libra trait. We Libras like to be fair and have a balance but it's not easy when emotions come in to it. When I fall in love, I fall in hard but I don't fall in love often. I've only ever had 3 relationships in my whole life and I loved all 3.

    The problem with Libra is we are impatient. When we want things, we want them now. We are very trusting and love people in general but not so trusting when it comes to love, especially if we have been hurt in the past. Really hurt a Libra and we go mental. Well, I do. You have to really hurt me to make me act that way. I can take a lot before I crack.

    Water signs can take time to make up their mind and that drives us Libras mad. We crave attention and want to feel loved. Libras don't take rejection well. Hey, we are the nice sign, everyone loves us, you can't reject us.

    You say what you had is friendship and maybe he thought of it as something more. In reality, friendship is still a relationship. You are having some relations with this person. It may not be a romantic relationship but it's a relationship.

    Life is too short. I look back and I was almost in a Sabaro Pizza Bombing in Jerusalem which killed my cousin. I was late meeting up with her that day. I should have been there with her. I also survived the Bali bombing bu leaving 7 friends 15 minutes before the Sari Club and paddies Bar blew up, killing over 250 people, 7 were my friends.

    I guess you and I are both healthy our problems and issues are nothing compared to what other have to experience everyday. Imagine having cancer or being blind or living in a war torn country. We should be thankful we don't have it so bad. We should also be thankful that we have life. It can be taken away at anytime. I live in Israel and everytime I step on a bus could be my last. I say we should go for it and take risks.

    Love is not a game, love is a risk and we need to take a risk. I think someone posted that on my thread.

    I also believe if you want something bad enough and you work hard at it, you will also get what you want. If you want to have this friendship with Mr Libra, go for it. Don't give up. Give him space and reach out to him. Im sure he will give you the time.

    You wanted to be friends and he agreed to it but deep down he felt you were more than a friend. You guys can either put your trust issues aside and find a common balance. Talking is good, I love to talk.

    I can tell you, I also can be maipulative and play games. Libras try to keep the peace and we sometimes tell you what you want to hear even though we think differently. Maybe him going about his own business is him playing hard to get. Maybe he is in my situation, trying no contact to get your back. Its working because you are still thinking of him and talking about him.

    I don't know this guy but as a Libra, I love my partner like razy and offer them everything to make them happy. Libras like to see other people happy and we do love to please and that in turn makes us feel good. If you u put your trust issues aside, this person maybe just rock your world. Go for it. Life is too short.

  • I hope this makes sense.

    Why do you guys think my Cancer guy will come back?

    Really, how much faith or creditility should we put into astrology and star signs. iWe are all individual human beings with our own personalities and experiences. This could just be human nature and our make up and not to do with astrology.

  • I will start with answering your last question.

    Many of us here on the board has abilities and/or insight. Many of us has experience with people that happens to be born under a certain sign and so certain patterns reoccures. So it depends who tells you it you can put certain weight to it.

    As for me: I thought that due to his behaviour and what I have been reading about Cancers in the ACSLAC (Anonimous Club for Scorpio, Libra And Cancers) thread is what they do. The fat lady hasn't sung here yet. Unless you are very firm in your decision. In that thread you can find some more actual ongoing stories about us all. Yeah me included. lol.

    I will answer you tomorrow about my story. It's late here.

  • my cancer guy is really quiet. he doesnt talk much and is more of a listener. he is in his own little world of silence and thoughts. that scares me to think he isnt like many other cancers? maybe im wrong.

  • Octoberlibra,

    No one is exactly the same as the other person born the day, hour, minute before them. Your environment were you grew up also counts on your mental growth and how you approach things. Him being quiet is something THEY ALL do. This is what they call shell time. They reflect every millimeter of what happen and how they feel about everything. So what happen with you also is in the process.

    As has been said so often go about you business life as usual and he will pop up some how. And it's either he wants more or he doesn't. I don't know. In the other thread there is a couple of Cancers that honestly respond to all questions. And there are ladies in there that has been through what you are and some are just starting out in their Cancer adventure. Do have patient because not everyone does be online everyday but you will get an answer.

  • Okay I read what you wrote to me concerning my situation. I hear you loud and clear. I haven’t played games with him. I have been very clear on that from the beginning just to feel out if he was interested or not. I love games but I don’t play emotional games and/or do manipulation. I am pretty much what you see is what you get.

    And I agree with you if you want something bad enough you go for it. Yet I am a proud person and don’t exactly lend myself to make a fool of myself. He actually told me from moment go he doesn’t like foolers. And I couldn’t agree more.

    Funny enough you said give him space. I am mostly the one wanting my space. When you have a habit of living and doing as you please and then suddenly you got to someone you got to take into a big thing. I haven’t been hanging unto his every move just because I personally don’t like it myself. I would feel clusterphobic. We are both part time musicians.

    Him what longer than I am and it’s hard to find a person that understand the long hours and days away from home and share your passion.

    I agree that on what you said that we felt deep down more for each other and a person should take risks in life. What happen is a couple of weeks ago and he either is trying to manipulate by not calling or anything and hopes that I will budge. I am sorry I reached out my hand (if he read my texts) and that’s about it. Someone said to me he probably is protecting his feelings as I am. Well I don’t know what time will or won’t bring but as I said I didn’t messed up.

    He knows I always think about him and that will not change but my feelings are taking a back burner the longer he keeps this up.

    What you wrote about Libra’s like to see other’s happy and are pleasing I heard about that and he is like this too. Problem is that people and females in particular took advantage of this so often that he somewhat changed in that. But I hear you loud and clear.


  • Hello. I personally feel that you are both going to have to make changes if you want this to work. You both need to come to a mutual agreement, each of you should give and take. Try and find that balance. So what if you look like a fool at least you know you tried. Having pride in oneself is a good thing but too much pride can bring down a lot of things, espeically those who you like or love. This song is a little what you and I are going through. Jordan sparks Battlefield:

    Don't try to explain your mind

    I know what's happening here

    One minute, it's love

    And, suddenly, it's like a battlefield

    One word turns into a

    Why is it the smallest things that tear us down

    My world's nothing when you're gone

    I'm out here without a shield - can't go back, now

    Both hands tied behind my back for nothing, oh, no

    These times when we climb so fast to fall, again

    Why we gotta fall for it, now...


    I never meant to start a war

    You know, I never wanna hurt you

    Don't even know we're fighting for

    Why does love always feel like a battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield

    Why does love always feel like a battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield

    Why does love always feel like

    Can't swallow our pride

    Neither of us wanna raise that flag, mmm

    If we can't surrender

    Then, we're both gonna lose we have, oh, no

    Both hands tied behind my back for nothing (nothing), oh, no

    These times when we climb so fast to fall, again

    I don't wanna fall for it, now...


    I never meant to start a war

    You know, I never wanna hurt you

    Don't even know we're fighting for

    Why does love always feel like a battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield

    Why does love always feel like a battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield

    Better go and get your armor (get your armor), get your armor (get your armor)

    I guess you better go and get your armor (get your armor), get your armor (get your armor)

    I guess you better go and get your

    We could pretend that we are friends, tonight (oh)

    And, in the morning, we wake up, and we'd be alright

    'Cause, baby, we don't have to fight

    And I don't want this love to feel like a battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield

    Why does love always feel like a battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield

    I guess you better go and get your armor...


    I never meant to start a war

    You know, I never wanna hurt you

    Don't even know we're fighting for

    Why does love always feel like a battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield

    Why does love always feel like a battlefield, a battlefield, a battlefield

    I guess you better go and get your armor (get your armor), get your armor (get your armor)

    I guess you better go and get your armor (get your armor), get your armor (get your armor)

    Why does love always feel like (oh, oh)

    Why does love always feel like a battlefield, a battlefield

    I never meant to start a war

    Don't even know what we're fighting for

    I never meant to start a war

    Don't even know what we're fighting for...

  • He is not responding because he is protecting himself and is waiting for you to make the next move. He is like me, I so much want to contact "G" but I am holding out.

  • Awww..that's sweet. Thanks!! I got one question: So you are telling me as a man and a Libra that if you were the guilty one in a situation you would wait until the other party comes and made peace?

    You got other reasons that I do hold out and wait for "G" to show some sign of life....this is different to me.

    I told him I am not like the females he has been or does be around so ....I don't get it.

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